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  1. Oh, that is not really my new face, i changed the lips for the final shape, now my face looks like 99,999% like my classic face^^
  2. I managed to make a 99,9% copy of my classic face on a demo of the Lelutka Nova head.
  3. I'm still using a classic head after nearly 5 years in SL. Main reason for this is: when i started in SL i created "my" face and all my friends know me with that face and until now i haven't found a mesh head that would allow me to "keep" my face or at least allows me to create a face that is very close to my classic face. All mesh heads that i have seen until now have cute faces, sure, but they all look like the faces of 16 years old girls (or even younger) with big pouty lips, very small noses and huge eyes. I don't want that, i want a normal face (i'm a 32 years old woman and i want to look like that in SL and not like a barely legal teenager from a wet dream of some guy). Are there any mesh heads that look "normal" in the base configuration, so that i would have at least a chance to recreate my classic face? (if not then i will not get me a mesh head, i'm extremely stubborn in this point xD)
  4. Ok, seems the issue was solved. After verifying her email address again (she said she would have sworn that she verified it already) and reloading the page she suddenly has all options.
  5. I just checked that and if you choose "Item not as advertised" you get four options to choose after that and none of the options describe the problem (Incorrect Listing Category, Incorrect Listing Image, Item Permission not as advertised, Language Options do not match English Information). There is no way to tell them that you received a empty prim only.
  6. Funny, i have a basic account too and have full access to all issue types (maybe my tickets will have a lower priority than the tickets of a premium account).
  7. Nope, to choose the issue type seems to be mandatory or else she can't click on the "send" button. I checked it from my account and i could even send a empty support ticket (no issue type, no text, nothing in it) if i wanted to do that.
  8. She tried that, but it seems he wasn't online in a long time or he doesn't give a f*ck.
  9. She just has verified her email address again, but nothing changes, she still can't choose the correct issue type.
  10. The problem is that she can't contact the support and submit a ticket under the correct issue type, because the issue type that she would need isn't available for her.
  11. A friend of me bought a latex texture from the marketplace, the texture did cost her 1,200 L$, but all she received was a prim with a notecard inside and on that notecard was the URL of a file hoster and when she checked that URL she found nothing (sounds like a scam). I told her to contact the support, she should report that and ask for a refund. She tried to do that, only problem is: she can choose only Account Issue if she clicks on Issue Type (while i can choose of Billing, Marketplace etc). She even has a "robot check" on that page (while i have nothing like this there). How can she report this issue and ask for a refund if she can't choose the right Issue type? Can i report that issue for her (since i can choose the issue type)?
  12. Since a while i have a problem that i can't watch youtube videos in media players in SL, most of the time it looks like this https://gyazo.com/9c8bce1f017d1aa305ddc3d1186e114c right from the beginning, sometimes it seems to work for maybe 1 hour just fine and then turns green. I can still hear the audio, but can't see the video. I can watch the same videos in my normal browser without problems, so my system is capable of showing these videos. At the same time everyone else in the same room can watch these videos without any problem. My system is a PC with a AMD APU A10-9700, 3.90 GHz, 16 Gbyte RAM, Windows 10 HOME.
  13. What you say would be true if it happens only one time or if the modeler (i still assume its only one modeler and not a group) would do this on purpose (why would he do that? Does he hate the Freya body or what?). But this happens since years and apparently with all models of him (i even saw it once in a model that was first available for Maitreya only and later the Freya version with that "bug" was being added). To me this looks like someone is using numbers only instead of the real body (to check if the fitmesh really fits as it should). This means it IS a bug or error, not in the model but in the head of the modeler. Secondly, just because you don't know a word that doesn't mean this does not exist. I came from IMVU and the modeler that i know in SL came from IMVU too and she calls herself to be a "Mesher" (just like all modeler there do and the creators there say that they buy meshes), so for me "Mesher" is a word and i couldn't care less if its not a word for you (and apparently you did understand what i meant when i used the word "Mesher", so where is the problem exactly?).
  14. Its not only pasties, i see this bug in bras, bikinis, dresses and so on and i see this bug since 2 or 3 years.
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