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Found 8 results

  1. Hi there, yet another returning player looking for new friends I left SL about 10 years ago because of RL and getting interested in other online games. When I got back to SL a few months ago, I noticed that my friends list was pretty much always offline, and places that I used to like, weren't there anymore or simply abandoned. Because exploring SL alone gets pretty boring and lonely fast, I'm searching for some new friends. I like music (clubs + live), exploring, taking photo's, chatting, dancing (also slow dancing), and much, much more... I'm very Dutch, friendly, a bit silly and naughty, a free spirit, and single in SL + RL. Because I'm from Europe, it would be awesome if you are on the same timezone as me (SLT+9 GMT+2) or close to it. Feel free to drop me an IM or to contact me inworld.
  2. Hi, I'm fairly new to Second Life I'm looking for new friends and someone who would show me around! Male, 21+, Europe
  3. Hello lovelies, I wanted to start by introducing myself firstly. I am Dahlia and am UK based. I am a game playing, shopping obsessed ginger! Myself and my friends who are also based in non-US time zones have noticed whilst there seems to be a lot of the grid logged in from 12am SLT onwards, most places are empty in SL (or at least the places we are looking!) so this has peaked my curiosity, and I wanted to ask the following questions; - What do you do from 12am - 8am SLT? - What kind of places do you visit? - Would you go to events during this time? - What kind of events would you go to? - Would you be interested in joining an inworld group that is strictly non-advertising, but more of a community to link people in non-US timezones together? - Are you already a member of a group of this nature? - Do you have a business that would benefit from attracting avatars from non-US timezones? I'm not sure as yet where I will go with the answers to these questions, but it's certainly something I've spent a lot of time thinking about, and wanted to see if there was a way we could come together and help! Thank you
  4. Violet Tears is hiring! Come join our fun family who treat everyone with the upmost respect and fairness. We're a strong brand that wants to make everyone happy and successful. You can msg me or send a notecard requesting the dj or host application. Look in picks for more information and the landmark. Everyone is welcome but the only thing we ask are two things - no child avis & no afk sex. Failing to follow those simple rules will end in being banned and ejected from the sim. Earnings: ❥ DJ's; 100% tips. ❥ Host; 100% tips. ⊱ ADULT SIM. ↳LIMO: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Summer Sands/172/69/1499 ↳VIPGROUP: secondlife:///app/group/dea45f83-5d76-143c-e63b-b87eabe52233/about Owners: ⊱ Kry (Knuz Resident) ⊱ Violet (violetk31 Resident) Managers: ⊱ Audrey (hikikamori Resident) - GM. ⊱ Celez (celez1988 Resident) - HR. ⊱ CherryH (cherryh Resident) - Assistant Manager (only msg for tags when the GM is offline) ⊱ Hella (hellanemesis Resident) - GM.
  5. I am wondering how many friends here either love or hate the Roman Empire? I know that some people here may share interests about the Roman Empire and how the twin bothers, Romulus and Remus were nursed by a mother wolf near the land the Roman Empire would be born. Romulus killed his brother, Remus, bathed in his blood, and founded Rome. Before Rome, there were the Etrucians and the Etrucian kings. After the Roman Empire expanded its lands, their power became shaky and split into Eastern Roman Empire and Western Roman Empire. Their end had come later on. Here is my quick opinion about it. Hopefully, some of you here may share something in common with other commentaires here. The more I read or watch stuff about Rome, the more I wish that the empire was still around. The fall of the Roman Empire makes me very sad because it meant it's the end of a great empire. However, going to Roman-themed places make me fall in love with them instantly because I have this strong unexplainable affection towards the Roman Empire. I can't explain why and I still can't explain about my strong affection of Rome. It's a long story. Architecture, government, great emperors, generals, military, etc.
  6. Parte Tenebrosa is an island on its own that has just reopened with the aim of creating a Northern European/Canadian ambience with a touch of mystery. The parcels for rent are ready for terraforming and building within the loose theme. Tasteful Gothic and Fae builds and the like are fine as well as normal houses. Terraforming is permitted. Humans and non-humans are welcome. Communication among residents is provided via the island group but is optional, and your privacy is important. There is no planned rp but ideas are welcome. The rental rate is very reasonable at L$3,900 per week for 5,000 prims. There are 3 quarter-sims available in the NW, SW, and SE of the region. Take an Info notecard from a rental box in the middle of the region and please read the Covenant enclosed in it. Please enquire if you wish to have a smaller parcel; this could be arranged. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Parte Tenebrosa/118/138/25 http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Parte Tenebrosa/118/118/25 http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Parte Tenebrosa/139/119/25
  7. bonjour le Mama's Pub est à la recherche d'un manager, et de hosts il s'agit d'un pub, reconnu de tous comme étant superbe, un endroit amical mais avant tout dédié à la musique. Il s'agit d'une sim adulte, mais le pub est no-nudité. les deux postes à pourvoir s'adressent de préférence à des personnes parlant anglais, les performers que nous recevont sont principalement anglophones (US, angleterre, Pays-bas, ) mais aussi espagnols, italiens, amérique du sud, afrique du sud, Pérou etc Il ets donc impératif de maitriser la langue anglaise contactez moi in world, ou Not4U resident, le createur et propriétaire (IM mais de préférence note card) la voice est impérativepour pouvoir communiquer plus facilement entre nous tous les lms sont dans nos profils respectifs, ainsi que le calendar
  8. (Peeks in) ... hello ... imvu veteran but SL noob who knows very few people at your service. (Ties up my white horse and clatters over to say hi in my shiny armour) Feel free to add me if you need a friend, soulmate, hopeless romantic, loveable rogue, shoulder to lean/cry on, etc etc lol Been lucky enough to meet some lovely people so far. Virtualnsanity
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