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  1. i was expecting this to mean you couldnt have just 1 person lol. that is the SL way people have someone for every time zone. smh
  2. so potentially you could abandon the home and then not be able to get the new one either? yeah maybe i should wait
  3. so if i understand this right the "new linden homes" would i be able to trade it for this mountain view home i have? or do you have to purchase it?
  4. i took the dive into premium recently. not that impressed with it but 12$ isnt much to give something a try. personally i think they need to fix what they have before adding to it. i read something about the better houses not being available or they get taken as quickly as their put up. I think my house that was available is pretty underwhelming. not anything wrong with it just expected something different. i never saw a home without a bathroom till now. Some of the perks are pretty much useless. The premium destinations are almost always empty. thats my 3 cents worth. oh PS. i intended to put this in a forum post i read before but couldnt find it. it was titled how to make premium better. so if someone could send me a link ill put it there and take this one down
  5. does it have much population? i always heard it was more for designers, builders, creators.etc. and that there wasnt much else to it. of course this was back when it first started.
  6. oh wow I should probably read more of the rules 😀
  7. hi so I know there are places that have reviews of heads and skins. im looking more of something like a top 10 list of preferred stores. stay away from this place or that place. so any thoughts? I know somewhere I saw someone say they cant refer me to a specific store. im not sure if that's because they are a moderator or whatever. anyway I would appreciate any help or hints any of you can give me. Thank you!
  8. thanks for info. just out of curiosity the people that have it to sell? where do they get it? i mean eventually their supply would run out right? does SL supply with more? do they have such a great SL buisness it just keeps coming in? and oh yeah random thought on the exchange its currently saying 2 days to complete any order. it just said 10 minutes maybe 2 days ago. even at the lowest exchange rate at 5.00 it still says 2 days
  9. i dunno something like 30 percent off or something? im looking into making my purchase. probably around 30-50 US. and just curious if they ever have any sales. ive seen the exchange rate but that usually only amounts to a few dollars off.
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