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  1. Section 6.1 itself (which the subsection you cited is under): 6.1 You will not post or transmit prohibited Content, including any Content that is illegal, harassing or violates any person's rights. Perhaps someone felt that they were being harassed and that the harassment included content of explicitly sexual or intensely violent nature. I also think that it is a mistake to believe that everyone who is on SL is interested in the sexual or 'adult' aspects. There are many, many areas and activities that do not include content of an adult nature.
  2. Liondandy wrote: 3/slightly related to above this is more of a suggestion but I can't beleve linden have not done this already. several people I met said they are onto their second accounts ... why not $5 ~ $10 USD keep all your stuff reset your account age / friends list and get a new resident name, get the impression so many peope would use this, why dosn't this exist? People may get a new account but that doesn't necessarily mean that they want to stop using their first (or other) accounts. Many people have several accounts, for different purposes or different RP's, so a 'move' o
  3. As others have already answered, there is no way to prove you don't have an alt, and also that there is not anything wrong with having an alt either. It really is not anyone else's business. To me, when I hear about people all up in arms about whether someone else does or does not have an alt, it looks like someone is trying to control not only an online avi, but also the RL person behind the avi. In my mind that would not be OK, and I would not want to remain friends with someone who tried to take things to that level.
  4. Thanks for posting the link. I've heard bits and pieces of how to handle some of the different types of griefing, but it's nice to have all the relevant information in one place. There was a lot of information included that I hadn't heard about before, particulary regarding particles and sounds.
  5. Did you abandon your Linden house so that you could cancel your premium account? We are all residents here, so can't offer an explanation of why that is necessary immediately when your paid-up premium account still has a way to go. Presumably, it's cleaner and less hassle for LL to make sure you've met all the qualifications up front for returning to basic account status, at the time you make that decision. In hindsight, if you wanted to keep using your house awhile longer, it migiht have been best to hold off on cancelling the premium access until closer to the renewal date.
  6. This may not apply to your situation, but I'll put it out just in case it does. When you edit it, and move it into position, be sure that you move it down to make sure that the object is all the way down onto the floor or the ground (or another object that you want it to be on or below). Sometimes objects will look like they are on the floor or ground, but they are not really, and as you walk around and view them, they appear to be 'floating' around a little bit. Same with horizontal/vertical placements - something may look like it's on a shelf or hanging from a railing until you zoom in fr
  7. In the mean time (while you're still waiting to find a job) check out the FabFree list for avatars 30 days and younger for places offering free items (skins, avis, clothes, hair, shoes, etc) to new players. That's a good way to start improving your look without having to have money (or Lindens) right off the bat.
  8. I am sometimes over-cautious, but I was also curious as to why your friend thought that edit permissions were needed on each other's items. Are you helping with the building and he may need to move some of the objects you put out (and you may need to move some of the objects he puts out)? I would probably NOT put out any objects that were no copy, to lessen the possibility of losing them.
  9. Login to the secondlife.com web site. Under "Account" there will be an option for "Delete Account". Information about deleting your account will be displayed, along with the delete button. If you are a premium member, you must sell or abandon all land that you own (including any Linden Home) and if you had donated any tier to a group, you need to remove the tier dontation. Additionally, if you are a premium member, your account will stay active until the current subscription term has ended. If you do not have a premium account (or after reverting your premium account back to a basic acco
  10. If you go the route of covering your existing parcel with a thin prim to apply a grass texture to, there are some free grass textures in the "library" part of your inventory. Also, if you do some exploring in the areas with the Linden Homes, and find the welcome centers for each of the Linden Home categories, there are free texture packs there. I really like using the shire roof grass texture as a texture for grass at my house.
  11. In addtion to Rolig's suggestions about different styles/lengths, you might also want to try some of the mesh or rigged mesh hair styles, as Chic suggested (be me to it ). Be sure to try the demos first, to ensure that you like the way it fits. I have gone this route for long hair styles, and have been happy with the way it looks when I move around.
  12. Unfortunately, it is not possible to increase the number of prims availabe in your Linden Home. The number of prims is based on the size of the land parcel. So, the only way to increase the number of prims available is to get a larger parcel of land. There are several options for doing that - you can buy your own parcel on the mainland, you can rent a parcel on the mainland, or you can rent from a private estate. If you abandon your Linden home and buy on the mainland, you will get 512 m of tier free (so if you bought a 1024 m parcel, you would pay tier at the 512 m level). There is a fre
  13. Did you check to see if the no-copy items you deleted ended up in your Trash folder? If they did you should be able to move them back out to some other folder.
  14. I find that I'm less likely to receive this error when I try rezzing the object on the floor right next to where I'm standing. It's when I try to rez something on a wall or across the room or yard from where I'm standing that I'm more likely to get this this message.
  15. Before trying to do something like create a custom skin, I would suggest that you get a good understanding of the basics in SL, including building basics. There are several places that offer free classes inworld on basic building, learning scripting, learning how to create clothes. NCI is one place, and Caledon Oxbridge University. There is also the Ivory Tower of Primitives, which has a self-paced inworld tutorial on building basics, and Builders Brewery. Being able to use Photoshop or Gimp, or Blender, may be needed also, depending on how far you want to go and whether you want to creat
  16. From the Auction FAQ it looks like you don't have to do very much, although they do suggest visitng th auction site to check on the status of your bid to see whether or not you won. If you did win, the land should be assigned to you within 24 hours provided that there are not any billing problems. How will I know if I win? We will notify you by email if you win; although you are responsible for determining if you have won by visiting this site and checking the status of your bid on the My Bidding Activity page. Collecting Your New Land: How will I know when I can take possession of the lan
  17. It's going to be a new platform, so it's hard to tell how much similarity there will be with the existing SL. It would make no sense to have avatars in the new platform with rez or join dates prior to the existence of the new platform going public. The fact that you have an old age in SL wouldn't really mean much in the new platform. I can see LL allowing you to bring over your avatar name, because of the identity association people have with their avatars - that's who "they are" in the virtual world.
  18. People create alts for a variety of reasons, not just because they want to 'hide' from someone, especially someone they haven't had a lot of recent contact with. It's an interesting thing about alts - they can take on lives of their own, so to speak - different inventories, homes, interests, etc., and even different sets of friends. There is nothing wrong with that, and no one is under any obligation to share the existence or non-existence of alts. Regardless of whether this new contact was an alt of your friend, the avatar reached out to you for conversation at the club, and it sounds li
  19. Both NCI and Caledon University have beginning classes on general role playing.
  20. Nice green roadside parcel for sale in Servo, along Route 13. 512 sqm, 117 prims, L$2,000. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Servo/28/248/71
  21. I have usually had good luck finding a parcel that suits me, at a price that is also affordable for me, by spending some time checking the 'yellow' for sale parcels on the world map. When you hover over the dollar sign tag on the map you can see not just the selling price, but the price per meter, if that's one of your condiitons. I would agree with the above post, that being located on a road isn't necessary to bring in traffic. When I'm out exploring, I do pop into businesses that I see along the roads out of curiousity, but the places that I go to for almost all of my shopping needs a
  22. If you do decide to buy a mainland parcel and build a house or put a skybox way up high, before you purchase the land, fly up to see how populated the surrounding sky space is. If the parcel you are looking at is next to or near to one of the big rental places that rents sky spheres, it could be difficult to find an altitude where one of them is not in view. However, the other side of that is that on the ground level, there is usually just an empty parcel, or a parcel with minimal landscaping (so basically no ground level neighbors). If you're going to put up a sky sphere or sky box whe
  23. I would suggest enjoying what you have the best that you can within your own financial resources, while looking to meet someone who enjoys the same type of lifestyle/RP that you do. Perhaps you can meet someone through one of the family RP sim groups, or through one of the groups for the type of horses you would like to get. Later on, who knows? Perhaps the two of you will 'click' and he'll suggest getting a house together
  24. If it only happens in mouselook, it's still worth checking the mouse drivers, I would think. Just curious - you mentioned "I need to use 125% dpi setting in windows to make things readable. Because that settings Linden lab viewers create problems." Does the 125% dpi setting cause issues no matter which viewer you are using or just with the LL viewer? Have you tried using other viewers to see if they have the same issue with mouselook?
  25. I still enjoy traveling around on mainland roads and railroads, though it's been a few months since I've been up on the atoll area. I often stop and stores I find along the way. The last time I was up on the atoll I found a nice little amusement park and a bowling alley that I stopped and spent some time enjoying I guess I've been lucky so far, and haven't ran into the types of situations you've described - no yet, anyway.
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