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  1. its gone due autoreturn,also it seems the sim is closing down as well lmao,thx for ur time and answer guys
  2. yes i tried movelock of firestorm even the one i had on inventory no work,someone at helping group said ts following me,maybe if i wait it will return back to the owner
  3. no,but the region have rezz enabled
  4. ....ya i tried that...i want to walk as well and do something not be sitting all the time,another thing than abvious stuff?
  5. i did,but the thing still will rezz on the sim and push me away he being on sim or not,on that way i don't think reporting will truly help with my problem,i will still being be pushed away everytime i step inside the sim.
  6. Someone used that thing on me and i cant get back on the sim,everytime i go there its start pushing me,any body have some ideas how i get rid of that?
  7. Thanks i will try it later.
  8. If you looking for human head ya,but i looking for a mobian head,not furry or human head,i do not know anywhere else to look after it,only MP or Maybe asking someone to make one that will costs 10K+++ or more 🙁
  9. In my opnion they should list that they are wearing on these ads,Like Utilizator does and others,to minimize future annoying IM asking about the ads and negative reviews,this will make aloooot easier everybody, a win win.
  10. When they selling mods or stuff they always put Very good avi with fancy heads and bodies,when you try to search on MP you only found low quality ones very far away from those on pictures.
  11. I mean the head the person used on these ads,there isnt anything compared like that on sale on anywhere on Merket,and elso i did asked her and she was a bit rude,the only thing she said it was made by commisions.
  12. Iam looking to make a Mobian avatar but the heads found on Merket is way different from these ads bellow and their stores.Like putting a Ferrari on Display and sell a Red Bettle with a Ferrari Skin,if anyone of the Mobian fandom could help me i appreciate. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/LD-Supernatural-Eye-Pack/17561572 https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/LD-Kitty-Lingerie-Set-WHITE-OMEGA-COMPATIBLE/12062771
  13. Anyone know Bento Ao for avatars that have bento ears and tails in in a single AO? without the need to buy a separete ears and tails.Found some Complete avatars with Bento Ears and tails,but i cant find aos or animatios,only separetely ears and tails.
  14. maybe a mesh body mod,but i cant find anything at marketplace
  15. I saw this avatar today,and i found it with help of a friend but,i would like to know how i can make it be the same shape of this picture of this product here https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/CC-Andro-Series-Android-Renamon/15333319?page=1 need any mod? or just edit the shape? Also where i can find chothes for that avatar.
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