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  1. Ok, seems the issue was solved. After verifying her email address again (she said she would have sworn that she verified it already) and reloading the page she suddenly has all options.
  2. I just checked that and if you choose "Item not as advertised" you get four options to choose after that and none of the options describe the problem (Incorrect Listing Category, Incorrect Listing Image, Item Permission not as advertised, Language Options do not match English Information). There is no way to tell them that you received a empty prim only.
  3. Funny, i have a basic account too and have full access to all issue types (maybe my tickets will have a lower priority than the tickets of a premium account).
  4. Nope, to choose the issue type seems to be mandatory or else she can't click on the "send" button. I checked it from my account and i could even send a empty support ticket (no issue type, no text, nothing in it) if i wanted to do that.
  5. She tried that, but it seems he wasn't online in a long time or he doesn't give a f*ck.
  6. She just has verified her email address again, but nothing changes, she still can't choose the correct issue type.
  7. The problem is that she can't contact the support and submit a ticket under the correct issue type, because the issue type that she would need isn't available for her.
  8. A friend of me bought a latex texture from the marketplace, the texture did cost her 1,200 L$, but all she received was a prim with a notecard inside and on that notecard was the URL of a file hoster and when she checked that URL she found nothing (sounds like a scam). I told her to contact the support, she should report that and ask for a refund. She tried to do that, only problem is: she can choose only Account Issue if she clicks on Issue Type (while i can choose of Billing, Marketplace etc). She even has a "robot check" on that page (while i have nothing like this there). How can she report this issue and ask for a refund if she can't choose the right Issue type? Can i report that issue for her (since i can choose the issue type)?
  9. Since a while i have a problem that i can't watch youtube videos in media players in SL, most of the time it looks like this https://gyazo.com/9c8bce1f017d1aa305ddc3d1186e114c right from the beginning, sometimes it seems to work for maybe 1 hour just fine and then turns green. I can still hear the audio, but can't see the video. I can watch the same videos in my normal browser without problems, so my system is capable of showing these videos. At the same time everyone else in the same room can watch these videos without any problem. My system is a PC with a AMD APU A10-9700, 3.90 GHz, 16 Gbyte RAM, Windows 10 HOME.
  10. What you say would be true if it happens only one time or if the modeler (i still assume its only one modeler and not a group) would do this on purpose (why would he do that? Does he hate the Freya body or what?). But this happens since years and apparently with all models of him (i even saw it once in a model that was first available for Maitreya only and later the Freya version with that "bug" was being added). To me this looks like someone is using numbers only instead of the real body (to check if the fitmesh really fits as it should). This means it IS a bug or error, not in the model but in the head of the modeler. Secondly, just because you don't know a word that doesn't mean this does not exist. I came from IMVU and the modeler that i know in SL came from IMVU too and she calls herself to be a "Mesher" (just like all modeler there do and the creators there say that they buy meshes), so for me "Mesher" is a word and i couldn't care less if its not a word for you (and apparently you did understand what i meant when i used the word "Mesher", so where is the problem exactly?).
  11. Its not only pasties, i see this bug in bras, bikinis, dresses and so on and i see this bug since 2 or 3 years.
  12. It seems there is one Mesher out there running around who has a bug in ALL his creations (or its a group of Meshers who make all the same error, not impossible, but very unlikely). There is a bug in these outfits and i saw it in like 20 to 30 meshes. Right now i saw it in a new outfit. I got me the demo of that outfit and the pasties of that outfit were floating like 5 cm in front of the nipples (thats like 2 inches). I'm sick of writing NC's to creators to tell them that they made a wonderful outfit, but sadly the Freya version has a bug and that they can't sell a outfit with such a bug (well, they can, but that would be bad for their reputation if they would sell that version even if they know about this bug). If you are a Mesher and you create meshes for Belleza Freya then please check if your meshes have that bug (if there is a gap between the nipples and you mesh that is big enough to put a hand or a fist or even Hannibals Army including the elephants into that gap then your meshes have that bug). This happens only with Belleza Freya as far as i know (if you change your shape to breast size 0 you look like you would have breast size 30, with breast size 70 you look like you would have breast size 100 and with 100 (that is what i use) you look like you have a breast size of 130....it looks ridiculous). I know only one Mesher personally and she does not make meshes for Freya, so i can only ask here that all Meshers that might read this check their meshes for that gap or maybe if you know some Mesher ask him/her if he/she could check if the meshes that they created have that gap.
  13. Since a while i see more and more blank pictures in the marketplace. No placeholders that you see if the creator didn't use a picture or broken links to the pictures, but simply white blank pictures. I can see them in the built-in browser of the firestorm viewer, in the chrome browser and also in the firefox browser. Does anyone know the reason for this? How am i supposed to use the marketplace if many pages look like this? https://gyazo.com/653c0c7e7531d17d1e255ec64312faf9
  14. My wife is rebuilding the beach in our home right now and she uses a set of mesh pieces to build the beach. Everything is fine, but one piece was a bit too big in size, so she scaled it down a bit. The result was a bit strange. The piece fits now into the beach, but the prim usage went straight through the roof from like 5 prims to 35 prims. I knew that mesh stuff becomes a lot heavier if you scale it up, but if you scale it down you would expect that it becomes lighter, not heavier (and it is like that with all mesh stuff that i have seen until now, only the pieces in this beach set seem to be different). How can this happen?
  15. Yes, but its not only this one outfit, this problem exists with many outfits (old and new). It looks like the meshers used old (and maybe guessed) numbers without even checking that the mesh really fits. I have found this "bug" in old fitmesh outfits and also in new outfits (thats why i assume that some mesher use old numbers without checking if that actually fits a freya body).
  16. I use the VAW rigged myself and as expected she fits like a glove, even in strange looking poses (in RL you would need to brake many of your bones to be able to do this pose xD). And matching my skin was easy, i needed like 5 minutes to tint it so that you can't see that the VAW isn't a part of my Freya body (and i use a custom skin, made only for me). First i chose one skin from the included selection that was at least close to my skin, then i "tinted" it with some plus and minus buttons until it was very close and after that i just needed to use the real tinting hud to make it a tiny little bit darker (i'm not a creator and normally i avoid tinting anything, because i fail nearly 100% of the time when i try this, but with the VAW it was surprisingly easy). If you have mesh pants that are mod you can even add a script that come with the VAW to these pants and as soon as you wear these pants the VAW will become invisible and if you drop these pants...well (look who's back xD).
  17. I have a problem with like 30% of all fitmesh outfits for Belleza Freya. These Outfits are all more or less like this (Breastsize in the picture is 100, but the outfit looks like its made for size 110 or 120). I tried to reduce the Breastsize even to 0 and then the outfit looks like its made for Breastsize 10 or 20. With Isis or Venus this doesn't happen, no matter what breastsize you use, only with Freya. I don't know if there is one Mesher in SL that is the source for like 30% of all outfits or if several Meshers make this error (no clue if its a bug or a error while making the mesh).
  18. The Landlord visited our home, re parceled the parcel and we bought it again (for 0 L$) and that fixed the problem.
  19. The Landlord will restart the sim. He says that this is a SL issue and they have problems like this the whole week.
  20. You were invited to a group so you can visit our place.
  21. Well, according to the land edit tool there is only one parcel, therefor we can't join anything (which makes that parcel border even more strange).
  22. We all know these "borders" if you walk from one place to another you suddenly become invisible to everyone in the previous place and they can't talk to you in local chat anymore. Well, we suddenly have such a border IN our 1/4 homestead (imagine a square and then draw a line parallel to one of the edges, about 1/3 towards the middle of the square and then you know where that "border" is) since we started to rebuild our home in that homestead. There is no land next to our homestead on that side of the homestead. It just looks like our homestead was "moved" towards that edge without changing the coordinates (hard to explain if you have no clue what happened and why). This "border" is especially annoying because we placed two houses on it. Is there a way to remove that useless "border"? Would a restart of the sim help?
  23. I realized that i already use -Belleza- Freya V 5.1 Bento, so nothing to update. Just keep in mind that i bought this body in May, this year and installed Omega 4 days ago for the first time (before i switched to Belleza i was using the TMP body = no omega available). And now i'm using the redelivered body (to be sure that there is no error in the scripts) and installed Omega twice (just to be sure that Omega Evolved is activated) and guess what? It does not work. Now i don't know what could be wrong, no clue why omega doesn't work. Omega is installed correctly, it SHOULD work, but it does not. What am i doing wrong? LOL. I just installed omega a third time, the same messages appeared, nothing seem to be different. then i tried to install a Omega Evolved applier...and it works Well, ALL the Omega Evolved Appliers work and many old Omega Appliers too, but not all, no clue why some do nothing (are they too old?).
  24. V5.1? Maybe the creator of Belleza made a update for the body, need to check that (i use V5).
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