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  1. Hello, I've built a web service for splitting audio files for Second Life. You upload a song in any audio format (mp3, wav, flac, aac, whatever), you give the duration you want for the chunks, and you will receive a zip file containing all these chunks for Second Life: wav format, 44 100 Hz, mono channel, 16 bits depth. I offer this service for free, so feel free to use it anytime 🙂 This is the address : Audio splitter for Second Life
  2. Hi, Same problem here. object_rez event not firing. Many feedbacks from customers. Please, let us know if some work is in progress about this issue. Regions: - Coeur d Alsace - brunswick - Ardis Isle
  3. New version of the Mermaid Swim 🙂
  4. New version of this video.
  5. Hi! How can i post a youtube video on this forum? I posted a few ones last year but there was a "video" button in the topic field, and i can't see this button anymore. Thanks!
  6. Hi, yes, not always easy to adjust the hover height :-)
  7. Hi ! My last video, dancing in bedroom :-)
  8. A video shot in flycam mode in Ibiza sim ( http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Pslande/200/52/23 ).
  9. Hi, This is the last video i have made, for illustrating one of my own songs. I've used a xbox 360 joystick in Flycam mode. I shot the video slowly, then i sped it up, that way it allows to get a good quality graphic and not much lag :)
  10. As said wherorangi, best option is to use Shadow play, if your graphic card is compatible. I don't recommend Fraps : it products very large files and uses much CPU. My favourite one is Bandicam. This is the one i use for my inwolrd videos
  11. Yes, i do lyrics, music, song and video... For music, i use several different softwares, mainly Ableton Live. Thank you for your feedback !
  12. Hi ! This is a video I made in SL in order to illustrate a song that I have written about an imaginary little daughter. For this video, i've used the technique of incrustation in chrominance with blue and green screens, for changing the scenes in fade in/out, especially at the begining and at the end. I've also used a kind of scripted camera. I hope you will enjoy :-)
  13. Nice ! I love medieval activities so I think i will go there to have a look :-) About the video, I think it would be amazing if you shot not only with a fixed camera, but for example with a board camera (filming in mouselook from a knight's point of view)
  14. Beautiful ! Very well done and full of poetry. By the way i love Lucentia and the sims around there
  15. Hi ! A new video on one of my songs. This one is shot in the sim France on Scrappyland, which is one of the most amazing sims i know in Second Life ! Hope you will enjoy :-)
  16. Thank's for your feedback. Indeed there are many things that can be improved, like the green halo around the avatar, the avatar tallness when it moves close and far, the shadow... I will work on that little by little, this video was a first try
  17. Hi, After seeing this post and other Blaze's posts, i started to experience the green screen technique, in order to dive my SL avatar into RL or into movies. It is very funny to do :-) I have to work again on many details, like the avatar talness depending on the scene, the shadows, and other things, but I think there is a lot to explore in that way !
  18. Thank you very much to both of you ! Bent > yes i will try something happier :matte-motes-smile: Jackson > thank's for this link. Indeed, i'm studying the question to use flycam in Second Life, driven by a jostick. I think i will test that in my next videos
  19. Hi, a new video shot in Second Life for illustrating one of my songs. I tried a few different techniques in this video, i hope the result is ok :matte-motes-smile:
  20. Cool, how did you do the "green screen" technique ? I mean, once you have recorded your avatar in front of a green background, how do you extract it ? Which software do you use ? Thank's.
  21. It's good : using old black and white movies, which are basically low quality, it's less obvious that the quality is degraded due to lag and filming.
  22. Ah ok, i hadn't thought about this technique, simple but effective. I think the result would still be better with a real "includin", i mean extract the avatars from a SL movie and dive them in a RL movie, but it's probably hard to do. I will look for a solution for that, but first i will try your technique.
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