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  1. I used to run Lusch Haven Freebies, but had to give it up because of lack of funds. I have some big ticket items that I would be happy to loan out to anyone, free of charge. I have tons of stuff. I really want others to enjoy using them. I am not selling these items, and I don't want any Lindens in return for the rental. I'd set everything up and will move it or remove it...whatever you like. . If you're interested, please contact me. Some of the items I have are: TOUCH PHOTO STUDIO: 19 prims. To see what it looks like go to Marketplace: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Touch-multiple-avatar-photo-studio/4443807?page=4 BUBBLE BREAKER: 7 prims. See it on Marketplace: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Bubble-breaker/8814244 LUCKY CHAIRS: 1 prim for each chair. I am happy to provide the prizes and would be compliant with the rules of SL/Designers. See it on Marketplace: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/CasperVend-Complete-FAT-PACK-Massive-saving-Vendor-Boards-Vendors/1626868 TRIVIA HUNT BALL: I would provide the cash prizes if it is located in a public area. 3 prims. See it on Marketplace: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Trivia-Hunt-Ball-Increase-Land-Traffic-30-tax/5638771 LUCKY FLOWER GAME: I can provide the cash prizes (very small amount) or it can be played with no prize, as long as it is in a public area. 9 to 50 prims, depending on what pieces are rezzed. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Lucky-Flower-Contest-FREEPLAY-FREE-Land-Listing/9460213
  2. What are the requirement of the job of pianist, please. The job application is for server, and not for the other positions.
  3. Are there still SL businesses that buy up mainland parcels for cheap prices? So, instead of abandoning your mainland parcel, you can sell it to one of these businesses.
  4. 8192 sqm mainland for sale for $12,000 in Morgan Pass. 2812 prims. Features a view of ocean. There is also 1056 sqm of land for sale beside it, which is great if you want more prims without the extra SL monthly fee (need to deed land to group). Visit it at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Morgan Pass/160/52/61
  5. I can change the beds, that isn't a problem. When you searched "Loli Lusch" it doesn't find me? I certainly want to be found!
  6. Thank you for the great insight and suggestions. I've removed the Sakura Trees and noticed that the "Scripts Run" improved to as high as 25%. It was around 7% before. Physics time is around 9-13ms. At the $1L apartment rentals, each apartment has a livingroom (448kb running scripts) and a bed (668kb running scripts). Would this contribute to the lag? There are as many as 80 livingrooms and 80 beds rezzed.
  7. Hi everyone. I have been receiving complaints from one of my neighbours on my mainland property. I have 18,496 sq meters and they are saying that there are too many people on my sim. I own a freebie place for everyone in SL. I have free clothing, stuff, super inexpensive housing rentals, games and basically a great SL community. Lots of newbies come to my sim and everyone is welcome. My main area is 2000m above land. They don't like that there are sometimes up to 14 people on my sim and say that I am causing them lag. I've removed the large script items but they still aren't happy. Any suggestions as to what I can do? I know that there are other sims in SL that have way more people than I do. Any responses that you know would help? Looking for any suggestions, big or small. Thanks! Loli Lusch
  8. Does anyone know if there is a maximum number of teleporter scripts that can run on an owners land? I have rentals on my land and the teleporters have been working great. I added some new lofts and the teleporters I added with them aren't working. When I test it, my avatar gets tp'd to a random place on my sim, and the teleporter disappears from its spot and reappears at a random location on my land. Any ideas on how to fix this? Thanks, Loli Lusch Lusch Haven & Freebies
  9. Hi everyone, I am looking for someone to create an animation for me. It will be a short animation of an avatar smoking a vape pen. Is there anyone out there who is interested? Please reply with information about your rates. Or, if there is already one out there, please let me know as well. I've looked on Marketplace, but without success. Thanks! Loli Lusch Owner of Lusch Haven Freebies Lusch Haven Freebies landmark
  10. Hi everyone, I am looking for a particular sparkle texture that is animated. I found this texture a while back on Marketplace and now it's not there. I've looked for hours for it, but without success. It is the same animated texture that is used in this clothing: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/125256. Does anyone know if these textures are still available, or if there is something similar out there? Thanks so much! Loli Lusch Owner of Lusch Haven Freebies Lusch Haven Freebies landmark
  11. I am looking for land sponsors who can help me in resurrecting "Lusch Haven," a place that is completely free to all SL residents. It featured cabins, photo studio, games, clothing, prizes, underwater hideaway, dancing floor with music, pianos, boating complete with a dock, swimming, camping with a trailer and tent, and education resources for new SL residents. I didn't charge for anything because I wanted to be of service to my fellow SLers. I had the haven running for six months, but due to the poor Canadian dollar, I had to close it. I just couldn't afford it any longer. I miss it so much as it provided a great service too SL residents. I owned a 1/2 sim. I'm looking for sponsors now for funding so that I can resurrect the haven. I am willing to change the name and collaborate on what it would look like, services to offer, etc. If there is anyone out there who has Linden to invest in a worthwhile venture that serves the community, please contact me! Email: loli.lusch@gmail.com or you can contact me in-world. Thank you! Loli
  12. Yes, i have legal rights to sell and distribute the photos. and, i have proof that the models are all over 18, and a copy of the contract they signed with the photographer.
  13. My prices are from 50 pics for $90L all the way up to 165 pics for $270L. Maybe that is too expensive?
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