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  1. Will there be Server User Group tomorrow, or will the people who are normally there be trying to sleep after being up all night?
  2. I was on the beta grid uploading meshes when I was kicked off. The status page changed to "Major outage" about 3 minutes later. I was pleased to see that. I hate it when something is down and there's nothing but happy talk on the status page.
  3. The beta grid is up, but when I upload a .DAE file for an animesh object that worked yesterday, it won't animate. Yesterday's upload animates just fine. But maybe I'm doing something wrong. Message "Asset server didn't return in a timely fashion. Object returned to sim" in Animesh1 on beta grid. Probably not a good time to be doing animesh work.
  4. I wonder what incompatible change was made.
  5. Beta grid is up. If you really want to hang out, Nelsonia, the beta grid safe hub, is up.
  6. Second Life main website and the beta grid are back up. Not connecting to home in Vallone on the main grid.
  7. Something really bad has happened. Can't even ping "secondlife.com" at the network level.
  8. Second Life Status: Second Life Main Channel Regions Major Outage Second Life RC LeTigre Regions Major Outage Second Life RC BlueSteel Regions Major Outage Second Life RC Magnum Regions Major Outage Second Life RC Snack Regions Major Outage Second Life RC Cake Regions Major Outage secondlife.com Major Outage marketplace.secondlife.com Major Outage
  9. "There is nothing basic about rigging/skinning. Missing one little step in a Blender tutorial is more often than not a complete show-stopper. Poorly explained features and settings by many tutorial authors also make it difficult for new users to troubleshoot problems. You may as well get used to the fact that when first starting out you will often have to step through a tutorial multiple times before you get it right. Welcome to BA Forums." Learn to embrace the pain. I'm currently trying to figure out why something that worked yesterday doesn't work today. And Animesh 1 on the beta grid just went down.
  10. That's cheating. Some driving HUDs detect en-route TPs and penalize you.
  11. Why would it kill immersion? You sail up to the toll gate, pay, and the ban line disappears. Many RL canals charge tolls. SL supports pay access, with the "pay for access" option on land. Pay to play It's not great, but if Linden Labs won't provide navigable water, it's up to private enterprise.
  12. High speed rail from Jeoghot to Heterocera! How is SL going to compete in Asian markets without high speed rail?
  13. Yes, I'd like to see a "fix the edges of the world" project. Zindra needs a few more sims in the southeast corner. Several roads dead-end into the edge of the world, and they need to connect. The southern edge of Sansara needs enough water sims that you can get somewhere from Bellesaria. You can boat to Sansara. You can almost reach connecting water and go north into Sansara. But not quite. (It's a tempting thought to buy up the parcels that block the coastline and put in a canal, with tolls.)
  14. I've considered an automated parking lot attendant. "Welcome to our mall. Parking is free while shopping here." "Hello. We see that you're no longer shopping in our mall. Please remove your vehicle. Thank you." "We're glad you're here. You've now been here for more than fifteen minutes without buying anything. Can't find anything to buy? We suggest ...."
  15. IBM blog: "The avatars that populate VRChat allow for immersive elements such as eye tracking and lip syncing. This isn’t new technology, but players accustomed to virtual environments like Second Life or World of Warcraft are often surprised when they interact with characters who can blink and dance and move their lips with a range of motion. This makes for surprisingly lifelike, often humorous interactions." Would SL users want that? Many SL users don't even use voice.
  16. I've given up on guessing. Trying to diagnose a timing problem with weak tools is hopeless. Both for users and LL. I got through the Drivers of SL on Saturday with zero region crossing problems. I was amazed. I seem to have been the first to finish, and others were reporting much worse experiences. It probably helped that I got out in front at the start and thus was going through empty sims for the long water crossing from southern Jeoghot to Bellesaria. If anything goes wrong on that segment, it's a long way to a rez zone. The game HUD will notice if you teleport.
  17. There are official "song packs" you can buy, and a third party mod community which provides songs set up for Beat Saber. My point here is that what's getting used in VR is not virtual worlds. Nor social applications. Just well-made twitch games.
  18. One of the most popular VR games is Beat Saber. Very simple, very active. It's a cross between Pong and Dance Dance Revolution. Far more popular than Sansar. (What you're seeing: player in front of green screen combined with graphics from game.)
  19. animats


    That bug is coming up on its 5 year anniversary. Let's have a party for it on August 12th!
  20. Way too high. Even on Zindra, land mostly changes hands around L$7/m^2. There are higher asking prices, but few pay them. Parcels asking more than L$10/m^2 seem to stay unsold for over a year.
  21. If you haven't seen that "Hyperreality" video, watch it. That's the future of augmented reality. Made in Medellin, Columbia, of all places.
  22. A nice feature for the Linden orb would be to check the velocity of the vehicle. If you'll be out of the parcel within the time limit, which is the usual case for aircraft, don't even issue the warning.
  23. Sanchon and Jinsil have some public rez areas. See the airport, helicopter, and boat icons on the world map. Scandium, on the south coast of Sansara, has a cute little hangout place with a bar and rez area. A friend of mine runs that. Isn't that part of the Tulagi war game region? Drivers of SL is doing a drive/fly/boat/train run at noon today, Saturday May 11th, from southern Jeoghot to northern Sansara. We're about to find out what happens when 50 or so people try to make that long trip all at once. If you want to come, join the Drivers of SL group before noon and get the HUD, which gives turn by turn directions. That said, a lighthouse island with a rez area every five sims or so would be useful. Maybe an island with a small airstrip, too, like the very popular one in Coral Waters.
  24. Yes. Imagine Pokemon Go meets Google Glass. With ads.
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