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  1. I have a technical question. Do upgraded private regions with an extra 10k prims also get 30% more allowed time per frame -- or is it just the extra LI? If not, would LL consider boosting the extra 30% allowed script time to go with the extra content on the region?
  2. So this discussion of chat distances being changed is getting a little pear shaped and spreading FUD. IIRC -- it's only changeable by ESTATE OWNERS and only for channel zero. There ARE use cases where having region wide, or multi-region wide chat is a benefit such as large events or venues. I, personally won't be changing these values but I understand the need for them.
  3. Here's a new one, trying to create a new script in an object. Second Life Server 2020-05-15T18:31:37.542403
  4. No, that's new. I was referring to complete failure of on_rez to trigger. It's a hot mess.
  5. I can't come up with words to express my frustration, but... In the future if any LSL event is not firing after a roll, let's consider it a showstopper and do a rollback? LSL is critical to SL operations, a function misbehaving might be tolerable; but a whole event failing is intolerable. </two-cents>
  6. I can confirm this is also happening on version Second Life Server 2020-02-26T20:56:18.537423 I operate a grid scope experience powered game, that's ironically just in my personal regions. It temp attached player HUDs. These particular HUD dispensers do not work (as well as everything else relying on object_rez in the region): http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/The Great Fissure/141/112/69 http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/The Wastelands/43/159/75 I also use on_rez and object_rez. object_rez is not being triggered. I am using methods to make sure the objects are rezzed before communicating with them. They are being rezzed, but the parent object isn't triggering the object_rez event. I am on a private estate and I am technically supposed to be off RC region rolls. Perhaps the issue isn't with the region itself? p.s. Poor breedables folks...
  7. I'm glad it's been confirmed and is being looked at. on_rez and object_rez are super vital functions in SL. I hope you can find a solution soon. It would be nice to have RC names on server versions again. Case in point that 1/3rd to 1/2 of this thread is trying to figure out what type of region it's happening on.
  8. Here's a few reasons that I think we'll never be able to achieve AAA game status in SL starting with LSL: SL allows too much "freedom". Players can and do wear anything they want, including other scripted content. As long as a player wears whatever they want to a destination -- whether or not there's any competition in your games -- there will be people who "cheat" just because they can. I would say about 15-25% of the code I write for my game HUD is to detect when things aren't "normal", and turn the HUD off or suspend the player for a short time. Initially the first thing I coded for was checking if a players speed was too fast. Limiting jump height. Then it was teleports, and adding code to allow for teleports from experiences. Then it was sitting long distances. I made some big changes to this chunk of code in October, because the recent server rolls are changing how regions behave when avatars TP in or cross region bordres (a regression?) and it's been creating a lot of false positives. Last month I rolled another little patch in to try to account for these and other problems -- but it's still overly sensitive sometimes. Mostly on days where SL in general is performing bad. Which brings us to the next topic: SL as a service. If you're not fighting cheating players, you're creating redundancies for when the grid has bad weather. Ever since the introduction of the Experiences KVP system, I have been migrating away from external servers to keep track of player and game data. Making an LSL call to outside of SL has the opportunity for three points of failure. 1) The region you're on. 2) Second Life's network. 3) Your servers. Keeping it all IN SL is hard work that requires a lot of pre-planning, and LSL-KVP is not nearly as robust as a php-mysql backend. But I find that the KVP system is far more reliable than outbound HTTP calls in Second Life. Finally, and this is not LSL related -- the rendering engine for SL leaves a lot to be desired. I would like to see LL use Sansars rendering engine adapted for use in a new SL viewer. I think good or profitable games can be made in SL, I just don't think we'll ever really see anything like AAA game content. Hell, way back when, I wrote 99.5% of the code of a game that made 1.4M USD in it's first year. Like all things it will just take a lot of effort; probably more so than any AAA game title given the limits of LSL alone, and then compounded with all of SLs quirks. p.s. I am currently working on an MMO style raid boss fight. Should be live in a few weeks.
  9. SL can do all that. For some things it's hard and requires hyper efficient LSL code with an occasional dash of external server (for npc bartering calculation), but it can be done. Come play the games in The Wastelands. I've got your quests/npcs/combat/scavenging/environmental-hazards/"seamless"-teleports. Some of our game items may be a bit dated in terms of appearance since the game is 14 years old now, but we're working on updating them. I am eager for EEP to replace my HUD overlays for various "effects" players endure. -- (Edit to add) -- Right now I have "daily" quests, but I have done rather complex (30m to 1h long) seasonal quests.
  10. I also use experiences for contract work I do, typically involving tutorials for real world professionals.
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