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  1. Hi, I'm a blogger (www.orekikyou.net). Contact me OREKIE Resident.
  2. I like the idea of getting crazy in sandboxes. Let's be friends! Contact me OREKIE Resident :matte-motes-bashful-cute-2:
  3. Haha I like how your avatar assemble your real self. How much is the rent? I'm sort of interested!
  4. Thanks! That's a nice suggestion.
  5. It gets so lonely since I first registered in SL. I don't have anyone to talk to for the past few months. The reason why I play SL is because RL is a lonely place for me. I don't want SL to be the same. My AV name is Oreki Kyou (Orekie Resident). You can just call me Oreki. Real name is Hashi. I'm 20 y/o RL and I am a female but my AV is a male. I hope that's not too weird for you.. Some facts about me: 1. I am a shy and a timid person. 2. I don't talk much but if I get so comfortable around you, I could talk more. 3. English is not my first language. I am an asian living somewhere in Sout East Asia. So, I am very sorry if you can't understand me. 4. Down to earth type of person. I guess.. 5. I love buying clothes in SL. I hope you can be my shopping partner :P 6. Love a big family to hang out with. I don't mind role-playing as long as we have so much fun. 7. I like funny and crazy person! It makes things so lively. 8. I'm into girls. 9. I don't like rude people. (I mean, who does, right? XD) 10. I'm funny sometimes. 11. Love doing some photography. 12. Like anime. So, this is my AV. I already changed my skin though but more or less, this is me. Hope we can always be friends. I can get too attach sometimes because I hate losing someone who already walked in my life. I usually hang out in Social Islan 1, 2 and 3 because that's the only general places to go. IM me in-world OREKIE Resident.  Follow me on Facebook and Twitter.
  6. Hi, I am new to this land thingy so please help me decide which would be a wise decision. I'd like to have a place for me to live in SL: 1. I want the land to be just me in it. No neighbours or what. 2. Rez my own house. 3. Fees I can afford to pay is less than 2k $L I still don't know what is the difference between main land, estate or homestead. Help me, what's the best way?
  7. Yes, that's what I mean :matte-motes-bashful-cute-2:
  8. How do I select the polygons in the viewer?
  9. It worked! But the main problem now is since my UV textures are in seperate files (more than one UV for this mesh because it was a linkset) do I have to map it again and texture everything?
  10. Update: I've successfully combined it.
  11. I see. I kind of get it now. Yes it's a linkset and I think when I merged the meshes it doesn't do it properly as it should be. When I checked again my maya file the linkset doesn't really merge together to become one piece. Here is the screenshot of my mesh This is what it looks like when uploaded to second life In scale with my avatar (just to see how small it is) Can you explain more about the invisible geometry. It sounds interesting :matte-motes-big-grin:
  12. I made a mesh using Autodesk Maya 2013 and when I uploaded it to Second Life, it became so thick and small (the small issue is fine for me as you can rescale it). Then when I checked back my maya scene, the settings are in metre. I changed it back to centimetre and save it as another dae file and upload it again but the problem still persist. Any solution for this issue? :/ I'm still a basic user of Maya and in 3D world. Any explaination would be much of help.
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