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  1. no that's not a case, that's why i said already we are on the same parcel for sure. and this is not happening just in my parcel, its everywhere i just gave my parcel as an example
  2. Hello, I would like some help cos it seems something is not working well with my "Disable camera constraints". I used to have this option enabled for ages but seems like lately it lets me see all over around the region but doesn't let me see the avatars up in skyboxes. (and ofc I'm talking about the same parcel) For example, when I'm down on the ground and my friend is up in my skybox which is 1500m away, i'm able to get my camera there but i don't see her and when she moves my camera is not moving like usually does when you are able to see the avi. Anyone has an idea how
  3. well i tried with 2 different versions of amd and still didnt help much, even tried different versions of viewers
  4. i've tried protected lands and empty skyboxes up to 4000m. even with low graphics still cant move my camera without delay or lag
  5. here is the statistic window https://gyazo.com/53df9f259ce6479b064339f5505362de https://gyazo.com/828a5677786bcea811a71252cd84f7f9
  6. well its not network issue cos every other game i play goes super fast. it must be sl or something wrong with it
  7. Yeah sl sucks for sure. and im using only one monitor atm cos i have the other one on my old pc next to it lol
  8. Yeah my monitors are on my graphic card. and the pc was made by a guy that was working at a store with computers, i asked him what i wanted and he build it. so im sure the drivers are installed properly, he build my old PCs too and never had problem with any of them. so i start thinking that what they told me about the AMD not being dedicated to sl and using my GPU might be correct since i found that many ppl had the same issue with them. Plus that every other game that im playing on Ultra is not lagging at all, even on MMO with 1000 ppl around me i'm not even feeling any lag when the others a
  9. Well that helped a lot, as a user of Nvidia for ages i never had this problem before. i checked on the internet and noticed that this is a common problem with AMD. I tried to fix that but all the videos were outdate and nothing was working with the new Radeon Program. but i guess thats the problem because every other game is fine. i have the problem just with SL.
  10. Hello, On my old PC usually i was lagging on sims with many ppl around or with way too many deco items which was normal i think cos it wasnt the best pc and i had it almost 6 years so i was ok with it. almost a month ago I got my new PC, which is much better than the pc i had before. but it feels like its lagging even more for some reason. when i try to move it has delay and then when i stop moving the animation that im moving keeps going for few more seconds...sims and avatars takes time to rez. and when i open SL even my browser gets slow like it makes my internet lagging or my pc.
  11. it's really weird... the cost to join the group is 50L$. and we were 2 owners that we get the liabilities. but we got nothing since yesterday. the moment i added one more avatar to get liabilities the 2 owners we got 100L$ each and we paid 10L$ each. and the avi that is the 3rd got 100L$ as well. 6 ppl joined the group yesterday so 6x50=300L$ so every day we get all the same amount or its not always like that, but its random?
  12. well i checked that but it doesnt really say anything about the group fees. it says about a case that someone sells something that its deed on the group. i just wanna know if there is any way to get the money from the group fees because at the moment i have a group with a cost to join, but already 10 ppl joined and got nothing.
  13. Hello! I have a question about the Groups and the L$ that cost to join. Who gets the money when someone is joining a group that has a fee? The Owner of the group? The Game? or how is that work? Thank you in advance!
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