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  1. The first few days (or even weeks) in SL can be confusing and frustrating - even without the additional land/place rating issues. The group of Bay City sims that originally came from the teen grid are still all rated as General, so that might be one place to start exploring. (If I remember right, I think Mashpee is in the section, so you could search for "Bay City - Mashpee" on the world map. Caledon Oxbridge University, which should show up in the Destination Guide under Newcomer Friendly Areas is General. They have some great tutorials and classes there. SL Botanical Gardens is a beaut
  2. Just curious as to what type of places you feel you are being banned from - clubs with contests? stores? gaming regions? I wouldn't think that ALL owners of a specific type of venue would be using the same security service. Perhaps you need to find some different venues that do not use it? I would imagine that the parcel owners probably pay for the service? So they must feel that even with some 'lost' business due to false positives, they are still coming out ahead and acheiving the results they were hoping for by using the service. Also, if I was in your situation and talked with an o
  3. On "About Land" on the Options tab, do you have the box checked to allow group to build?
  4. Bay City is pretty unique (and the land has double prim allowances). There are a few other communities (loosely) not too far from Bay City, but not on the same level of roads, parks, etc., as Bay City, in my opinion. While Bay City land is very expensive to buy, there are several rental companies with very reasonable rental rates for land there. One is Robin Ivory who occassionally has a lot or two for rent, the other is TowerRental. If you just want roadside land, the best way to find it is to look for land for sale along the roads on the SL map of the mainland continents. All the m
  5. Your best bet may be searching for "restaurant dining" in the in-world 'everything' search. There were a fair number of results that looked like they did pertain to dining/restaurants but you would probably need to visit one to find out if it's the type of dining experience you're looking for and to find out their hours. It would give you someplace to start from however.
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