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  1. It's worth having the model understand being in ground effect, too. Seaplanes start as draggy boats, then get enough speed to go into ground effect floating just above the water, then gain flying speed, then really take off. Landing is getting into ground effect and letting speed bleed off until you land. Ground effect extends up to about the wingspan of the aircraft.
  2. There is an 18 degree limit on slope breaks in roads. A sudden slope change of more than 18 degrees will cause most vehicles to go sideways, as if they hit an obstacle. That seems to be the physics engine's threshold for "hit obstacle". This is mostly independent of the vehicle. Rachel Stardust and I spent some time testing this about a year ago. Breaks this sharp are rare on mainland, but they exist. There's one on Robin Loop. And there's this bridge: Sharp-break bridge on Heterocera. 20 degree break. This has to be driven very slowly where the slope changes sharply upward. Fails with every vehicle we've tried - my bikes, Rachel's cars, this Manji car - good ones. Seems to be a constant in the physics engine. That bridge may be modeled after a real one: The bridge at Chappaquiddick. Half a century ago, a famous politician of the time drove off this bridge and killed the passenger.
  3. Yes. That's why I keep pushing for fixing the script execution system so that idle scripts with no events have zero overhead. Each sit script and color changer currently uses a little time on each frame, and it adds up. Around 3000 to 6000 scripts, that alone eats all the sim time. Several people, including me, have now verified this in empty sims. If you need to see how much load an object is producing, go to Arowana sim. This is a Linden test sim which has zero scripts, allows rezzing, and has 20 minute autoreturn. Useful for when you want clean statistics for your own objects. I've taken most of my scripted objects there to make sure they're not using time when idling. (Some vehicles continue to run fast timers in scripts while parked. Don't do that.)
  4. I feel that way I've considered it, but I own four parcels on a corner in a city, which is hard to get. Besides, script overload is the new normal in SL. Support restarted the region. That didn't help. They moved it to another server. That helped, and the "sleep time" went to zero. Still overloaded, though. And this morning, big sleep time is back. I dunno. It's almost like this mainland sim is being set to "Homestead" mode, where there's forced sleep time to allow two sims to share one CPU. Vallone's big problem is too many scripts not doing anything. There's little avatar activity but about 7000 scripts. The new "Cake" server release is supposed to help with that. In some ways, the overload is useful. Because I do scripting in an overloaded area, my bikes, escalators, and now NPCs are all coded to be well-behaved under script overload.
  5. Nothing I can do helped. I deleted all my NPCs, both the old-style pathfinding ones and the one on the new system. I pushed the red button that stops the escalators. Still at 29% scripts run.
  6. I got an immediate restart via live chat. It helped a little; there's still unexpected "sleep time", but about half as much. 30 seconds after sim restart. I then tried deleting my two pathfinding characters. That cut the "Physics time" to 0.6ms, as expected, but didn't change the "sleep time" , and the "script time" went up.
  7. Still waiting for a restart. Ticket filed earlier today.
  8. animats

    Shoes for animesh

    The minimum level of baking support would be to let you save baked textures to a file. If you have full perms, you can save regular textures to a file. So, if a bake is composed entirely of full perm textures, you should be able to save the bake to a file. Then, to dress animesh, you'd wear the animesh skin and body, put on system clothing, bake on mesh, and save the resulting upper and lower textures. Upload those (L$10 each) and put them on your animesh character. It's a pain, but we could then recycle all the old freebie system clothing for animesh.
  9. Yes. See above, about "sleep time". Just asked support for a region restart. I'm the only avi there right now, so I'd like to get a restart ASAP.
  10. Yes, what's with all that "Sleep Time"? You see that on "Homestead" sims, which are throttled, but this is a "mainland" sim. Four months ago, this sim had spare time. Not happy about the continual reduction in performance.
  11. This may not be going well. Kama Center has been offline for 45 minutes now.
  12. My home sim, Vallone, is overloaded worse than ever, and Kama Center, the sim next door, went offline 15 minutes ago and hasn't come back. I know there's a new server installation today. Did that not go well?
  13. Right. Wrong. (Censored to avoid naming and shaming.) Yes, that huge sign is on a 4m x4m parcel. It was ARd and is probably gone now. The main legit cases for encroachment seem to be overhanging trees, and connecting your driveway to an adjacent Linden road. Which are the most common encroachments in real life.
  14. LL really needs to do something about the Linden new user entry points being Jerk Central. Firestorm, New User Services, Caledon, and London City areas don't seem to have this problem as badly.
  15. Dacy, the new trainee. Mobile Animesh NPC, 29 LI. Texture clothing, which looks OK for workout wear. As the trainee, she gets to try all the latest scripting. We're training Dacy to move around fast without getting in trouble. She moves at regular avatar speed, sometimes faster, not at old slow pathfinding zombie speed. So she wears workout clothes while zipping along that bridge. New pathfinding system of mine. SL pathfinding characters can't cross that bridge. Her social skills are improving. If she's blocked by an avatar or another NPC, she stops and shows an impatient expression for a second or two while the path planner and maze solver work out an alternate route. If she approaches an avatar on purpose to say hello, she stands off about one and a half meters, as social distance. But when moving, she will pass close to avatars if necessary, trying not to bump them. If she bumps into an avatar, she apologizes. Once NPCs start moving fast, these social skills matter.
  16. SL doesn't work that way. There aren't that many game assets in the viewer when it's installed. There are a few built-in assets (the wood texture, the standard avatar animations, a few standard sounds) but not many. Everything else comes in from the network and is saved locally in the viewer's cache. This is different from games where the game assets come with the game install. Agreed. I added an SSD and texture loading improved drastically.
  17. Not impressed with Tilia at this point. I just got an email: "It looks like we had some trouble billing your Second Life account on August 26, 2019. Don’t worry! We understand that sometimes your payment information becomes out-of-date, but it’s a snap to fix." They just assume it's my problem, not theirs. It's the Tilia/LL end. I check my credit card account online, and there are no transaction attempts from LL or alerts. Credit card is fine. I log into SL and pay the "past due balance" by clicking the "Buy" button, and it uses the credit card they claimed didn't work. And a pending transaction for $22 pops up on my bank account, like it should. Somewhere at the LL end, there's software that doesn't analyze the error codes from their credit card gateway properly. LL/Tilia doesn't tell you the rejection code (there are many, some credit-related, some network-related, some ID related) and they probably don't analyze it properly internally, either. If the transaction had gotten far enough to be declined for credit reasons, I'd see that online. It's fairly complicated to do this right, but that's Tilia's job. They want to be a money transfer company, they need to get up to financial service levels of error handling.
  18. Ouch. Much of the trouble with region crossings comes from a bad network protocol design decision. When an avatar changes regions, there's a message to the viewer to tell it the handoff has happened, after which the viewer sends user inputs (keyboard, mouse clicks) to the new sim, on a different server with a different IP address. Unfortunately, this seems to be synchronous - the sim needs to receive a reply from the viewer for that message, and the region crossing is delayed until that happens. So delays in the network or the viewer affect region crossings. Add 1 second of network delay, which I've done using a network testing tool, and double region crossings fail every time. So, if you minimize or suspend the viewer and carry its avatar across a region boundary, there's going to be trouble. This violates the "never trust the client" rule in client/server game design. The sim should never wait for the viewer. The network path handoff and sim crossings should not be so tightly coupled. But it probably seemed like a minor problem 15 years ago, before vehicles. (Fixing this is complicated, partly because many things viewer side are in sim-local coordinates. When the viewer changes to a new primary sim, those have to be patched. Object updates can arrive out of order, messing up the hierarchy (sit object/vehicle -> avatar ->attachments). There's a mess in llViewerObject.cpp after line 1982 in the viewer that tries to untangle this. If you read C++, that huge function is worth looking at. Making that work during an asynchronous region crossing, with object update messages coming in from both the losing and gaining sims, would be hard. Comments in the code indicate an attempt to convert the viewer to using 64-bit world coordinates for everything, getting rid of sim-relative coordinates, but that was never finished.)
  19. This came up at Creator User Group last week. I made the point that Project Arctan needs some carrot to go along with the stick. Creators need more automated help with LOD generation. It can be anywhere along the chain. Tools in Blender and Maya. A better mesh optimizer in the uploader. A background task generating impostors for existing objects. A general impostor generator in the viewer. But something.
  20. The only part of the viewer worth putting on a faster device is the viewer cache. The viewer program itself doesn't need to be installed on RAM disk. You can put the viewer cache where you want it from the Avatar->Preferences->Network and files->Directories menu. Putting the viewer cache on a solid state drive speeds up texture loading quite a bit on machines where the main disk is a rotating hard drive. You need 10GB of space, though. So doing this with a RAM disk takes a lot of RAM. Also, if you put the cache on a RAM disk, you have to reload every texture and mesh when you reboot.
  21. animats

    Shoes for animesh

    Dacy, my latest animesh character. 29 LI as shown. I was sent a copy of those shoe textures. Thanks. I made up some workout wear. All the clothing has to be composited onto the skin texture in Photoshop. When animesh get Bakes on Mesh in "Animesh 2", that may improve. For now, it's a big pain to change clothing on animesh. I've tried some of the freebie places. But this is animesh. I need the raw texture files in Photoshop. At least until animesh get Bakes on Mesh or some way to change clothing in-world. I'd much rather buy animesh clothing from SL's large community of clothing makers. I'm working on scripting good NPCs, they have to wear something, they have to be low LI, and there's little that I can buy, so I had to make a detour through basic clothing construction. It's old-style system clothing, of course, but because these characters are usually in motion, it's not very noticeable. (Dacy is currently running around my workshop in Vallone. She's using my new pathfinding system. Not done with that yet, but it's good enough to let a character use it in public. I have two other characters running on the SL pathfinding system, so people can compare behavior. Dacy is the fast one. I've finally overcome the problem of NPC characters moving at zombie speed.)
  22. animats

    Shoes for animesh

    OK. Here are the SL standard "Lower" UV layouts. Where can I get shoe textures that use these templates? A basic sneaker would be enough for now. Thanks. All I need for now are boring old texture shoes. Like these. I know they are obsolete, but someone must have old-style textured shoe files around somewhere. Let me know.
  23. Hm. This suggests how Project Arctan might do character LI: Characters have land impact using the animesh formula: 666 tris = 1 LI, half that for each lower level of detail. Regions (or parcels, or viewers) can specify a maximum LI per character. This doesn't count against parcel LI. If a character is over the maximum, its LOD ranges are reduced so that it switches to a lower LOD sooner. If it's still over, it's rendered in impostor mode. If that doesn't work, it goes to jellydoll mode. The nearest characters still show at full LOD at short range, 4m or so. So you can still admire your friends million-triangle avatars when you get close enough. But a roomful of them won't choke the viewer. Now this provides an incentive to get the lower LODs right on avatars and clothing.
  24. Your own cubicle! Wow! You have a nice little office space, but really, this is a real job. This is not gameplay. Bear in mind that the minimum wage in San Francisco, where LL is headquartered, is about L$4000 an hour.
  25. Nice. And works for avatars, too, not just simple objects. Will there be a Blender version? "A perfectly industry-standard-aligned set of LoDs models (50% the triangle count of LoD above) " - didn't know that was an industry standard. It works well for animesh. But for objects, it means background objects have significant numbers of triangles. "Lowest" is only 1/8 of "Highest". A 30,000 triangle shoe (not unusual, rez a shoe you have in inventory and look at it in edit) is still 3750 triangles when it's 250m away. As a rule of thumb, you can have about 1 million triangles on screen in SL before the viewer starts to choke. (Expensive graphics cards increase this number.) So a pair of shoes a sim away are 0.7% of your scene budget. Distant over-meshed objects will choke the viewer. Maybe drop to 33% between LODs? Then you're down to 370 triangles at full distance. 0.07% of your scene budget. LL is talking about Project Arctan again, redesigning the LOD calculation. Right now, there's too much reward for getting the lowest LOD down to some useless value like 2. Or at least creators think there is. So this is worth discussing now. (This week's clothing LOD annoyance: I have an animesh character which has a skin that looks good down to "low" LOD, and at least fills the space at "lowest". Someone gave me a dress to try. It's about 30,000 tris at "High" LOD. Medium LOD is 2. Two. Back off 5m and the dress disappears, leaving the character looking semi-nude, with junk triangles instead of a dress. At 5 meters range.)
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