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  1. As far as I've heard, most pre-paid cards will not work as a direct payment method in SL - you need an actual credit card or a verified paypal or skrill account. After you added the other card information to your paypal account, did you set one of them as the primary default source (instead of your bank account) for payments to second life? I have my bank account as well as a major credit credit card connected with my Paypal account, and have the primary payment method set to the credit card, so I don't have any unpleasant surprises with my bank account. Another thing I do is maintain a sm
  2. You also might want to check out the tutorials at Mesh Body Addicts web site. It sounds like there might be a Mesh Body Addicts group, also, in SL, where you could probably ask questions as well.
  3. What is the error that you are receiving? It's been awhile since I've posted events, but I do remember some difficulty with a 2-day event. If I remember correctly, I was getting an error about a duplicate event. If that is the error you are getting, you might try writing it up slightly differently, and changing the title of the event in some way, to make each entry appear unique. If your event has sub-events, you might try calendaring the sub-events and mention in the description that it is part of the longer event, and then provide a little information at the end about the longer event.
  4. Hi paradox - A couple of other things to check. When you 'buy' a 0L item from the MP, it's a multi-step process. This confused me for awhile when I was new. After clicking the 'Buy Now' button, another screen is displayed which contains a lot of MP ads and say 'Click 'Place your order' to complete checkout'. The button for the placing the order to complete checkout is at the very bottom of that screen, so you need to scroll all the way down past all the ads and then click the 'Place your order' button. Then the regular cashier/make payment screen is displayed and you click the 'Buy Now'
  5. Bay City has a lot of roads, one of which extends all the way over to Nova Albion. There are many roads on the mainland continents, and most of the roads have rezzing areas periodically along them. See SL wiki Rezzing Zones for a list of rez areas by continent. Also see SL Wiki Road Network Directory for more details. Whether you will find a lot of people when you are there is a different question :-) It depends on the area and what other activiities might be going on in that particular area. The Bay City Alliance does host a race of some kind (cars, boats, planes, etc) on Thursday even
  6. Often groups (especially clubs and RP areas) will have NC's at their landing posts containing the rules or guidelines for behavior on their sims (not always automatically dispensed, sometimes you have to click on a sign to receive them). If you have any for the club in question, you might read through them to see if that helps you understand why you might have been banned. Often those rules will indicate bannable type offenses, if it is an area that has strict expectations about behavior or dress.
  7. Was there a rental box that you paid? There are a lot of places to rent. Personally, I would only rent where there was a rental box showing that the rental was vacant, and so once I paid, it would also show me as the current tennant. This prevents problems of more than one avi thinking that they are the current renter.
  8. If you are asking if the group can own the items you bought, only the avatar who bought the item will own it (the single item can only be in one avatar's inventory). However, if you want to split the profits from the sale of items between the two members of the group, you should be able to either find a vendor which allows you to split the sell profit, or you could script a vendor to pay half of the proceeds to the other member of the group. Also, if you are planning on putting together groups of items you have bought, to re-sell, be sure that all the items are full-perm and that you meet
  9. The style of RP varies from RP sim to RP sim. Some are very informal - short sentences, no specified posting order, etc. and others are paragraph RP with a strict posting order. There are also many that are inbetween those two extremes. I would suggest visiting RP areas that are in the genre(s) you're interested in, and then reading their notecards and rules so you can see what their particular style is. NCI and Caledon Oxbridge both have basic RP classes that cover some of the "SL" specifics and emoting tips, which may help give you ideas about how RP is done here.
  10. What web viewer are you using to access your account information? Perhaps try a different web browser and see if you still have the same issue. (I'm currently able to view my transaction history, using the Safari browser on a Mac, so it's not a complete break-down of the transaction history fuctionality). If you aren't able to view your information with any web browser, then you'll probably need to submit a support case (or use Live Chat, if you are a premium member).
  11. You're correct than generally you can't transfer a demo. What you can do though, on the MP, is buy a 1L demo as a gift for someone else. This is probably not a big enough feature to justify 1L demos, but I have used this functionality a couple of times to send a demo to a friend
  12. The other thing with 1L demos, is that if you are on the MP, you can gift that demo to another avi (a friend or an alt) which you can't do with a 0L demo from the MP.
  13. ajmeneyerji wrote: We are working on a documentary on the hidden dangers of technology, and would like to interview players of the game Second Life. We are a Montreal-based production company called “To The Chopper” and are currently working on a documentary called “Disconnected” which explores a wide array of issues regarding our excessive use of social media and technology including; deception, self-control, social etiquette, addiction and a host of others topics. If you haven't spent much time in SL yet, I suggest spending several months first visiting a wide variety o
  14. Hello vurypurty, You will probably get more responses if you post this in the Inworld Employment part of the forum. This area is mainly for questions about how Second Life works.
  15. You might see if the merchant has a re-delivery terminal at the store. Otherwise, you will need to contact the merchant. Be polite and explain the situation. Not all merchants will re-deliver, especially if the items were no-copy, but it's worth a shot. Sometimes merchants will indicate on their profile if they prefer to be contacted via IM's or by NC's.
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