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  1. Well I've explored our grid enough to know what Residents do. So yes, my mind is fully aware of our surroundings, if yours isn't then that's fine, I didn't bring your habits into question because of a completely off topic, memory of events. Perhaps people should go look around more and get out of your skybox where you take your blog shots.
  2. It didn't?. Should I give said inference and implications the answer she clearly expected for shock value?. In a world full of RLV forced sex, underage avatars and those supporting, profiting from and encouraging it... Yes, someone did. Or are we all so blind to what happens around us we'll refuse to acknowledge that too?. I joined in, said my part, there was no reason at all for that question other than to cause offense, and it succeed.
  3. My mind didn't question other peoples behavior and lifestyles because I'd never seen a thing.
  4. What kinda question is that? Just because you never found a thing, it must never have existed and anyone who found it is a pervert?. You jump to that?. Everyone I knew at the time hated them too, they were in sandboxes, biker clubs, bars, speak easy's, peoples houses, they were new so people got the new toy for a while. I even found them on beaches, some people even made caves for them, always with a red floating hover text health bar. No wonder our grid feels so empty.
  5. one spams llSetText() on a timer, the other spams llSay() on a timer to trigger viewer commands via RLV with listens as far as I can gather. No doubt making a lot of traffic as all our viewers are exchanging info about what tag's you can and can't see on nameplates, I dunno how the viewer handles it but this was bound to happen. Never mind that it's incredibly annoying trying to talk to someone using it...
  6. Lucky you. I do. I still see them, though only as a game rezzer now, never wild roaming zombies sending you home. God I hated those things...
  7. I remember exploring SL a few years back, and for a while every club, every store, every chat spot had a zombie... if you didn't shoot it and it "bit" you 3 times you got TP'd home, damage on or not. None of them ever put out a rezzer to get the gun from... so it ended with lots and lots of empty clubs and stores and bars and builds... I remember one place I tried to buy a dress, I ran back in 3 times trying to get to that darn vendor with no luck. I stopped exploring for about a year after that... got tired of being booted by prims I didn't wanna fight, please don't do
  8. I treat people here like people which in and of itself is kind of rare it would seem. As a mostly Human avatar lately who spends a lot of time fully clothed and in G/M places to avoid the worst of it most days, I'm very seldom treated like a person by any avatar, as such I'm maybe more abrasive now than ever as when you're entirely objectified by all creeds of all ages your reactions leave much to be desired by those seeking them. Many here simply have no regard for others, or their shape as it's "just a game" and they are here for themselves. We're all here
  9. They don't. What greatly affects my purchases are purely Resident based. Namely, Does it have LODs?. Is it yes modify?. Is it No copy?. Will I have to buy two other HUD's just to use it?. Does the script in it crash?. Does it force me into an Experience I want no part of?. Is the creator someone I am willing to support?. I'm entirely looking forwards to LL's new stuff but if I see a cool toy, I'm gonna get it.
  10. And this is why we alpha our roots... I'd send said creators a polite notecard asking for one that doesn't have a prim perhaps, or.. try another spot like a pec or upper leg if it's not offset from <0.0,0.0,0.0>. Failing that... buy yes mod hair, move that and alpha the root yourself, or unlink it!. There's no reason I can see that a rigged mesh needs a visible linked prim root unless maybe masking creators yet I can't see bigger brands needing that either. The joys of SL.
  11. To fix it atleast temporarily, right click your item in inventory and select Add > pick a slot you never use, like.. right hind foot, if it's rigged, it doesn't matter the weights will position it correctly. Once you use Add, then detach and wear it again, it'll remember the new slot/location. This happens a lot with bodies and heads, because Heads and Hair all get lumped onto the Skull point by creators, heavy downloading head + hair on the same slot and this is bound to happen. For bodies it's the same, AV Center and Pelvis is where they go as a rule by
  12. This link is an imgur link, as it's a temp album of my week testing in blender after figuring out the constants. There's 2 things I learned very fast, renaming the bones breaks everything, and changing the parenting structure breaks everything. This is entirely in blender. My next step hopefully is to learn enough python to bypass misnamed bones entirely in it's export loops, to both strip out my control rig - saving the need for a second target rig in the scene, and being able to throw a warning to myself that this "probably won't upload". https
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