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  1. Admiring myself. Alas, my stomach bothers me, but I'm trying to hide the pain.
  2. The sea, monsieur, I can foresee the glory of France beyond the sea!
  3. It's in French. That's why the spelling is different. It's actually me. I kept getting banned in the first one, so I had to make the second one to prove to the owners of the rooms that I didn't deserve the ban. I finally convinced them. Oh, I didn't hire anyone. I don't have the money to do that.
  4. Ok, I did. I don't know how to check the rules? How do you check them without trying to find a physical sign in the room?
  5. Ok, then I won't wear the sword. I didn't put the sword on because I found other accessories that fit better with my outfit. Also, I was thinking of finding better swords, but I didn't know that many places ban weapons. I didn't wear weapons to random places because I have no purpose to wear them. Now that I know that almost every place ban weapons, I won't buy a sword or find any free weapons.
  6. Now since you have reminded me of Blücher's arrival, I shall make sure he will never defeat me this time! Blücher and Wellington are down for good!
  7. Ok, merci beaucoup! I never go to Gmail every day. I thought the switch was for having this website's bell icon to inform me that a person has replied, which I actually want. I only want this website's bell to inform me, but not to spam me with messages that a person posted something that has nothing to do with me.
  8. Ahem! I am not going back to Elba and St Helena, monsieur. You may bully me as much as your heart's desire, but I am not letting your disgraceful words get to me. The chances that I will become depressed and commit suicide is super low.
  9. There are Linden games?! I didn't know that there are Linden games. Where are they at? Can someone show me the link to the games? I'm a new player here.
  10. How do I make the sender "Second Life Community" to stop sending me messages to my Gmail account? Each day, I get spammed with a lot of messages saying that a person posted on the forums. Those posts are not about me nor about people replying to me or anything. They are random posts that people create and say to other commentaires. I don't know how to make the sender stop sending messages and I don't want to spend the whole day deleting messages that never talk about me. I'm sure I didn't hit a subscribe button. Whenever I post in a new forum, I always check that switch telling me to "remind m
  11. Ok, and I had no idea why I kept getting banned anywhere. I didn't understand why the bans happen. Someday I shall come back with a surprise attack and conquer lands from these jealous generals.
  12. I'm riding Marengo off to war! After the war, I sat in a chair and enjoyed myself.
  13. Joyeux anniversaire! Happy birthday! I hope you're enjoying your time right now.
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