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  1. Cheap private rentals with a beautiful landscape Contact: Aɴɴᴀ Sʜᴍɪᴅᴛ (angrygirl121) or A̲ʀ̲ɴ̲ᴏ̲ʟ̲ᴅ̲ S̲ʜ̲ᴍ̲ɪ̲ᴅ̲ᴛ̲ ̲ (arnoldshmidt) Main Office here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Noble Town/110/245/22 There are lots of different options.
  2. Braff1

    Roleplay Attorney

    My relationship is going really well. The request for a role-play attorney was related to an ongoing role-play he is involved in that we thought it would be fun to include a role-play attorney if there was one. And yes, we are still looking for a wedding preacher that is also a role-play type. Getting addicted, you said you were unqualified so I didn't bother to respond. So, if you are upset then it's your own fault for disqualifying yourself. What are people drinking in this forum? I want some.
  3. We are seeking a modern day roleplay attorney in an ongoing situation. This is not an actual paid job or inworld employment. It's only for roleplay. Please Contact me or brenttaylor resident. thanks!
  4. We are looking for someone to be the preacher at our wedding. Please contact me.
  5. Cool! I love it. I'm leaving you a message.
  6. $69,995 for that little parcel. Is this parcel seriously for sale or you dreaming of getting rich fast? This is 2,504 prims at $9.6/prim.
  7. This little parcel with 702 prims is located off the Jeogeot Gulf. If you are into fast military planes, big and small war ships, and military battles, this parcel is just a hop skip and jump from where all the battles take place throughout the Jeogeot Gulf warzone. I'm selling this land for L$10,000. Deal ends 11/15/2016. After that, price will probably triple. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Tarington/25/240/21 
  8. Join DJ Kris at the Rainbow Country Club and Outlet Mall tonight for my first DJ set at 7pm to 9pm. The Rainbow is a LGBT community that welcomes open-minded friendly people. We will have $2,000 lindens on the contest board, trivia, and lots more things going on. Hope to see you! Time: 7-9pm tonight. Best in Western Boots. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Southern%20Rainbow/140/199/21
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