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  1. This looks like a really nice place to hang out with friends. Where is it located? P.S. I've noticed you take nice pictures. Something I'm still working on. lol
  2. Watching the sun come up on a Saturday morning.
  3. Relay For Life we are raising money for the fight against cancer. My girls and I are out there cheering hard for this cause.
  4. This is a very nice picture, well done.
  5. Thank you. Village of Ahiru https://www.flickr.com
  6. I was taking a walk through a beautiful Japanese garden. Breathtaking.
  7. I took a peek at the outside of your home it's very nice. Congratulations.
  8. yellowowl

    Sold out??

    I have one of the older Linden Homes. I would like to abandon it. How do I abandon it?
  9. How do I get one of the new Linden houseboats?
  10. Is it possible to trade my Linden home for a Linden boathouse?
  11. On 10/31/2016 I visit the sandbox on second life to unpack some boxes. As I was unpacking my packages a cage fell on top of my avatar and locked me in for a few minutes. When the cage disappeared I found myself locked in the arms of an male avatar. I was unable to get out of his hold. At first I thought it was a Halloween joke, but when I turned to the side in order to break his hold which didn't work I discovered that my avatar was being assaulted sexually. As he proceeded to do vulgar things to my avatar he said some very nasty things to me. I was able to take pictures of the act and I also have the nasty things he said to me in my chat box. I would like to share the pictures and text with you. Please be so kind to let me know how to send them to you. Yellowowl 11/01/2016
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