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    Clothing Theft

    The stuff they're stealing, if they're stealing it, looks like obsolete stuff from an SL freebie store. Compare the fitted rigged mesh Lida leather jacket/bodysuit for SL above, which looks quite good, with the Utherverse texture only version. It's like someone took a screenshot and pasted it onto a Utherverse clothing template. Someone could probably argue "transformative use" under US copyright law. It's like taking a picture from Vogue and making it into a paper doll.
  2. The usual comment in SL on people who want residents to complete surveys or help with their homework is to come into the SL world. Spend enough time here to see how it works. Go to some fashion and art events. Visit the pretty places. Read the major blogs about SL.
  3. That's been there for weeks. We can sail from Jeoghot to Bellesaria to Sansara now. Drivers of SL did that route as a group two weeks ago. Region crossing failures are a problem, because there's no place to re-rez anywhere in that L-shaped water route of over 25 sims.
  4. There's something called PrimSwim used by some swim HUDs which handles "are you in the water" for swim HUDs. Can you use that, and be compatible with existing swim HUDs?
  5. Setting up pathfinding is hard. I have a cheap pathfinding tester on Marketplace that can be useful. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Come-Here/16384094 You rez it, and touch it, and it comes to you. That's all it does. If it works, the surface is working for pathfinding. If it doesn't work, the surface needs more pathfinding setup. Bare Linden ground usually pathfinds fine. Indoor pathfinding takes a lot of fussy setup. You're on Linden ground, right? Not a skybox or something.
  6. Programming objects in Second Life is more like robotics programming than web programming. You have sensors and actuators, none of which are totally reliable because the world is doing things while you're doing your thing. collision_start and collision_end are not reliable enough to tell when a collision ends. You usually do get collision_start events, though. collision events come in at such a high rate that you can start losing other events. I do automatic doors by having an invisible phantom prim in the door area to detect when something enters the door area using collision_start. That opens the door. Then I start up an llSensorRepeat with a short range to check for objects in the door area. When it isn't detecting any objects, close the door and stop the llSensorRepeat. (Don't leave it running and using script time.) "Isn't detecting any objects" means a no_sensor event, or a sensor event that doesn't detect any objects of interest. You may have to ignore your own door or the floor or other fixed objects. I do it this way to open the door for vehicles, animesh NPCs, and other non-avatar moving objects. If you only want your door to open for avatars, it's simpler - just have llSensorRepeat detect avatars only. This should work for "is somebody in the water?". You might have to check the position of something reported in a sensor event against the bounds of the water.
  7. There's some old inverse kinematics capability in Second Life animation. It's totally undocumented, and was mentioned today at Creator User Group.
  8. Yes. Drivers of SL had everyone walk through it last weekend. No new memorials have been added since 2009. But there is plenty of room. Maybe it should be a premium perk. You get a permanent grave site if you pay for at least a year.
  9. There are farming systems in SL which have many features like that.
  10. Watch the "arrival on the island" scene from The Incredibles for this done in a really impressive way.
  11. Yes. I have a house on the beach, and I'd like a SoCal beach house, or an A-frame. Not too far from the current theme. Nice use of the hill. Not hard to model. It's a box on a box. An exotic beach house. Oversize for Bellesaria, but this is just a concept for ideas, not something to copy directly. At least we don't have to worry about sea level rise.
  12. Right. Which is why LL should offer Isolation Islands like that. Like buying your own sim from LL, but smaller. Different rules than mainland, to encourage total isolation from your neighbors.
  13. They're for people who want to put up walls or windowless buildings. If you want a private space, areas like that are built for it. Like a skybox, but at ground level and with more prims.
  14. That makes sense. Trying to run Firestorm under Wine means Wine has to emulate the Windows interface to the graphics card, which, if it works at all, will be slow. But running Vivox under Wine should be fine. Firefox tells Vivox what to do by sending it XML telling it to make voice connections. Vivox has no user interface of its own, so it doesn't mess with the windows. So putting Vivox in its own little Windows box is useful. Any problems getting the microphone connected in that mode? Microphones on Linux are always difficult.
  15. Not "spinning". That has a specific meaning in scheduling, where you're in a loop frantically testing for something to change. Simon Linden said that they do the basic optimization of not waking up the Mono script interpreter when a script has no new events, but the overhead of making the check for an event pending is still non-zero. That's the problem. This is a classic operating system scheduler design issue and there are ways to schedule that avoid this problem. They're more complicated. Scheduling tends to be an area of touchy code and I can understand LL's unwillingness to mess with that without good reason. I've worked on OS schedulers. It's easy to 1) break something, or 2) create a new and different performance problem. Anyway, enough on this. It's getting looked at by LL, because they are getting lots of complaints about overloaded sims. Fixing this is probably cheaper than buying more hardware or paying higher AWS bills.
  16. Yes, Simon Linden said at Server User Group today that I was hitting the Homestead sim limit. And as ChinRey has shown, there's a larger limit for full sims. Somewhere between 4000 and 7000 scripts doing nothing, a totally idle full sim runs out of script time. The designers of SL probably never anticipated as many idle scripts as we seem to have today. 4000 scripts isn't rare on a mainland sim. Oz admitted today that this is indeed a big load on the system. This might get looked at by the dev team. So now we have more insight on "how can this sim be overloaded when nothing is happening?"
  17. 1500 scripts doing nothing. Now some throttling mechanism has activated. Note that "scripts run" has dropped to 84%, and "script time" only went up to 5.7ms. Something is keeping all those idle scripts from hogging all the script time. That's good. 5000 scripts doing nothing. This is high for a sim, although 4000 is not uncommon. I think the highest I ever saw was 13000. Breedables. Note that script time is holding at 5.8ms/frame, about the same as with 1500 scripts. Clearly some limit has been reached. Only about 25% of scripts are running on each frame. Whether this limit is for all scripts, or just idle scripts, is not clear. This may be a limit of a homestead sim. What have we learned? The cost of a script that is doing nothing is about 0.005ms/frame. This adds up. There's some limit on how much script time idle scripts, or all scripts, can use, and 1000 idle scripts will reach it in a homestead sim. At least for homestead sims, some limit is applied between 5 and 6 ms of script time per frame. This may mean that idle scripts are limited to a quarter of the possible script time. Or it may mean that homestead scripts are limited. This is an experiment worth repeating in an empty non-homestead sim, to see if the limits are different. Or try doing this in an empty homestead sim, and then run something that uses script time actively and see if it gets all the time it needs.
  18. A sim with no scripts and no script events. Script events per second, zero. Scripts that are doing nothing, with no timers and no events, still use some script time. Not much. I just did some testing in an empty sim. Arowana, which is a "vehicle testing sim" that's rarely used, normally has zero scripts running. It's a "homestead" sim, so it has limited resources. Results for a regular sim might be different. Each cube has 10 default "New Script" scripts. The linkset has 10 cubes, so there are 100 scripts. Script time used is now 0.522ms/frame. Still zero script events. None of these scripts are doing anything. They're just sitting there, waiting for a touch event. These are comparable to a resizer, applier, sitter, or color changer waiting to be used. 1000 scripts. Now 4.5ms/frame is being used to do nothing. Almost 10x the value for 100 scripts, as we'd expect. Again, zero events per second.
  19. That's what drives me nuts with Vallone. It's in script overload, I complain to support, they move the region to a different server, and then there's some spare time. A few days later, there's no spare time again, and restarts don't fix it. It's as if there's a resource leak somewhere in the sim code, and it's persistent over restarts, but not moves.
  20. Yes. I've seen resizer scripts with a "Delete" button. You get a dialog like "After this you can't change anything. Continue/Cancel?" If you continue, it does an llRemoveInventory on itself and goes away.
  21. Unclear. Haven't tried. Someone should try that. Make up an object with, say, 10 non-running scripts and take it an island with zero script activity. Then look at the script stats. Clean up your avatar to have zero script activity before you do this.
  22. One big problem, which I consider a bug in SL, is that scripts doing absolutely nothing use some time on every frame. The system asks them, on every frame, "You need to do anything?" The script says "No." This takes a tiny amount of time. About 0.003ms per script per frame. But if you have 4000 scripts in a sim, there's 12ms of time going down the drain. You only have about 16ms for all the scripts. So resizers, appliers, and similar inactive scripts do eat some time. Removing them from static objects helps, a tiny amount for each script. Keep an unmodified copy in inventory, and modify a working copy. This is also true for clothing. Appliers and resizers can often be removed once the garment fits. But keep an unmodified copy as a backup.
  23. I'd really like to see full game controller support in SL. Just let LSL have access to USB Human Interface Devices. Joysticks, game controllers, steering wheels, etc. mostly speak HID, and if SL spoke HID, it could talk to any of those devices. Then we could finally fly aircraft properly.
  24. Not me. This is one of my animesh tests. 36 LI. Should be 29, but the hair needs work. I'm working on building animesh NPCs that look about as good as classic avatars.
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