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  1. feel free to get in contact : easywebhostdk resident. located in denmark
  2. bump still not found the one who likes to landscape, develop ideas with me etc... get in contact please
  3. OpalMagnolia Yes YOU Open up and i wanna meet and be your firend and not prejudice What timezone SLT are you in ? Mine is slt+9 Name imworld : easywebhostdk resident I did send you an msg maybe i will consider a notecard... but try to reach out please love to hear from you
  4. Sheila when are you online in SL... please IM me with SLT time and where you are located, so we can meet and talk I did reply and return a notecard to you about the rentals BR Easywebhostdk Resident
  5. THIS POSITION IS NOT PAID, AS I AM LOOKING FOR A CO OWNER Do you love landscaping / building / decorate ? IF Yes keep reading I own sim and wanna start there to build a rental buisness from scratch. I pay all expenses to the SIM, so no land expenses I am looking for a buisness partner, who wanna involve their time with me to get this buisness up and triving. I got some ideas, but I am allways up for discussing if the ideas lokks wrong Contact me IMWORLD on notecard : Easywebhostdk Resident Looking forward to hear from YOU
  6. contact me imworls wanna talk about some stuff easywebhostdk resident
  7. Hello Stazies want you, if you are a responsible experienced person Following positions open : Asisting General Manager Host Manager DJ Manager Shift Managers Visit club and have a look : http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Tender/101/219/22 We are 40 staff and expanding heavily We are open 10 am - 8 pm slt IM me imworld for further questions : easywebhostdk resident DJ Application https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1yq6yMpihX1X4l3ig5Hkgy-0vQL5zkKR6yacvWDaNmF8/ Host Application https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1MOMlTnmUSisRPONmlRgFgwoJ12BBMNKD0kcoNMRASDs/ Shift Manager Application https://docs.google.com/forms/d/17fxIIq2DBYhLRjxZYJEHSfTjrmYBBW-qEHb8uINDbqE/ Please give us 48 hours to return to you
  8. Hi I am looking for people who can be new friends and who also is interested in building a community. I got several ideas to make this happen, but need people who like to discuss and share their experiences as decoraters, landscape makers etc Post a comment here or feel free to IM me IMworld And yes you MUST have experience in this stuff, BR Carl roxx aka easywebhostdk resident
  9. Have you ever ride a train in SL ? Then imagine if a club is put inside the train ? Partytrain take guests on a ride in SL 80 sims covered with tracks. Are you an experienced DJ, host, manager og GM (General Manager) do not hestata to contact us. Facebook : shorturl.at/giuJ8 Seeking hosts : shorturl.at/abgAQ Seeking Managers : shorturl.at/KU347 Seeking DJ s: shorturl.at/pvIKN IMworld to see the club, as we got both normal club and a partytrain : http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Cycnia/126/204/56 Can also be contacted Imworld IM easywebhostdk Resident
  10. Hi We are hiring : - DJ - Manager - Dancer - Stripper - Escort - hosts Contact Imworld : easywebhostdk for an application Minimum 90 days old and experienced.
  11. If you like : the beach waterslide bumperboats trampoline music But still wants to have some adult fun. Then I would consider visiting this new club : http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Tulum/111/75/27 The tour starts at the dancefloor And might end at the beach : http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Tulum/238/155/21 Where you enjoy : - The quiet Sea - Waterbeds - Sun beds Or just sit by the fireplace and make marshmallows Btw. we are also looking for staff. IM inworld : easywebhostdk
  12. LOL You are certainy a newbie. Your sim is same speed as the others. And claiming yours is better is 100 % crap.Reason : All simulators are run by LL, and do you really think they would be give you better condition than others ? Thik again And there is much cheaper places, where you get better value for money. 2.5 L per prims is way overpriced. Tier price is as low as 1.1 L per prim = 1000 L weekly, so you are 60 % above normal price.
  13. I am the Owner of Easy Living Rental. We lease Skyboxes. Platforms and houses. Looking for hiring New Agents. At ERL we work and function as a team. Pay is $300L weekly or 50 % commission of first rental payment Your minimum payment will always be $300L or higher, if higher you will only earn comission. Please read requorements below If interested send a msg to : easywebhostdk Only serious enquires PLS All agents have a probation period of 3 weeks. Requirements: *No Current Emplyement (you do NOT currently work in SL) *Add Managment & Co-workers *Join our Staff and Tenant Group *Good communication skills ( We ask that you be able to read and write English well.) *Avatar MUST be at least 1 yr of age *Must have payment info on file *Must be 18+ In RL * Be able to login at least 4 days a week *Be able to handle stress fairly well. *Work well with others & Friendly!
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