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  1. it's really weird... the cost to join the group is 50L$. and we were 2 owners that we get the liabilities. but we got nothing since yesterday. the moment i added one more avatar to get liabilities the 2 owners we got 100L$ each and we paid 10L$ each. and the avi that is the 3rd got 100L$ as well. 6 ppl joined the group yesterday so 6x50=300L$ so every day we get all the same amount or its not always like that, but its random?
  2. well i checked that but it doesnt really say anything about the group fees. it says about a case that someone sells something that its deed on the group. i just wanna know if there is any way to get the money from the group fees because at the moment i have a group with a cost to join, but already 10 ppl joined and got nothing.
  3. Hello! I have a question about the Groups and the L$ that cost to join. Who gets the money when someone is joining a group that has a fee? The Owner of the group? The Game? or how is that work? Thank you in advance!
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