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  1. Thank you. Village of Ahiru https://www.flickr.com
  2. I was taking a walk through a beautiful Japanese garden. Breathtaking.
  3. I took a peek at the outside of your home it's very nice. Congratulations.
  4. yellowowl

    Sold out??

    I have one of the older Linden Homes. I would like to abandon it. How do I abandon it?
  5. How do I get one of the new Linden houseboats?
  6. Is it possible to trade my Linden home for a Linden boathouse?
  7. On 10/31/2016 I visit the sandbox on second life to unpack some boxes. As I was unpacking my packages a cage fell on top of my avatar and locked me in for a few minutes. When the cage disappeared I found myself locked in the arms of an male avatar. I was unable to get out of his hold. At first I thought it was a Halloween joke, but when I turned to the side in order to break his hold which didn't work I discovered that my avatar was being assaulted sexually. As he proceeded to do vulgar things to my avatar he said some very nasty things to me. I was able to take pictures of the act and I also have the nasty things he said to me in my chat box. I would like to share the pictures and text with you. Please be so kind to let me know how to send them to you. Yellowowl 11/01/2016
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