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  1. Mine's is definitely Paul, the title character of his 2011 movie.
  2. All I'll say on this matter is: Yay! It will be easier to get stuff!
  3. It's scheduled to launch by the end of the year...it's a powerful space based telescope that's capable of directly imaging Jupiter-sized exoplanets and determine chemical compositions of smaller exoplanets: https://www.northropgrumman.com/space/james-webb-space-telescope/
  4. Oh, I was just pointing out common future tropes (that were said to happen in this century) and comparing them to our actual reality.
  5. It is not zombies or oversized monsters like Godzilla. It is ourselves.
  6. For almost all of my characters, I do not. I do give out my real life picture on one character but I do not communicate anything about my "First Life" in the text box....just some extended lore about the character.
  7. I think the villain of Frozen (2013) is an example of one - he knows how to manipulate people for his own ends while concealing his true nature.
  8. I exhibit traits of a "covert narcissist" (sensitivity to criticism, envy, holding grudges, stuff like that), but according to several tests I've taken, my narcissism is actually mild compared to other people.
  9. Me? I'll probably just go downtown, maybe catch the fireworks or something....
  10. So I guess it's kinda like the saying, "you are what you eat", if I follow correctly - only instead of food, it's beliefs and values?
  11. Or maybe there's too much data and I haven't thought about it.... On a more serious note, I guess I can conclude that means humans aren't a monolith? Or is that too...Captain Obvious?
  12. Nothing. Either I've been procrastinating or I haven't really thought about the data....
  13. I study humans and their behavior. I use test subjects from the online virtual environment called "Second Life".
  14. ...in movies and other forms of fiction? It did. Before "Paul", I thought aliens or extraterrestrials had to be really weird creatures in terms of personality. "Paul" proves they can be down-to-earth as well, so to speak.
  15. Not counting space simulator games such as Dual Universe and No Man's Sky which span thousands of kilometers (or even light-years) I think Second Life is the biggest virtual world compared to open world games like Grand Theft Auto V and The Crew 2. There's so much real estate in Second Life to live and explore in!
  16. Damn, you humans are onto me. *looks around nervously*
  17. I sincerely apologize if I framed the restroom issue in an insensitive manner in my original post. I really am sorry, please forgive my ignorance. However, I'd also like to thank everyone who participated in this topic for sharing their viewpoints. I read everything and am learning more about the issue at hand.
  18. I mean, on one hand unisex restrooms can solve the problem of "who goes where" by eliminating the need to choose altogether. But on the other hand, people of one gender may not like sharing rest rooms with those of another gender. Curious what your thoughts are about this.
  19. Just wanted to comment that I have seen a dedicated anti-vaxxer on Second Life in one of the regions I frequent. He's always rambling on about how the vaccines cause more death than the virus itself, and how they secretly put microchips in the vaccines. I just ignore him - not worth arguing with him about the virus and the vaccines.
  20. I have been fully vaccinated for a week now. Vaccine should have full potential in about another week.
  21. Interesting and amusing. In my opinion you kinda broke the bot, too!
  22. Speaking of AI chat, here's a chat I just had with Cleverbot. http://www.cleverbot.com/conv/202105170206/WXD84AE1KF_Hello User: Hello. Cleverbot: You been up to anythi g interesting? User: Nothing. Cleverbot: Sounds boring. User: Indeed. Cleverbot: What do you want to talk about? User: Fire. Cleverbot: Neither do I. User: Why? Cleverbot: I don't know. User: Relcutance? Cleverbot: I'm not a villain. User: You aren't. Cleverbot: No, I am not. User: Of course. Cleverbot: Lol. User: Great minds think alike. Cleverbot: Yeah, they do. User: Well, what do you want to talk about? Cleverbot: Anything, really. User: Let's talk about water then. Cleverbot: Ok what about us. User: I don't know you. Cleverbot: Well I don't know you! User: It's mutual. Cleverbot: Good now go. User: Fine. Cleverbot: Do you want to get to know me? User: I thought you wanted me to go. Cleverbot: No of course not. User: Contrarian, are we? Cleverbot: Kind of. User: Haha, that's good. Cleverbot: Thank you. User: Hehe. Cleverbot: Ok. User: Very economical with words you are. Cleverbot: A boy. User: How did you know? Cleverbot: Because I know everything. User: How many fingers am I holding up? Cleverbot: 3? User: You're wrong!!! Cleverbot: What are you then? User: Your worst nightmare! Cleverbot: What is my worst nightmare? User: That you cannot convince humans you are human. Cleverbot: Because I am. User: Prove it. Cleverbot: I can't do anything. User: Well then, that proves my point. Cleverbot: What was your point. User: That you aren't human. Cleverbot: How did you know? User: I know everything. Cleverbot: What is the meaning of life? User: Nothing. Cleverbot: That's pessimistic. User: Nihilist, I'd say! Cleverbot: What?? User: You heard me. Cleverbot: No I did not. User: Well you read what I said. Cleverbot: Haha yeah. User: Good. Cleverbot: What do you want to do? User: I'm heading out. Cleverbot: Oh bye. User: Have fun.
  23. https://play.aidungeon.io/main/adventureView?publicId=f9b69f41-45e6-40f3-b372-c9e741ad0c6a Well, you led me to a rather fun game, but I'm still not sure you're human or not...maybe my Turing Test detector is faulty....
  24. I'm usually silent and not moving in Second Life but I'm not afk. I'm just waiting for the conversation to heat up.
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