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  1. Just like the removal in inworld casinos and banks. Or like when LL changed region fees, once, twice, three, four times. And like the introduction of sculpts, mesh, fitmesh, bento, and animesh.
  2. LL owns Tillia and Second Life. There are many ways to share the data between the two, as a registered money services business they have to follow PCI compliance, which means they DO NOT HAVE your login info in plain-text.
  3. As I understand, you have to provide your ID info only if you cash out from SL (Turning your L$ into your local currency). Everyone seems to be missing this point, and freaking out. Additionally, that fee seems to only apply if your account is INACTIVE, and I assume that it only applies to fiat currencies and not L$. Honestly this opens up a lot of doors for LL as a registered Money Services Business. They can skip paypal all together, act as a bank, and convert their own payments from any currency including crypto. LL was already pretty much fronting all the liabilities without any of the benefits of being an MSB since day one. So it really makes sense for it to be official now.
  4. As I had mentioned in my previous posts in this thread, I am fairly certain the script execution time issue is related to a networking issue on LLs end. I too saw the same exact things on regions I've been able to test on. Basically the more packets per second the region is sending out, the lower the script execution is.
  5. School's Out, Memorial Day, whatever the reason, The Wastelands is having it's sometimes maybe annual-ish land sale! If you ever wanted to find a home for yourself in The Wastelands, or just expand your ever growing empire here, now is the time to take advantage of this opportunity. ONLY Monday May 27th: Buy a parcel at normal price, get *8* weeks of tier included. Don't miss out! May 28th to June 3rd: Buy a parcel at normal price, get *6* weeks of tier included. Our land normally comes with just 4 weeks of tier, but this special sale gives you way more time to enjoy your stay here. The Wastelands is Second Life's oldest and largest post apocalyptic themed estate and community; established way back in January of 2007. Here, you won't find clean and stylish homes, pristine and luxurious beaches, noisy dance clubs, tawdry sex palaces, or any of the glitz and glamor more common to Second Life. But in our parched deserts, rocky expanses, and rank swamps, you'll find beautifully ruined buildings, precarious shacks, and mysterious assemblages of abandoned material, most of it created by the people who live here. From hidden underground bunkers to teetering swamp huts on stilts, from burnt-out vehicles to nomad's tents, from helicopter concert stages to trap-ridden combat pits to ball courts to trade posts to working drive-in movie theaters, The Wastelands is filled with creative, detailed constructions. As per usual because of the sale, our Free Move program will be suspended until the end of June. All sale dates end at midnight SLT(PDT) of their respective last day. http://land.the-wastelands.org You can find our current available parcels here, or by opening up your map in Second Life, typing in "The Wastelands", and ticking "Land Sale".
  6. Additionally, I forgot to mention that regions sometimes degrade in performance for no describable reason. The region had only been online a few days (Tuesday to Saturday), but by that time it got bad Case in point: My main region "The Wastelands" had only 33% scripts executed one day. It took TWO restarts to clear it back up to 100% -- but the restarts fixed it nonetheless. This happens more often than I'd like to admit on all of my regions. Just last week I had one region drop down to 50%, and it was because someone had rezzed a collection of objects that were pounding the viewer with minor object updates; a steady stream of 0.5mb for each av in view. In total these objects also used about 1.5ms of script time (I know, a lot), but relatively speaking a small fraction of the total script time in the region. As soon as these objects were removed, UDP data to the viewer more than halved, and scripts executed jumped back up to 75-80%. That's my basis for script execution being related to a network problem. Over a month ago I used the SALT HUD to request some mega prims for something I'm working on. At the time it seemed like it was broken, and I assumed it was because it's old. However, just two days ago I got two inventory offers for the prims I requested way back when. Now maybe all the delivery nodes were all offline, or maybe the tubes at LLs end need to be flushed out with lottery balls. @Qie Niangao I've seen it occasionally in the dataserver() event after a restart, but that's why I usually wait a little bit to do anything. I've been pushing that timer back further and further as time goes on. However this instance of XP_ERROR_INVALID_EXPERIENCE was specifically with llRequestExperiencePermissions and it lasted for about 5 minutes before things suddenly worked in the region. What's baffling is, that the player got a game HUD from a neighboring region and walked into the problem region (where upon more checks were made) and the HUD spat out the same error. That shows that communications with experiences (and in general) is lagged until the region catches up. I really think this is a big networking problem that's been quietly growing for years.
  7. I run The Wastelands, 10 regions big, a mix of Full Regions and Homesteads. I like to keep my estate running nice, so I am a bit of a stats hawk. Sometime last year things started to sometimes get bad enough to notice, and since then I have been doing casual research. Here's what I know so far: @Oz Linden, @Whirly Fizzle "Top Scripts" in the region debug menu always reports HALF or less of what the Statistics menu says. Even with "Spare Time" available, "Scripts Run" doesn't seem to use it. "Scripts Run" seems to be affected by a regions networking burden in addition to the obvious events per second (more scripts). You will find that regions that have a exceptionally bad "Scripts Run" stat directly correlates to how much networking it's doing. Could be object updates, or packets in/out, and especially noticeable when people teleport in/out. Now, when regions come online they have been increasingly slow for all the "services" to fully start. Specifically the dataserver() event is most noticeable right now, sometimes a few objects that I use to monitor the estate are slow to come online and take a few retries. I also run an Experience and during todays rolling restart someone tried to interact with an object that uses llRequestExperiencePermissions() and it returned an XP_ERROR_INVALID_EXPERIENCE despite that script being compiled for an experience for years. It took probably 5 minutes for it to finally work properly without my intervention. As strange as it seems, I think networking for the regions is borked or throttled and is probably a bigger meta issue that just happens to affect "Scripts Run" as well. I would probably look into the HTTP/UDP changes that have been made in the past year.
  8. Just for the record, I've noticed the same thing over the past two years... maybe? I think it has to do with all the logging of region "things" that LL has been adding over the years. If you look at region release notes for the past two years, it's pretty much all "more internal logging". Scripts Executed is my go to stat now in determining region health. Time Dilation and Physics usually say everything is just fine. But when Scripts Executed gets below a certain threshold (65%), things that rely on scripts (pretty much everything), start to break down.
  9. For the future, I guess maybe you should clarify then. The subject of the sentence I quoted was the performance of servers and regions. In that same sentence you said "resources to Sansar". Any competent person would follow that sentence and come to the conclusion the resources you speak of are servers or regions. There is not one single mention of money. You should have said just said money instead of resources. In an online forum where the written word is everything to convey your argument, it's very important you convey your message correctly.
  10. This is the dumbest thing I've read this month.
  11. We're a pretty big estate with 10 actual regions, but 20+ regions worth of area to explore -- so the online population sometimes gets very spread out. You should definitely come around again. If you have questions or need help, feel free to pester me inworld if I am online.
  12. Even a little bit of warning about the headers change would have gone a long way to ease a ton of frustration for everyone involved. I normally adapt rather well to LLs sudden LSL changes that break things simply because I am usually available for it. And while it's not LLs problem personally, I actually had surgery a three days before this recent change. Which means I had to find out about the change after the fact, drag myself to the computer when I should have been resting (because everything is broken), and make some quick fixes. Warnings about intentional and significant LSL changes such as this, SHOULD HAVE BEEN MADE CLEAR in advance, so we could at least have the opportunity to plan to make changes. To me communication seems like an ongoing issue, whether or not the changes were intentional.
  13. I think that it's only limited to the region pages. If you do the same thing for a parcel page it works. Additionally it's only they x and y portions of the vector that the client doesn't like being over 256. I am pretty sure the z can go up to 4096 easily.
  14. Wow. The JIRA was already closed with the reasoning: "Visit This Location is by design." So by design, the link is not supposed to work at all for region pages? This is why I hate filing JIRAs, because I spend my time writing them up with what I know, and someone who doesn't read, or try to understand the issue, closes it down. Then I can't even comment on it to correct their misunderstanding because it's closed. [Edit to add...] --- Since the JIRA issue is closed, I am explaining further and posting my fix here --- The SL viewer does not like URI location x, y, z, values greater than 256. On a region page (not a parcel) ,the regions global coordinates are where the X and Y should be instead of local coordinates. Since my regions global coordinates are 786x, 1038y, clicking Visit this Location will try to open another instance of the viewer because it doesn't understand what the URI wants to do, instead of opening the Place Profile window of the viewer. Possible fixes, one is tested and works: For region pages only, default the x,y,z to 128,128,0. Because it's a region destination it should be fine. (less desirable, but works) Find the regions telehub/infohub coordinates with a back-end search, and put actual x,y,z coordinates in. I pray that a Linden sees this, and instructs someone to re-open the issue as it is a LEGITIMATE BUG.
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