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  1. Not sure if "idle" scripts are worse than farming parcels, but a neighbor just dumped a 4000 parcel which freed 1000 scripts exactly(and this wasn't even the farm part). Now I'm down to 6288 scripts running. My 10 year old Train script does a segment in 1 minute and 24 seconds. It should take no more than 55 seconds (which occurs at 3200 scripts). At 7400 scripts, that run was almost 3 minutes long. I'm looking around, and frankly, this means that the servers are underpowered. I went around deleting all the scripts from lights and things that I never touch, or have never turned on and off for years. I managed to only get 300 scripts out. I didn't expect to dump anywhere close to 1000, but overall, those little idling scripts don't come up to a very high percentage. I think the only way you can have an entire sim run on 3000 scripts, is to be boring, or very static. Likely, the usual shopping sim. (ignoring nature sims for a moment as the exception). If one has buildings with multiple stories, or lights so the streets are like, you know, not dark, maybe some vehicles, rides, animals, noises, ambiance, traffic signals, music, bathtubs, whatever else I can think of, I don't know if these sims are build to handle it. Maybe I don't expect 100% performance when you start bogging it down, but there is a line. A slight lag in performance I personally accept for more prims (the last allotment was WAY too little). But, an upgrade seems to be in order. One more edit, I had someone idling in a sim, they left. The script count for them was exactly 301 and they weren't even that fancy looking. Therefore, using the agreed upon max of 3000 scripts when the sims start getting bogged, you can only have 10 people in a sim? OTOH, two people in a car towing a boat just drove through. 194 scripts. About 5%-ish of what a sim can handle before serious lag?
  2. As to "not worrying", frankly we worry simply because LL's tech teams are only barely in control of this behemoth we call SL, and they frequently have far more pressing matters to attend to than region restarts, which are NOT automatic. Think anyone would get cocky if I said it's cool to think about that they're trying to run an actual WORLD here!?
  3. My script info box always worked well for my stuff, but there is a tab Control+Shift+1 and Control+Shift+2 that gives a lot of data on whatever sim I go to immediately. I just wonder if a sim says x number of active scripts, how to tell what number is on the exact parcel. Might be something only the Labs can check since there was an abuse report option at one time for excessive sim resource usage.
  4. As far as idle scripts go. I went to Calleta, what was supposed to be the hallmark of lag. Not even 3k scripts going. Don't think they were lagged either But, are we hearing anything new? Since the beginning of time scripts were blamed. And if it isn't chicken farms, then horse farms, now I have a DFS farm as a neighbor. Do these not cause lag anymore? It used to not bother me, because those folks always abandoned in well under a week. Until now... I wish I could get a script count per parcel. Because running around and deleting scripts from things that haven't been touched in well over a year, certain lights, and street signs, I don't see how you can get thousands of scripts by regular normal usage. I think we've become uneconomical in our usage of things. When I first started, it was like a panic just having a few scripts that you didn't delete.
  5. There's still a "support" department? I stopped talking to them once they told me the beta grid isn't run by Linden Labs, and when they had some problem years back where LeTigre sims had the wrong prim counts so people couldn't use rez zones, all they did was tell me that the sims shouldn't be on those servers and to switch them to whatever the regular sims are called. I vote we shut down support, get an automated system to request restarts, and lower the tier prices.
  6. Interesting idea versus re-rezzing and copying the position. However, this issue cropped up either last November or December when I was the only one on the sim. Now I have neighbors, but I I think the lag started before they moved in. But, I did have someone else tell me that they've seen problems start at about the same time all over the mainland. Back then I thought I too many bells and whistles rezzed. Regardless, I am going to see if I delete at least the scripts in the items that I never ever touch, and forget they even had a menu. I am curious if it will improve things at all. I'm getting tired of not being able to drive down certain streets because I can barely turn, or watching a train take 3 minutes for a 30 second ride. I'll report back in a day or two what happens. BTW, I also remember when they said that megaprims cause lag...
  7. I want to try to integrate this into the 25 year plan of my metropolis. I occupy about a half of two sims (from a public Right of Way to the sim border) on each and notice two things that go on in both. My question is, do you mean total scripts in total? Or total types of scripts? I do not believe that all scripts are equal, as a animated painting is 16kb, a color changing deer is 16kb, but a 66 prim harpsichord that must be 10 years old will use 2128kb or a train i overly scripted(made all the doors workable) is 3568kb. In the olden days, I thought larger scripts was what creates the lag. Therefore, I want to participate by *trying* to cut down the scripts and see what happens. My lagged sim (which I only have half of mind you), 17024 objects, 7373 scripts, script time 17ms, spare time 0.01ms; but 118,671kb memory used on my parcels alone. Lets add in some other stuff. Scripts Run: 33-58%; Script Events - 2300-2700eps. My good sim (which I have slightly less than a half I believe); 10977 objects, 3083 scripts, script time 17ms, spare time fluctuating from 1.2 to 0.01ms; but 118,573kb of memory used on my parcels alone. Lets add in some other stuff. Scripts Run: fluctuates between 50-95%; Script Events - 949-19,000eps. Note I see no correlation between these numbers, the events can go up and the %age goes down. Am I supposed to go back to the olden days and delete scripts from objects that I'm not going to be using? Just in front of me, I see trees, it made life easier to change the seasons when you can click their scripts than to re-rez all of them. I got hundreds of light bulbs for illumination and traffic; it would be silly to delete most of them. I do see some birds that have a color changing lantern menu. I could gut those at least. Not sure how many scripts I'll save combined...
  8. First of all, it is not just "private estate 'residents'". I need to follow this as my railroad system has a glitch where I have to hunt down and check on the lines in 2 sims and reset the scripts manually if they glitched. Been doing this for a good 9 years now. Secondly, this 10 day restart system is suspect. For some reason, I find that I get restarted at suspiciously timed hours on Saturdays, and then again during the 10 day restart on Wednesdays. But, I'm not fully convinced restarts always do much for the simulators. My beta sim hardly ever lags. My non-beta sim works like garbage even minutes after the restart.
  9. Correcting some of the previous posters. Rez Zones typically do have signs. If you travel around the mainland, you notice a cool thing that every continent and area has a different flavor. Also, airport traffic. I never seen the airport in Bay City needing an ATC. The crowded ones are crowded for other reasons. I doubt the airstrip here will have ATC issues. Most do not. A suggestion to the Moles. All that is needed to correct the issue is for public land. The exurbian sprawl comes with amenities like playgrounds, or parks, etc. Moles used to make some gas stations and diners in the older sims. Or what we used to call "prim farms". You can do a lot on a prim farm and not defeat it's purpose. As for the comments hereafter about people not wanting to live next to a park. Well, offline you choose your location and move if you don't like the location, they can and do on here too. So it is a nonissue. I would personally probably prefer to live next to such an area if I were in the market.
  10. Linden Labs doesn't have a best practices guidebook for their lands? I would've thought they were learning from experience how to design these things. I have a hard time understanding how they did a continent with roads but no rez zones and had prim counts be an issue. I thought this was essentially mandatory by now to have rights of ways and rez zones placed! I'm just baffled by the need for all of this, explanation, and retrofitting. This would've never happened years prior.
  11. Ban lines don't go that high up (unless they change it recently), why is that? For the argument that SL is not RL, how far does that go? Thought we had issues with gambling, SL banks, IP, and even linden currency way back when. But ignoring that SL is not as separate as RL as people wish it were, I personally think to be angry at a plane going overhead is a 16th century mindset. Other than being a luddite, what exactly is the problem for those 3 seconds?
  12. This was settled long before Second Life. At least 90 years ago in the United States. Do you live in a place that has airplanes, helicopters or drones? You can't ban a commercial jet from flying overhead. Now it's interesting to see someone with a 1700's philosophy using terms like "sovereign citizens" to make fun of people, while maintaining that 1700's ideal that you own your own property from the land to infinity. But, it's been settled long ago, and in the TOS, you agreed to California law!
  13. So you want someone you don't know to litter the mainland beyond its purpose to make excessive profits? I'd wonder why your not doing the same then.
  14. LL is not making excessive profits off of those sims. LL is making less. If anything, they may be getting cheated while possibly adding to mainland lag. Here is how it works. Someone buys an estate sim. They rent it to a person for x dollars. The people I mentioned buy an mainland sim, which costs far less money. They rent it for the same x dollars to multiple people on one mainland sim by using different heights, which is different than the the private sims.
  15. " Maybe LL needs to restrict skyboxes on mainland. There's no real point to skyboxes on mainland, anyway; anyone who goes there does so with a teleport. " Yes there is a point. It allows the "heart" people to ruin the boating and flying regions of SL for excessive profits.
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