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  1. Absolute, NO. Also if am right it's from Elon m. And that makes it a double NO. Besides the risk it could be hacked etc.
  2. Make sure you have some tool that block very new avatars from the estate, let'ssay 15 days before you can enter. . Not always a good thing. But that way he cannot make alt and use it easy.
  3. You use the latest firestorm version ? Or a few version sold. Older versions of firestorm get blocked. Update to newer version would fix a viewer block.
  4. It's crazy to advise to turn off advanced lightning, that's gives you a horrible world. Am happy that linden lab have plans to turn it on people cannot turn it (easy?) Off. A world looks horrible without ALM. Also 420 fps is nonsense the server still not generate more then 45. With 80 meter draw distance you look at a very bad world.
  5. Fake frames. The server side still is limited to 45 ups or lower. Its for my feeling a bit low for a smooth world while rotating left or right. But it also depends on the sim your on.
  6. Some other person owns a social,platform is trying todo that many times.And it does indeed not work. Stopping free accounts is killing secondlife. Trolls and grievers can be handled other ways. Groups in secondlife is good tool.
  7. Casper vendors use links ? That would be new. It does not sound right how you did pay. What someone sayed, check your transaction history.
  8. It's time this did happen that MFA does what you expect for people that turned it on. MFA is not so bad if the not increase to amount of times you need to enter it in 30 days. Btw. It's only for people that activated mfa.
  9. Take care lindal kidd. Your name will be missed. But healt is the first important thing.
  10. Nope. Bad idea. Why do people want to link accounts to google. Very bad idea. Never going to use it. 2FA is better if you can use it. Also because the auth app you can backup the account without google. Passkeys sounds for me, you lose your google account. Your screwed. Also, never store passwords in the cloud !
  11. Well, why you choice secondlife. - secondlife have legs - secondlife is not from meta - secondlife does not require real life names.
  12. Fit sci-fi con that did open yesterday.
  13. It's sad to say, but pretty normal that body parts are invisible after teleport or login on mesh bodies. It always looks fune in your own screen. Is it always ine person or more people make that comment. ! Solution that most times can work, wear a different outfit and then the one you want again. Most times that trigger a reload in other viewers.
  14. Mabye stupid question. But how and where do you opt out ? I think LL never told us that.
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