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  1. I Stopped by as well very kawaii and cute sim! i put in two application hope to hear from you! and wish you the best with your sim
  2. also not to sure who nevada wolf pack is XD i was thinking of rping at timber wilds
  3. well im always online and i check up here, i am currently looking for a den and such and am central time already got some members
  4. hello all. its been quite awhile since i posted as of 2018 i had started work,this year however i am not working and can be on sl much more to start up a wolf pack, i know people want it including myself so if yall would like to help me start up a wolf pack please message me
  5. i was so suprised and felt used! it just happened today...
  6. i need someone who can build mesh in builder and can help with the projects and even include ideas im willing to pay but i do need to see your skill, ive seen many scammers and i want to be sure im paying for someone who actually knows what there doing. so if you do hit me up at laceymichelle2.
  7. HELLO! we are still hiring all staff so please come on down!
  8. That's right were hiring! we are a new club and are looking to hire people does matter if your new or old avi .....furry or anime! we are currently hiring host and dancers/strippers if you think you'd be a great fit Please IM laceymichelle2 and come check out blissful island http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Mystical Paradise/53/144/2406. Hope to hear from you soon!
  9. you should photography classes and for more money XD your pics are great
  10. my friend is looking for committed people to work at least 2 hrs every week we have limited slots we need two djs and two host but if you can do both thats great he is starting off doing payments since he is re-establishing himself and his club so if your interested IM (laceymichelle2) myself or (dreamweaver535), i can also teach Dj basics to anyone wanting to be a DJ...
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