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  1. It was only a joke! I had no intentions to offend you, and I'm extremely sorry if I did. About the preacher thing- No I'm not upset, and I hope you'll find a preacher soon. Anyway, I said "I'm new to the game", and I had no idea that it means "I'm unqualified" in SL language. Thanks for clearing that up! Once again, I'm really sorry. D:
  2. That reminds me.. I need to find a gym in SL, my avi needs to lose some weight
  3. Add me! My friendlist is kinda empty too.
  4. Maybe I should become a marriage counselor, it seems like a very lucrative profession in SL.
  5. You were looking for a wedding preacher a few days ago, and now you're looking for an attorney. Trouble in paradise?
  6. Yes it is! It's called Japan Tempura Island.
  7. It looks more like a... pig to me and their legs are too short D:
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