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  1. Remember when these messages used to mean something? Now I have no clue if I'm getting a roll or not. My current version is not listed. The utility of these posts has gone down to 4%.
  2. I'm going to double check in the morning that it's not just my bandwidth and maybe have the sim restarted for #5 in 3 days, but I'm wondering if anyone else is noticing that scripts are running like garbage again in 532192? For almost a year performance was degraded and the last few months everything was running perfectly. Now my trains are crawling. I'll double check in the morning and try another restart before I officially report since it's late.
  3. Wonder how it is that the beta sims could get a "spurious association", yet these non-beta restarts, and restarts, and restarts are far more jarring and long.
  4. " spurious associations"? #fakenews I've been a proud mayor of a LeTigre sim for years, and it will always be LeTigre from the beginning! Maybe I should put it in the about land description to make up for the loss. Seriously, one of the many many obnoxious claims I make about my city is that gets everything first since it's a beta!!
  5. I forgot the ban list mysteriously cleared then. That's probably why I reported it then. Still nice to see old photographs.
  6. Prim shift oh my! Prim shift has been getting worse after the restarts over the past few months. Todays re-start caused a primshift that killed what's probably SL's best tram ride. The equipment was laid about 5 years ago. 3 weeks ago it was discovered that prim shift moved a wall that hasn't been touched in well over 9 years. I have many situations of prim shift on two sims; one beta one main. But today, we have the smoking gun. https://armchairdestinations.wordpress.com/2019/09/11/prim-shift-shifting-prims-oh-my/ http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Lapara/217/26/55
  7. I tried a few things short of the orb. Sometimes I have Teleporting routing on. I moved everyone to the surface; I had thought about putting them in a place that might be full of lag too. But then I discovered a botnet. Someone was nice enough to gather all of their alts and names. I banned them all, and now they're doing it to my other zoned parcels. So I gotta go through this list like a dozen times now. And what gets me the most, the bot profile is all snippy about how it's there just to do its automated land duties. Land duties on land everyone else pays for! Even though the
  8. I don't know, but I notice there is a big entitlement mentality out there with too many examples to list. I only have two types I boot. Those who cam in to the only private apartment on an entire sim, and invade it for their own "gratifications", and a botnet I'm currently fighting with a really arrogant profile about doing their "land duties" (on MY land) and that anyone who has a problem with the botnet is paranoid. Otherwise, just don't stand in traffic and your fine.
  9. That's my feeling as well. I have a pretty unique set-up and situation versus the traditional abandoned sim or the estate that's just a store. I liked being able to claim things like the first sim with EEP and other things I've claimed on my own. But I wonder if they're getting anything out of it or anything I could notice. I just keep on trucking and hope I even notice the changes. Scripts Run 96-99%. But there is sparetime and 3000 scripts. In my main grid portion not in LaTigre (both mainland) , 5500 scripts, no spare time, but performance has been great for just over a week,
  10. I'm not sure how you get the percentages, but I just logged in to another restart at 7:30 SL time. I wonder what's going on or what's wrong (or right). I feel like my trains that I just had to reset (for the 3rd time in 2 days) are running fast now though. Those old legacy scripts are good litmus tests on timings imo.
  11. There must be more to it, although I can guess that a higher-end set-up makes the variables much easier to control. I have been using Windows 10 on an A10 processor with an integrated Radeon R7 GPU that I don't believe they even bother to make or update anymore. Ram 8gb. Sometimes, I can run shadows. When I screenshot, it looks better than these expensive systems screenshot and blogs I see. I wonder what gives sometimes. I get the feeling that sometimes what I'm seeing are people running this on low on a laptop. I don't think it really takes that much to do SL. I would li
  12. Still running around nearly (or probably is) PERFECT. Still at 5550 scripts or so. 18ms script time which finally just went to 16; spare time never happens until I see a jump to 19ms script time. I should probably return all the sensors and timers back to where they should be so that I can see just how much the lag messes things up if it does return for a benchmark. But, gosh, it sure is nice to be able to drive any vehicle, and make a simple turn again without having to back up 8 or 9 times!
  13. You folks must be in the minority. I see more people that "live" on abandoned land with no rezzing rights than I do places where you may rez something. I've had dozens of those around me on the mainland. All of those folks were all regulars too. When I travel, I see them dotting just about every abandoned parcel (unless something has changed in the last 3 months). Then there's the same people I see in the same roadside rez area, or even not the rez area, just standing in the street. See the same people for months. The ironic part? I got restaurants and cafe's that go empty. Most o
  14. Thanks for the suggestion, after years you'll never know when an object will come in handy. I banned a couple leading up to the post, and I think they must've reported it as a bad LM wherever they get the coordinates from, so traffic is dropping off. I didn't want to play the security game orb game, but it looked like traffic was going to increase perpetually. Maybe not now. On the one hand, yeah they're coming in a zillion miles up. But it still bogs down the servers even worse IMO. And they act and ignore you like bots. But it's only a matter of time before the next thing sho
  15. Ahh so that's how it works! I wish support told me to file a BUG or something instead of telling me that Linden Labs doesn't have anything to do with the beta servers that one time....
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