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  1. Scan your id card, send it to linden lab attached to the support ticket on the website. It's normal the ask users with cashout a proof of identity. It feels like you confuse secondlife names with rl names. unless somewhere in the dashboard you used a fake name where the ask for reallife name.
  2. This move makes me want to find a ruinway and step i a plane or helicopter after years. Only simborders are still killers. The no banline rule need to be on whole mainland.
  3. Before the buy new servers. let them first finished the sims on this ones and add more homes.
  4. Linden lab must have placed a few homes wrong. Including mine. The mailbox and frontdoor are pointing to the sea. While i expect at the other side that's unfinished the add the sidewalk. 😮 It still looks so much better in total.
  5. Someone made a jira feature request for lsl command. http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/LlSit but so far nothing is done with it by LL
  6. I did do 3 rounds after i did hear the where open. I have a very nice beach plot now with view to open water. And a part that's not finished 😀 Think not get a better one. It where to late to look deeper into it. This home looks like a keeper.
  7. It's a bit a shame you cannot rezz a boat at normal homes. U have nice one wuth view on water. but the parcel ends far away from the water. LL could have made some homes with a water area to.curious if i get a road. That's other think people cannot park car on the parcel and drive to the road. Still nice houses.
  8. LOD 4 is evil, but technical LOD 1.1 is evil to. The auto LOD can be fine. but i think the creator is using it wrong, LI is the enemy of problems like this. Most of the times i use LOD 2 as setting, but still test on default sl LOD
  9. Are you sure it's a bug ? I got the same problem with the secondlife viewer. but i use bigger font on windows and UI = 1.5 in the viewer. Because this 'bug' i now could lower the UI scale slider to around 1.0 and that only fix more problems then it create.
  10. I think, not owned a group for long time. Find resident in ban list. Click the name with left mouse button. Look for option or button to remive the resident. Mabe it's named - or Del
  11. 2FA is only annoying. The want a mobile ohine number. And security + mobile phone is no security. The problem is still the user that use weak passwords or trap into phising mails. Very happy there's no 2FA. And if the want to use it the code need ti be send by e-mail.
  12. Why uninstall ? unless you go from 32 to 64bit it's nit needed. Just make a backup in firestorm from your settings. Then install the new one at the same place as the old one.
  13. Because linden lab placed the camera at wrong position long ago and never fixed it. Better would be if secindlife did have default first person kode. Or at least that the change the camera ange. Problem, creators made things for the wrong scale and camera angle. Yes you can adjust the angle yourself, but fly a airplane and it does nit work because you not see anything with that camera angle. And no, your not to small. Many are to big. 😋
  14. Are you sure that the land is complete empty ? You cal also see that in about land. If you not have rezzed anything. return eveything on the parcel first.
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