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  1. sorry, this time it doesn't work or is it me who still can't seriously understand ....
  2. Finally! now it works for me! and I thank you with so much patience that this thing .... and I'm very happy.
  3. this i know how it works with keys "ALT" + with any numbers from Unicode library, but I have a little problem that doesn't work and I'll explain and give you an example: [ https: //www.instagram.com / ...... ....... name / My Instagram] but missing symbol whit " [ .....] that doesn't work because it is not known so I don't know how to do it ...
  4. hello everyone, I can't find a tutorial to put the symbols with text content, but I can do it only as I put it on facebook, instagram and flickr, but the symbols are missing and I looked for a tutorial that doesn't explain me well or anything. ... I would like to know if someone has done to put the symbols with text content .... in the meantime I show you a photo on my profile with three lists (facebook, instagram and flickr) https://gyazo.com/4fc69b19ba14ee42f50511caeb3cfdb8 and I found a profile of the person there are the symbols with text content https://gyazo.com/8b9985081f7dcd132c21d68603db39d5 and how did he put the symbols? to me I have already tried but it does not come ... I would like someone who knows how to put the symbols and can you help me?
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