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  1. Hmm, I don't know. Most of the logs I have show regions going from Up to Stopping, which means a graceful shutdown usually.
  2. Is it me, or is a region restart roll going actively on -- today Friday the 23rd?
  3. Reflections were a beta thing back in 2007. Maybe when LL is working on moving from OpenGL to Vulkan, they can bring it back.
  4. It should be a % of Land Impact / Region Capacity, accounting for +/- region bonus. And optional for estate owners.
  5. You're not wrong @animats, but I think that's not the correct answer. When you pull up the Top Scripts floater for the region, it lists all scripted content in the region as well as all their script times -- including the idle scripted content. And that still adds up to much less than the statistics pane. When you pull up the Statistics floater and that reports Script Time ms that's far greater than Top scripts -- as in a magnitude of 4 or greater. At the most recent server meeting I asked about this very issue, and @Mazidox Linden had mentioned that it's possibly pulling the numbe
  6. Seems to be the same based on my observations. Hopefully this is a work in progress. Script time on the Statistics floater still does not match script time on the Top Scripts Floater. Top Scripts will report ~6ms of time, while Statistics will show 20ms (probably capped by the region)
  7. I like to think that it is an actual fix even though I have no evidence of it yet; because it was a sudden change in performance. Like the initial bug report, there was just a day where script performance drastically changed. I have a 10 region estate that hosts rather complex MMO-like games (for SL). Initially some of the systems behind the game started complaining as I didn't have failover checks for REALLY old components. Then when trying to host events where there's a lot of avatars in the region and a simple rez intensive process going on, it really hit home to how bad things had
  8. That's amazing! I hope it's actual performance and not just adjusted numbers! If you'd like to share your discoveries @Mazidox Linden I am super eager to hear the story of how you defeated the lag monster.
  9. ohmygod. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you! 🤖
  10. Chill your entitlement down there, buddy. It's easier to coax out answers when you're not acting as you are now.
  11. I am grateful they didn't promote the RC to the main server.
  12. "Do you like click bait Forum Subject threads? Contact me inworld for more information." Or you know OP, you could just post what you meant to say here instead. That's probably why most folks reading this are peeved.
  13. Use the attach event. If the key returned by the event isn't null key, it's freshly attached, and null key means it's detached. I know of no instances where on_rez prevents the attach event from being triggered. Using on_rez for the purposes you've stated above is a waste of events being triggered and more of a burden on the region than doing it properly with just attach attach(key av) { if (av) { // Something is attached } else { // Something was detached } }
  14. @Kyle LindenI too also heavily use the KVP features of Experiences. Please make sure my entire estate "The Wastelands" is opted-out. If I need to file a support ticket please let me know.
  15. I have a technical question. Do upgraded private regions with an extra 10k prims also get 30% more allowed time per frame -- or is it just the extra LI? If not, would LL consider boosting the extra 30% allowed script time to go with the extra content on the region?
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