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  1. In addition to humor, which can be different from one culture to another, there are also expressions specific to a language/culture that translators cannot simply translate except word for word. So sometimes (some bad people will often say >< ) I can look like an idiot or have a lot of loneliness....😅
  2. In thess difficult times, a bit of freedom on a beautiful beach ! ;-)
  3. Bonjour, Super chaine qui m'a permise de comprendre Blender et de me lancer dans la construction de ma première maison ! Maintenant je suis accro....Ah quand la suite ? 😉 Cordialement. E.
  4. Hello, First, excuse my english and may be some misunderstanding 1. Do you keep SL apart from RL? Are you open about RL with people in SL? Do you tell your RL friends about SL? Yes. For reasons that I explain in the 2. 2. Do you act very differently in SL than in RL? Yes. A personality is made up of several faces. RL according to the character of each we show a few rarely. For various reasons but in general to stay in the norm. That's my case. This is also one of the reasons why I prefer RP. But I also have "friends" SL who know about me some things RL but I avoid giving information too personal because if I had to meet them RL our relations would be distorted I think. 3. Do you spend a lot of time in SL? Do you think you can spend less time, if RL demands it? Do you think SL is addictive? I stay inked in the RL. I favor my RL friends. But let's say that I have periods where I would be more connected than others 4. Do you think SL affected or changed your RL self? In a good or in a bad way? Currently not 5. Do you think SL only relationship can be considered as an RL adultery? Can you manage both relationship without getting in trouble? There is no simple answer. It all depends on the step back that we take with SL 6. What is the most important thing there is about SL for you? This allows me to open the cage of some of my impulses and meet and meet personalities that I would not cross RL 7. Do you think a lot about things that happened in SL when you are offline? No when I'm offline...I'm offline ++
  5. ok LittleMe Jewell.... I did not think about that. The limit could be displayed .... thank you for that clarification !
  6. Hello, If it's not bots then. I had an auction at 6000. I put 6010 at the moment when I click I am told that my auction is already outdated. In doubt I make a new one to 8000. Again my auction is outdated again....I made others and same result. I wanted to take advantage of the premium account (1024 m2) but I realize that this advantage is .... virtually virtual ..... Normal to Second Life me tell you
  7. Hello, I would like to have a confirmation regarding the premium account. It is stated that I can have 1024 square meters of land but only 512 of usable. That means that I can not put a house of more than 512 square meters? If I want to add trees on 512 square meters is this possible or is it considered a development? Finally and this is my last question can we increase to 1024 the possibility of developing his plot? Thank you for your answers.
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