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  1. I am biased as we live next door but I love having you as a neighbour ❤️ Your home is so lovely xx
  2. That is gorgeous and very well deserved. I always loved how super happy you were with your previous camper spots and now you have a dream one. Huge congratulations. I do love it when people get stunning locations that they love, it really makes me smile.
  3. Oh wow that looks like a stunning location! CONGRATULATIONS
  4. Oooooooo that might tempt me, but if they had snowy and hillier log cabins I would boost up a mini kasha for sure!!!!
  5. Gorgeous, I want a beer there! Plus those Tapestries ❤️
  6. OOOO I think this is now mine, or I have its twin ❤️ I am SO in love with it. A very very kind generous person helped me when they were abandoning it. I couldn't love it any more ❤️
  7. Oh Lordy that's dream camper!! Looks amazing
  8. Stunning locations. I personally would choose Baleen but that is because its a dream camping spot for me It reminds me of camping in the South of France as a child ❤️ Either way, you are keeping a stunner!
  9. OMG CONGRATULATIONS! I love it when the Linden Gods smile hahahaha beautiful home x
  10. I am absolutely feeling the treehouse vibe. My mind seems to bounce along the James Bond Villain Lairs themes of space, evil genius island lair in a volcano or even underwater. However, another idea I had was cave houses! Who knows really but whatever they are am sure we will be wowed and excited by them.
  11. I rolled one there a while back, don't think it was that one maybe the one across the pier, and I had the same moments of YAY then aww. Saying that, its a beautiful spot still.
  12. Gorgeous homes are popping up all the time. I am releasing a gorgeous property back into the pool today that I have rolled recently but I have my dream Vic now so I can share on the love. 1 is a lovely traditional in Hammond Park, backing onto the lake and just across the road from the water so you can see sunrise (from the garden over the lake) and sunset from the front over the sea and houseboats. Really cute mole extras too with it. I will release it at 7 am slt (6 mins :D) Now in maintenance hopefully it will make someone very happy ❤️
  13. WOW! Missed it, I was driving home but that's a stunning location. I absolutely would have kept an eye out for it, obviously not when driving
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