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  1. No Eruka ... all was your work .. i was just steering ya lol
  2. SkindoO

    Can't wear tattoos?

    thats good to know ?
  3. SkindoO

    Can't wear tattoos?

    Yes ... and u need to be wearing that Omega system relay while applying those Tattoos
  4. السلام عليكم ورحمة الله ..... فرحتي لا توصف عند علمي أن اجد العرب في الحياة الثانية..أخوكم من الجزائر .. كيف حالكم ؟
  5. eventho i think i have made it clear few days ago ... but its good so some ppl wud know
  6. a creator ? .. i dont think so ... in order to upload a mesh model in SL it says u need to have ur "payment info" checked =)
  7. Ty LittleMe Jewell ... 'tis my only account ... haven't had any reason to use an alt ?
  8. yeah Cindy am sure lots of ppl don't take u seriously
  9. dude ... it aint like i choose not to put my RL money in SL ... i live in a country that doesn't support Paypal ... i take my SL more serious ?
  10. yeah well .. Try talking to girls while being cursed with the "No payment info" stuck in ur profile ... believe me, u can even narrate a whole novel and mostly it wudn't make a dent to try on the girl ... i opted to upload my mesh works and sell'em and guess what ? ... thats needs "payment info" too .. tehehehehe
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