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  1. Hi I'm the original creator of this thread, since beginning it I've had many nice people write me to explain how the process works to get the home I want as I was not clicking in the right way for the homes all this time which would be 8 months. I still do believe it's greedy to go for more than two homes in a release but not much we can do about it. My husband and I still have fun hopping around on his account as we have a victorian now on my account through someone's kindness that is pretty much perfect, so nice after 8 months looking. My intention also for this thread is that the have-not
  2. Hi Frigga, A public announcement would be great but I think the outcome would not be much different as I've read the megas have more than one computer and browsers going and of course many alter egos. What I meant to comment on is the vitriol description. Mine is frustration plenty more in life to feel and be vitriol about than lack of Linden Homes. And also the ganging up, etc.... and the very clique feel of the other thread , this little non conforming non multiple alt just wanted to be heard lol, the purpose for this thread or at least my purpose. I've enjoyed the discussion myself and
  3. Some interesting ideas and comments on this thread. Of course a lot of the multiple buyers have different reasons why they are doing it, I was just wanting a place to vent frustration without some of them telling us to toe the line and zip it . I'm sure there are many nice deserving people that are purchasing hundreds of premium accounts for whatever reason but really in a all fairness they would feel the same way if the tables were turned and they never got much after hours and weeks and months waiting and refreshing and clicking. We put as much time as we can looking which is a lot as we a
  4. I'm not sure what I'm wanting for the thread except for a place for linden home seekers to be heard without the multiple alt people telling us to pipe down. Yes I'm really grateful for the new homes , love them all in their own way. Having a fighting chance to get one is the issue I guess. All the places we've had have been abandons except for one log home we did luck out on with a release, that was when none of the multiples were around. we had it for three months and it was right on the water and not even on the road. But the victorians called back to us. I was so reluctant to let the log
  5. I think never being able to get a home during a release is about the topic. When did I see a house available? answered it.
  6. Hello I've started this thread out of frustration . I would like a thread for people looking for linden homes that don't have so many multiple accounts, meaning the frustration we go through trying to get a home in the competition of mega home owners that grab up a large portion of the homes when they are released leaving the scraps for us . I hope this topic is allowed as it's a real issue for many of us . We are not trying to shame anyone, but we are in a different group. People who can only afford premium for one avatar. I have premium and my husband has premium so we have two linden homes
  7. I'm going to start an alternative thread. Probably won't make a difference but why is it you guys have all the power.
  8. Sorry I wasn't looking at it that way. I think they quite enjoy what they do. Are you not doing a bit of the same by implying I'm trying to shame them. We all know it's greedy to take so much for yourself and leave others out. I don't see why that's an activity that needs to be protected. My intention was to call out the behaviour but I don't really think they feel shame. Anyhow I changed it. Now you can remove my name as you are trying to shame me I guess. I think they enjoy showing off they have so many avatars or they wouldn't do it. There is such a thing as private message. Also I
  9. We missed it looks like on person or group got at least three of the waterfront properties and another land holding group that's always there on another. So really we weren't in for a show anyhow.
  10. My husband just now released a houseboat in Thresher, still on the land page. * gone in a flash *
  11. We were straight onto it and got an abandon in Juggler. happy days.
  12. This is pretty much what has been our frustration during log home releases besides us so far always seeming to catch abandons. We notice the same things , a lot of alts seeming to be related rezzing all over the place, while we stand in our second hand plot . Kind of makes a person want to give up. They wait and want certain areas and seem to always get them somehow. We are developing an appreciation for offbeat parcels and regions, since this is where we most likely will end up with our second parcel ( just like our first ) when all the log homes are sent out. We too don't mind peopl
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