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  1. Just sent in a ticket on this. When I logged into Vallone sim, the sim seemed fine, but it had become an island - water on all sides, and couldn't walk out. I logged out and logged into the adjacent sim, Charlesville. Everything looked normal; I could see into Vallone, and could walk into Vallone. But my escalator steps were slowly advancing into the sky instead of staying with the escalator, indicating broken keyframe animation. Tried logging into Vallone with the LL viewer on a Windows 7 machine, instead of the usual Firestorm on Linux. Broken in the same way - surrouned by water, can't get out. Got the message "Your clothing is still downloading", and about half the objects in the sim were missing. Persisting for at least 20 minutes now; it's not just the neighbor regions are restarting. Anyone else seeing this? The world is missing.
  2. Seems to be a bug in Firestorm 6.3.2. As far as I can tell, the "Stop" option for "Movement at Region Crossing" no longer works. It's BAAACK! We had this fixed. But some people didn't like the hard pause at region crossings. Above the ground, below the ground - still broken. Short version - at every region crossing, there's a short pause while one sim process hands over control to the new sim, which implies copying a lot of data across a network and some handshaking with the viewer. SL viewers try to guess what's going to happen during the pause, to make region crossings look seamless. The guesser is not very good if you're moving faster than walking speed. I put a fix in Firestorm to not guess at all. That's "Stop" mode, and it's been in Firestorm for months. It's good for fast vehicles, and really bothers some people with slow boats, because it looks jarring. LL picked up on this and put in their own fix, which is the old guesser with a new time limit on how far ahead it can guess. When Firestorm picked up that code from the LL viewer in 6.3.2, that apparently broke the "Stop" setting. Hence the pictures above.
  3. Here's a feature that would help. When you click the "Home" icon in the viewer, some additional things should happen: All the "avatar health" resets are done. Animations reset to normal. Avatar controls return to normal. (Even after failed region crossings, which can leave you immovable.) Deformations are reset. RLV turns off temporarily, at least until you leave the home sim. All RLV restrictions are released. Experience permissions turn off temporarily, at least until you leave the home sim. Also do this if you log back in at your home location. If you return to a roleplay area after a logout, you come back in the state you left. This makes the "Home" icon a "safe mode" panic button. Comments?
  4. Or it may turn out that VR headgear is used in a completely different way - to watch passive entertainment. John Carmack gave a long interview recently. He sees one big application of VR headgear as watching Netflix and such, on a "big screen". A way to have the "home theater" experience for people who don't have enough room for a home theater. This is surprising to hear from Carmack, who's a famous game developer. He also thinks the headgear needs to come down to swim-goggle size to really take off. And if it can be be brought down to sunglasses-size, people will be wearing them all the time, like they look at phones now, he says. Face it, the current VR headgear is only slightly less clunky than the VR headgear of 10, 20, or 30 years ago. It's just cordless now. With passive entertainment, the nausea problem is much less. You're sitting in a chair in RL, and you're sitting in a chair in VR, so your visual and physical environment are in sync. That's also true for Beat Saber, the most popular VR game, by the way; you stand and move in place, but are in sync in RL or VR. In virtual worlds where you can move around in VR while being stationary in RL, somewhere around 10%-15% of the population gets nauseated. Which is a big problem for a mass market product. Roller coasters have a lower nausea rate than that. Sansar's biggest successes have been with passive entertainment. Look at the Sansar stats: Big event, usage goes up. Big event over, usage goes back down. Sansar has tried DJ events, with modest success. There was something about watching e-sports in Sansar. (Not playing them, just watching people play on some other system elsewhere.) It's possible to watch pro basketball games in VR, and that's an expensive ticket. Rock concerts in VR have been tried, and those, too, are expensive tickets, sold by the people who sell tickets to RL rock concerts. Maybe that's the future of VR. I suspect Carmack is right about the headgear needing to come down to swim-goggle size. That's probably coming. There have been VR goggles no bigger than protective eyewear, so optically, this is possible. Getting all the needed electronics down in size and cost remains a problem, but that can probably be done. But not this year. Or maybe watching stuff in VR is just a fad, like 3D TV, which works fine, was on sale for a few years, and disappeared from the market.
  5. Nice. As a real-life horse owner, a few points: The stall door openings and light fixtures look a bit low. Suggested minimum dimensions, from Penn State Ag Extension. A rearing horse should not hit anything, and a horse with rider should not have the rider's head hit anything. If you're setting up an arena for dressage, here are the standard dimensions. Standard and "small" dressage arenas. There is a gate at A, and, for shows, a judge's stand behind C. Signs on or outside the fence identify the lettered positions. Signs at A and X are omitted. In a bigger arena or open field, low rails about six inches from the ground are used to mark the dressage arena. Then you can do the USET dressage tests to standard. Set up everything right, and you might get some real-world riders who want to memorize and visualize the test patterns. You have to ride the tests from memory. I've seen kids walking the patterns on the ground to memorize them. At the lower levels, you're allowed a "reader" to call out the next move to you, but in practice nobody does that. Oh, and you need a bell. The judge rings the bell once, and you have 45 seconds to enter the arena at A. Used to be 60 seconds. Go off course, and the judge rings the bell once. Dressage tests are held in almost complete silence. Enter at A, walk to X, halt, salute, track left at C at the trot..
  6. Right. SL doesn't have the Microsoft tradition of adding a new API endpoint with a suffix, such as GetFileAttribute and GetFileAttributeEx, for a breaking change that has to be backwards compatible. That's one way out of that problem. It's not worth the hassle for this, though.
  7. A nice solution would be to have the API pass a string, instead of just an integer, when rezzing something. Then all the info the rezzed object needs to start could be packed into a string, using the CSV or JSON functions. No race conditions and no handshaking.
  8. I'd suggest "Deluxe". Any term which suggests above-premium members are superior will annoy. "Deluxe" merely indicates they bought the expensive package.
  9. Low-poly forest. Each group of 26 trees is 2 LI. Chin's trees are better looking, but you can push LI even lower if you have to and still look good. The large, very detailed building here needed most of the sim's poly budget, so the rest of the sim is low poly content. Lost in the forest. The forest above, up close. The trees look OK at distance and better at close range. This looks like the real New Jersey pine barrens, appropriate since this sim is notionally in New Jersey, with New Jersey road signs. So, if you need a forest in SL, you can have one. Incidentally, one of the big sellers of groups of trees has a dense tree set with a solid wall built in. You can't see through or go through at all. If you want a solid wall around your property, that's a good looking way to do it.
  10. It's been discussed at Creator User Group recently. Vir Linden said that data collection code had been added to try to correlate complexity with lag. Further action is waiting on data. The hard problem seems to be how to change the rules without breaking existing content.
  11. A brick wall treatment. Fountain and ivy. I used this to put a Mediterranean cafe in an industrial area.
  12. A nice touch would be a sea area of Bellesaria set up for surfing. There are some good surfing systems in SL, with good waves, but few people want to dedicate enough private sim area to water. There was a "Miami Beach" sim once with fun surfing, but I think it's gone. There are water slides in SL. Don't have a location offhand. Whitewater rafting. Hm. That's possible, but someone would have to build a system for it. SL boats assume flat water. There are one or two places in SL where there's a waterfall at a sim crossing with a water level difference. Boats will go through those. In both directions.
  13. Get out of my way! Animesh NPC testing again. Not posed; this happened during a test. Wasn't expecting drama. They're both trying to get through the same narrow space, in opposite directions. They resolve the conflict by randomly retrying or yielding. Soon, one turns around, and the other one can go forward. Or one may find an alternate route. Part of making NPCs that play well with others. (All those markers on the ground are debug info showing what the path planner is doing. Red is impassable, yellow is passable, green is a goal. Ignore that stuff.)
  14. Optionally, merchants could add a viewpoint SLURL to the regular landmark SLURL. The picture then gets taken from the viewpoint SLURL looking towards the landmark SLURL. If you don't specify a viewpoint, the picture-taker bot gets to pick. Maybe use the closest point on a Linden road if there's one nearby, otherwise an oblique view from above that shows the whole parcel. That way, all existing stores with SLURLs would get a default picture. The merchant could change the viewpoint if they don't like the default. It would up the value of having an in-world store, and tie Marketplace closer to the world.
  15. I'm not seeing anything unusual. My overly complex scripted NPCs are running normally. The bikes drive fine. The escalators are running. I just toured Kama City in a helicopter and that went fine, except for two ban lines and a security orb. I visited my place in Bellesaria and things were fine there. The recent scripting bug should only affect rezzers. The only broken scripted object I've seen recently is a stuck traffic light at Strute and Vallone in Kama City. I've been on Firestorm on Linux, Firestorm on Windows 7, and the LL viewer on Windows 7, and they're all behaving about the same.
  16. animats


    The new trailer area from Wilderness Point south is very nice. Isolated, though. It could use road connections to the rest of Bellesaria. There seem to be planned points for the connections. End of the road. Wilderness Point, looking west to SSPE228. Looks like a future bridge site. On the southwest side, the traditional road system and the trailer area path network both dead end into SSPE281. Ready to connect. SSPE281. Looking forward to being able to drive all the new areas without off-roading.
  17. The GTFO staff are starting work on Version 2 of their freight system, and are looking for "elves" to help out.
  18. This is Facebook's second try at a VR world. They already have Facebook Spaces, which is still running, but little used. Here's the 2017 trailer for Facebook Spaces. That, too, has cartoon-like legless avatars. Facebook Spaces is much like Facebook; "sharing" is a big thing. Sending spherical pictures to others in VR is a feature. The Facebook Spaces world itself is mostly backdrops. It's not clear why Facebook Horizon is better. Except that it runs on cheaper hardware. Comments?
  19. (Two years ago today). Were those ever implemented? I'd really like to be able to know how soon a parked vehicle will be autoreturned.
  20. Marketplace does have a "store page" for each merchant, but it's just a banner above the item listings. You can add profile text, policies, and a blog link. So there's a place to put such info, but it's not displayed in a place where the customer is likely to read it. A nice touch for merchant pages would be a current picture of the inworld store, taken by some LL server once a week or so. Then you could see if the store was still there, and what it looked like. More people would look at the merchant page if it had more to look at. Merchants should be able to offer a video or two.
  21. It's been done, and quite successfully. The Confederation of Democratic Simulators is celebrating their 15th anniversary in Second Life. They own six sims, which are run by officials elected by the members. They have a constitution and laws. The area is worth a visit. It's German-Swiss in style.
  22. animats

    Bay City

    Like this? This is a well done piece of mole work. The pumping station has pumps and an engine, a control room with a map of the sewer system, and a pipeline out into the bay out back.
  23. 503 is "Service Unavailable", which is usually worth a delay and a retry. Exponential backoff is useful - try again in 1 second, 2 seconds, 4 seconds, 8 seconds ... up to however long you can afford to wait.
  24. Slow day at work at the cafe My animesh NPC, Dacy, behind the counter at my cafe. I didn't set up this shot. This is a candid. She's mobile and autonomous. When the camera follows her, now and then good poses appear.
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