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  1. For some reason the forum turned condensed mode off. Now am stuck on the space wasting normal mode. It does not read nice anymore. Using a small screen, so condensed is more important. I only need to see the topic headers, everything else you can call screen littering. More people problem with condensed midd or know how to fix it ?
  2. Premium not give much extra's yes been premium for few times. But since the last price increase a basic account is more usefull then premium. 99$ for sandboxes and a few L$ is to much. More usefull benefits premium not really have. Mabye support is better but you need that very rare. Premium is to expe sive as long you not get a free sim with the 99$ mainland is useless (not enough control over sim) New Linden homes look nice, but to restricted. Basic accounts is what keep secondlife rolling. Ok cheaper sims would hemp to let it roll faster. It's btw just bad idea to think am premium and everybody need to know that i oay to much for nothing.
  3. Sorry if this disappoint you. But both creations are complete different in look and design. It's for sure not a copy, then the copy would look the same as the original. There are some design idea's a bit the same, but that makes it not a copy. There are more buildings, the buildings look different. The whole design is nice and not the same of what you call 'fake copy' I go with what others write, it's based and inspired on the original.
  4. .Does your network card support 1Gb speed ? (1000Mb) the speed you tell 80-125mb let me think your connection to your system is set to 100Mbit.
  5. People that stay logged in while sleeping must have to much money or energy is extreme cheap. Need to admit that secondlife does not really use cpu or gou resources. So fans would not soin up. But it's still extra noise that can better be turned off.
  6. Nope, arrow keys. Wasd is a bad design , difficult to use. To many other keys around it. Also hard to us with right hand. Also PGup and PGdown replace the c and e key. Double tap arrow up for running.
  7. Corel videostudio , works good. Not super expendive. And no contracts.
  8. 11Mb , 2Mb. Thst are memory sizes from the 90's i really hope you mean 11GB and 2 GB it's a big difference.
  9. As long software still not support lsrger fonts on 2k screen. Why think about 2k or 4k nit to think about useless 8k. Things are only harder to read. For flatscreen gaming everything above 2k sounds useless.
  10. You win @gadget portal. I think to that advanced lightning is turned off. With ALM (advanced lightning model) turned off you can only see 6 light sources max.
  11. Only 70 devs in sansar ? Thst explains why there's still no custom key bindings and inventory folders in edit mode and other fixes after 2 years. Development in sansar is going way to slow to mske it usefull. Not sure id secondlife ever going to be good and comparable with modern games. Costs to own a sim keeps a big stopper.
  12. If the would spend more time in fixung and implementing the missing functionality in the build tools and also add customizable keybinding it can only grow more. But no, so far the ignore that and makes the platform still useless. And the avatars need to get more customizable to. While i see so much changes with sansar.
  13. Still waiting for a few important things. One of them really would not take more then 30min to code i think. So, sansar is getting a bit better but still not good.
  14. I have second life not available now. But 10k script tital sounds very low if you know that one script can already use 64k memory. I think 10k is different one then the 10kbyte I know. A parcel can easy use a few 100kbyte if memory.
  15. Does not work. Because to not see your wall from the outside you need to make it invisible from all sides. If you look true the invisible wall to other side you will see a wall if not invisible at the inside.
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