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  1. does anyone know of popular places to rent boards?
  2. Oni-chan Butler Package - 250 2 course meal ( Main course and Dessert) 1 Butler (brother personality!) Basic ash butler package -500 ( Professionalism and etiquette.) 3 course meal 1 Butler ( Professionalism and etiquette) 1 game Single lady package - 1000$L 3 course meal 1 butler (flirty butler) 3 games 2 Polaroid photos. 30 minutes of dancing/cuddling talking. ( Play flirting allowed, NO sex/escorting.) My Senpai Package 1500$L 3 course meal 1 butler, ( Your choice of personality and either professional or Casual clothing for butler to w
  3. Hello all! i would like to put out a announcement we offer the following packages at my maid cafe, and i would appreciate any support! Too Cute Maid Cafe Curiosity package- 250 3 course meal 1 nadeshiko maid Moe basic package -500 3 course meal 1 moe maid 1 game Kawaii Package- 1200 3 course meal 1 choice of which character maid you want 1 game 1 Polaroid Are you kitten me?- package- 2500 3 course meal 1 neko maid
  4. TOO CUTE MAID CAFE IS NOW OPEN! Hiring today! Come down and drop an application! Looking for Female Maids and Male Butlers! Owner: Melon-Chi Rowan laceymichelle2.Resident http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Aurora Point/141/34/41 Please come down and hangout, see if you'd like to purchase a package! https://imgur.com/8tz52Mw Don't forget to read the rules! https://imgur.com/x53oz2x
  5. Yes please do comeby just to hang out as well we have quite a few games :D!
  6. please do come by and if you wanna be apart of this please send me a Notecard with your name or the name of you and the ppl wanting to come, a date you would like to do this experiment and a tine as well!
  7. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Saturn/84/152/801 still working on pictures im not so great at taking them 😄
  8. sure ill get some pictures and a landmark down in a moment :)
  9. Hello Master or Mistress! i am holding a Social experiment on second life and want your opinions of the whole experience! Its free! i just need a few people to come by my land by appointment and just experience and roleplay with us and at the end tell us what you really think! if you would like to be apart of this please IM me a Notecard with your Name, Date, and a slt time that works for you and i will pencil you in for the experiment!! At this time im looking for the first 12 people to message me to give feedback, its first come first serve. i would also like to serve couples as well!!
  10. I Stopped by as well very kawaii and cute sim! i put in two application hope to hear from you! and wish you the best with your sim
  11. also not to sure who nevada wolf pack is XD i was thinking of rping at timber wilds
  12. well im always online and i check up here, i am currently looking for a den and such and am central time already got some members
  13. hello all. its been quite awhile since i posted as of 2018 i had started work,this year however i am not working and can be on sl much more to start up a wolf pack, i know people want it including myself so if yall would like to help me start up a wolf pack please message me
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