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  1. You need mesh they said. It will make you look better they said. I have been in and out of secondlife for years, I heard of this amazing thing called mesh thats apparently meant to change the way you look massively. I finally caved and got it. What....the....hell? I have spent all weekend just trying to get dressed. I have never know such a fiddly complicated system in all my life! I found that I had a mesh shirt already, popped it on. Oh now my skin poking through. Took me a few hours of googling, trying things, before I finally worked out how to fix that in the HUD. Phew! Now to buy shoes and pants. Shoes go on fine, great. Pants, skin showing through them too. Thats ok, I remember how to fix that in the HUD. Absolutely nothing happens this time. Then I notice my shirt has holes in it again, HUD won't fix that either. Another couple of hours googling (by the way, it REALLY does not help when you google these things and all results are for people creating mesh!!!), I somehow get the pants looking good, only now the shoes have my feet sticking out of them, and my arms have disappeared!!! I can get my left arm back but not the right!! Seriously, I am THIS close to deleting mesh. If anyone tells me this is the norm every time you change, its gone. I figure its not, because everyone seems to swear by it. Clearly I am missing something, but I cannot find it in google, this forum, or sheer luck!
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