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  1. I have a question. I would like to create my own Alpha for my clothing. Is there a alpha kit for clothing out there in the marketplace? I hate having clothes with missing spaces in them.
  2. The End of Summer by Rachel Hadas: Sweet smell of phlox drifting across the lawn_ an early warning of the end of summer. August is fading fast, and by September the little purple flowers will all be gone.
  3. I only use voice when I'm in class sometimes it is necessary there. I prefer to type.
  4. Hanging out in Elven Forest a magical experience.
  5. Hanging out in Elven Forest a magical experience.
  6. No I wouldn't pay for something before it was created. Too afraid that I will be stuck with a lemon.
  7. That looks like sooo much fun. I am a fan of fighting games especially killing zombies. If you ever want some company fighting off zombies I'm your girl. I'll have to get my avatar some fighting gear though. Where's the best place to suit up?
  8. This looks like a really nice place to hang out with friends. Where is it located? P.S. I've noticed you take nice pictures. Something I'm still working on. lol
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