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  1. Well, me and it seems all my friends were disconnected too and nobody can log in anymore.
  2. Ok, rezzing the AO to the ground did the trick. I was able to copy the content of the Tuty's AO to the empty Open Collar AO and now Anti-Slide works perfect. Now i need to get used to the fact that the Open Collar AO will override EVERY animation and pose of huds and normal furnitures, something which the Tuty AO (priority 3) rarely did. I need to turn the AO off BEFORE i use a hud or furniture or the AO will sooner or later override the pose and/or animation.
  3. I used to use the Anti Slide function of Open Collar, because i use a AO from Tuty's and not the OC AO. This worked fine with version 6.0.1, but then i updated to version 6.4.0 and since then Anti Slide does no longer work with my AO from Tuty's. I asked then in the Open Collar group for help and they told me that i could copy the content of Tuty's AO into a folder, then i should wear the empty OC AO and copy the content of that folder into the empty OC AO. Sounds easy and it should be easy too. I copyed the content of Tuty's AO to a folder in my inventory, then i wear the empty OC AO and whenever i try to copy the content of the folder to that empty OC AO i see that the cursor changes into that symbol which says that i can't do that. I checked all the files from Tuty's and they are all Copy, Mod, No Transfer, so i should be able to copy them to the empty OC AO. It seems i do something wrong, but i have no clue what.
  4. No, its a simple texture (not even a picture, it has the icon of a texture). Well, i tried to contact the creator, but she doesn't answer. Could be that she didn't come back online since a while and maybe will never come back online, who knows.
  5. How could that be? I can't unpack a picture. The support just sent me the package again and again i received only the picture. Is there nothing i can do about this? That what i bought were some Boots and instead of the Boots i receive only the picture of them (the same picture which is used in the MP). The Creator simply ignores IM's and Notecards. I can see that the Creator listed these Boots twice in the MP, probably because she realized that she made a error in the first listing, but instead of removing the wrong listing she added a correct one (i assume). Should i flag the wrong product? And which reason should i use for such a case?
  6. The problem was that i bought something and inside the package which i received was only a picture of the thing which i paid for, not the thing itself, just like the creator forgot to add something besides the advertising picture. Of course i tried to contact the creator then with a IM and a Notecard, but the creator didn't show any reaction and at that point i thought i should ask the support team if they can help me (the worst case would be that they say "we are sorry, but we can't help you with that" and then i would have the same what i have now )
  7. I used a support ticket. I have answered their questions now, even if i have no clue why they asked for that.
  8. I had (or have) a problem with one of the creators (didn't receive what i bought) and asked the support for help. The answer from the support had NOTHING, absolutely nothing to do with my request. They asked me what the asnwer is to my security question, my date of birth etc and meant that they need this information to check into my account. Since when does a admin or the staff need anything of this to have a look into my account? I contacted the support two times in the past and in both cases the staff had no problem at all to log into my account even without a password or any other information (in fact i checked the url twice when i read these strange questions, because that sounds like someone is trying to trick me into something to steal my account....and i always have the number 1 rule in my head: the staff will NEVER ask you for such information, because they have these informations already)
  9. Just a little update: The Creation Kit of TMP works again in the normal grid, she hasn't changed anything, but tried to use it every day and suddenly she could use it. Only in the beta grid the Kit still won't work.
  10. Well, as i said in my first post, she was in the beta grid when the Creation Kit stopped working (and you have no big choice of a sandbox there because there are only 3 of them usable) The Sandbox which she use in the normal grid has no restriction in scripts (except of course scam and griefing scripts) and on that day when the Creation Kit stopped working she was there creating and then left the Sandbox, then she came back after 3 hours and she couldn't use the Kit anymore. She has also tried several other Sandboxes, nothing helps, She needs the Creation Kit to move and edit the textures on the tmp body, without the Kit she has to create "blind".
  11. The product is not that heavy, the creation kit plus the other tools which she uses are that heavy and she need to rez it to create the products, when she is done creating she can take the kit and the other stuff back to her inventory^^ As i said, the high prim usage is only temporary, maybe for 1 hour or 2 hours. Yesterday she tried to create without the boxes, this is possible, but only with rather simple outfits. The Creation Kit allows her to edit the textures (like move or resize), so she can avoid visible seams, without them she need to edit the textures with Photoshop and upload the edited textures and then she can only hope that there are no visible seams. If there are seams she need to repeat that process and every time she has to pay 10 L$ for uploading the edited textures.
  12. The already made clothing is not the problem^^ The Creation Kit for TMP looks like 6 white Boxes which you rez on the ground. The Creator can then put uploaded textures into these Boxes and can then create clothing (or tattoos) with these Boxes. And that is the problem, she can "feed" these Boxes with textures, but then she can't use them, if she clicks on them they show no reaction, no menu, nothing, I don't think there was an update 3 days ago or today. I will ask her to use another viewer to see if that fixes that problem. Well, yes, scripts work where she creates the clothing, because she has to do this in public sandboxes (Landlords don't like it if their tenants rez 500 to 600 prims, even if its only temporary).
  13. My wife Eve Valentine is creator for TMP and has since a few days the problem that she can't create anything, because the Creation Kit which she got from TMP does not work at all. 3 days ago the Kit stopped working in the beta grid and 4 hours ago the Kit in the normal grid stopped working too. She asked TMP for a new Kit, because she thought that there would be maybe a error in her Kit, but the new Kit has the same behavior. She asked in the group of the TMP Creators if anyone has the same problem or if anyone knows a solution, but she got no reply at all, so i ask here in the forum if anyone knows what is going on, why can't she create anything anymore.
  14. Well, there is a strip club which uses bots to invite everyone and i mean everyone, not only group member, no, absolutely everyone it seems. These bots are between 1 day and 1 week old, have empty profiles and send teleport offers and if you block one then you won't receive any teleport offer for about 1 to 3 days and then another bot will start to send teleport offers. Its annoying and when i asked the owner of that club to stop this i was fully ignored and 1 hour later i received the next teleport offer. In the meantime i have already blocked like 20 bots and now i ask myself "Is this allowed? Does the TOS say that this behavior is ok?"
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