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  1. Thank you very much for the response! That was extremely helpful! I greatly appreciate your response and help Thanks!
  2. Thanks! I greatly appreciate it! I apologize for insulting or upsetting anyone; for that was definitely not my intent. I just want to let everyone know that my topic is one of the positive reasons why people join social communities (For example, a sense of community, support, etc.) and the positive benefits of social communities. Thanks for understanding and taking the time to write back!
  3. I apologize again for upsetting you. My intent was not to "study" you; but mearly to get your input and opinion on why people partake in social communities (whether it be for fun, to obtain something (like the ability to fly), etc.) and the benefits of being a part of this community. I apologize for the way my research came off for I did not intend to insult you or anyone. I am truly sorry. I apologize again and I hope you understand my research was one of positivity and writing about the benefits and positive reasons people join social communities.
  4. I apologize for upseting you, that was definitely not my intent nor is my research anything like that. It is about why people become a resident to Second Life and the benefits people get from interacting in Social Virtual Worlds. It is a positive paper about the benefits and reasons of why people join virtual communities; I apologize it seemed otherwise. I apologize for upsetting anyone, that was definitely not my intent nor am I making anyone a lab rat, I apologize again.
  5. I was not implying that the game is not reality; however, I was asking what do you get in the virtual world that you don't get in the real world. Not implying that the virtual world is not a real product; I was just asking you to compare the virtual community of Second Life to real life community. Sorry for the miscommunication, thanks for responding!
  6. Canora Philipp, Thanks for responding to my post! This information was extremely helpfuel and I appreciate you helping to further my research! Thanks!
  7. Hi Echo Hermit, Thanks for the advice! I did not mean to insult or upset anyone through asking a research question or phrasing it in the way I did. I apologize for insulting and upseting anyone. Thanks for the input and advice!
  8. Hi Perrie Juran, I apologize for not giving any credientials or background information on my research. I am a junior in college and we have to write a 12 page paper on any topic of our choice. I chose to write on trust in virtual communities and specifically narrowed in on Second Life. I have spent many hours researching why people become a resident and participate in Second Life. I began to study this because it is extremely interesting to me. I definitely did not mean to insult or upset anyone with my research question. The reason my question is so basic is because my topic is basic and I wanted the opinion of residents on Second Life. The way I chose to word my questions was not meant to be exclusive or meant in any way specificially. I apologize if I insulted anyone because that was definitely not my intent. I greatly appreciate everyone's responses and help! Thanks !
  9. I apologize, that was bad wording on my part. Could you explain to me more about Second Life and why you interact in Second Life. Thanks!
  10. Hey all, I am writing a research paper on why people play Second Life and what they feel they obtain from playing Second Life. I began to play Second Life this week to help me research but I wanted the input of people who play Second Life on a daily basis. I am researching the different reasons people play online virtual worlds, specifically Second Life and I would greatly appreciate your opinion! The questions I am asking are: 1. How long have you been playing second life? 2. How often do you play second life? 3. Why did you begin playing second life? 4. What do you gain from second life that you can’t get from reality? Only reply to this message if you feel comfortable with me using your answers and username in my paper; as you respond to this blog, please state that you give me permission to use or quote you in my research paper, thanks!. I greatly appreciate everyone's input and answers! Thanks!
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