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  1. noir20

    pay pal

    yayyy yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
  2. noir20

    pay pal

    ty all for helping me sorry again for asking more
  3. noir20

    pay pal

    how many day will it take ?
  4. noir20

    pay pal

    they dont transfer them
  5. noir20

    pay pal

    can i transfer to master card or only pay pal ?
  6. noir20

    pay pal

    how to transfer them to my paypal ?
  7. noir20

    pay pal

    ok but it is less than the fires one why i cant sell with the another way ? what is the diffrent
  8. noir20

    pay pal

    you mean i should wait another 2 week >?
  9. noir20

    pay pal

    there is 3 days no thing happen
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