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  1. D'accord. The women in the 1950's were beautiful. My mom bought some dresses that resembles 1950's clothes, and a friend gave me dresses yesterday that resembles it.
  2. Bonjour, Sophie ! Vous est inactif dans Discord depuis le mois dernier ! Have you finished making the 1950's dress you promised to show me?!
  3. I've never heard of gammeldans music. It will someday come back just like other genres.
  4. Indeed, that happens with every dominant country. They brag about their kills and make it a good thing when it's actually bad.
  5. That's good. Then I'll leave the clothes unmodified. I'm not sure if that's ok for the clothes to not fit on the body.
  6. Oh, but is there a way to make your own avatar invisible? I'll have to learn a quicker way to change clothes.
  7. I found out that some have some people, but they banned me for no reason. I'm not going back to Second Life anymore because I visited here to explore. This keeps happening whenever I get curious and only want to look around.
  8. Looking at my own face and giving off this look:
  9. My personality online is the same as my personality in real life. I've experimented with going with different personalities that are not true to mine before, but it didn't go well. I was unsatisfied and barely found any joy with the things I was doing. At the end, I ended up abandoning my fake personality traits and reverted back to my true personality traits.
  10. I've been to some of the Second Life historical places, but they're usually empty with barely any people at all.
  11. Why would they be hostile to Second Life? I think Second Life is much more fun even though I've been in other virtual worlds longer.
  12. Waterloo here?! How? "Ma ami?" It's actually "mon ami!" We don't say it like that in French. If the noun starts with a vowel like "ami/amie," only "mon" is used. Even when it's feminine, "mon" is still used.
  13. I know. That was years ago, and I was a young teenager. Sorry about those virtual worlds. I thought that many people would know about those worlds.
  14. I'll tell you right now. I did make accounts in IMVU, Minecraft, Roblox, Woozworld, and Habbo. I borrowed someone's unwanted account in Poptropica. I made accounts in Roblox and Habbo because I was curious and wanted to explore it since a friend played it. I quit them later on because there's nothing to do. I borrowed someone's unwanted account in Poptropica because I didn't have an account. That person was quitting Poptropica. I like it that they included history in Poptropica, and every character look like frogs dressed in human clothes. I made an account in Woozworld because I was probably bored. After Pixie Hollow closed down, I stayed in that virtual world and tried to find people my age. I was just graduating 8th grade at that time. I created an empire and ruled over a roleplay genre. I had a million people in my friends list, and I was very well-known by the people, as 10 and more people would follow me around each minute, trying to talk to me about countries, militaries, enemies, wars, history, royal feasts, etc. Luckily, after meeting many people, I at least befriended someone decent and became close friends with him. My relationships with the other people usually ended in wars or we left each other. I was very nice to my supporters even though some of them sided with my enemies. Then my accounts got hacked on my birthday, and I slowly left Woozworld with my close friend, and we moved to Steam and Discord. The pros of Woozworld that it did improve my social skills, my tactics, thinking, and got to practice my leadership skills. The con is that it was about 4 years wasted on raging wars against my enemies while they kept stealing my stuff and adding more obstacles that made it harder for me to reach my wants. For some unknown natural reasons, I put my wants first over the other people around me. I made an account in Minecraft because it looked interesting. Then my brother joined in, and he sometimes plays Minecraft. Guess who ended up playing Minecraft more? My brother. But for me, I played it a little until I left it because I got too busy with managing my empire. I made an account in IMVU because I was probably in a mood to create an avatar and find a new world to create an empire and restore my former glory. It's the same reason for Second Life. I slowly left IMVU because I started getting more homework in school. Now you know about my accounts. I'll update this topic's description and add in my own.
  15. What is your preferred virtual world and why? Explain what you like about a certain virtual world compared to others. Explain what you dislike about your chosen virtual world. What is your opinion on the following virtual worlds below? IMVU Second Life Woozworld Habbo Twinity SmallWorlds OurWorld Fantage Stardoll Neopets World of Warcraft Poptropica Club Penguin Moshi Monsters WeeWorld Webkinz Meez Minecraft Roblox
  16. Sorry for the loss of your brother. I hope you feel better now. I'm thinking you like 1800's music because of the way the melodies and instruments sound. You love that they're often used for romantic music. Rawer? I think it means you enjoy live concerts more than music from radios.
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