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  1. contact me imworls wanna talk about some stuff easywebhostdk resident
  2. Hello Stazies want you, if you are a responsible experienced person Following positions open : Asisting General Manager Host Manager DJ Manager Shift Managers Visit club and have a look : http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Tender/101/219/22 We are 40 staff and expanding heavily We are open 10 am - 8 pm slt IM me imworld for further questions : easywebhostdk resident DJ Application https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1yq6yMpihX1X4l3ig5Hkgy-0vQL5zkKR6yacvWDaNmF8/ Host Application https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1MOMlTnmUSisRPONmlRgFgwoJ12BBMNKD0kcoNMRASDs/ Shift Manager Application https://docs.google.com/forms/d/17fxIIq2DBYhLRjxZYJEHSfTjrmYBBW-qEHb8uINDbqE/ Please give us 48 hours to return to you
  3. Hi I am looking for people who can be new friends and who also is interested in building a community. I got several ideas to make this happen, but need people who like to discuss and share their experiences as decoraters, landscape makers etc Post a comment here or feel free to IM me IMworld And yes you MUST have experience in this stuff, BR Carl roxx aka easywebhostdk resident
  4. Have you ever ride a train in SL ? Then imagine if a club is put inside the train ? Partytrain take guests on a ride in SL 80 sims covered with tracks. Are you an experienced DJ, host, manager og GM (General Manager) do not hestata to contact us. Facebook : shorturl.at/giuJ8 Seeking hosts : shorturl.at/abgAQ Seeking Managers : shorturl.at/KU347 Seeking DJ s: shorturl.at/pvIKN IMworld to see the club, as we got both normal club and a partytrain : http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Cycnia/126/204/56 Can also be contacted Imworld IM easywebhostdk Resident
  5. Hi We are hiring : - DJ - Manager - Dancer - Stripper - Escort - hosts Contact Imworld : easywebhostdk for an application Minimum 90 days old and experienced.
  6. If you like : the beach waterslide bumperboats trampoline music But still wants to have some adult fun. Then I would consider visiting this new club : http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Tulum/111/75/27 The tour starts at the dancefloor And might end at the beach : http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Tulum/238/155/21 Where you enjoy : - The quiet Sea - Waterbeds - Sun beds Or just sit by the fireplace and make marshmallows Btw. we are also looking for staff. IM inworld : easywebhostdk
  7. LOL You are certainy a newbie. Your sim is same speed as the others. And claiming yours is better is 100 % crap.Reason : All simulators are run by LL, and do you really think they would be give you better condition than others ? Thik again And there is much cheaper places, where you get better value for money. 2.5 L per prims is way overpriced. Tier price is as low as 1.1 L per prim = 1000 L weekly, so you are 60 % above normal price.
  8. I am the Owner of Easy Living Rental. We lease Skyboxes. Platforms and houses. Looking for hiring New Agents. At ERL we work and function as a team. Pay is $300L weekly or 50 % commission of first rental payment Your minimum payment will always be $300L or higher, if higher you will only earn comission. Please read requorements below If interested send a msg to : easywebhostdk Only serious enquires PLS All agents have a probation period of 3 weeks. Requirements: *No Current Emplyement (you do NOT currently work in SL) *Add Managment & Co-workers *Join our Staff and Tenant Group *Good communication skills ( We ask that you be able to read and write English well.) *Avatar MUST be at least 1 yr of age *Must have payment info on file *Must be 18+ In RL * Be able to login at least 4 days a week *Be able to handle stress fairly well. *Work well with others & Friendly!
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