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  1. You win @gadget portal. I think to that advanced lightning is turned off. With ALM (advanced lightning model) turned off you can only see 6 light sources max.
  2. Only 70 devs in sansar ? Thst explains why there's still no custom key bindings and inventory folders in edit mode and other fixes after 2 years. Development in sansar is going way to slow to mske it usefull. Not sure id secondlife ever going to be good and comparable with modern games. Costs to own a sim keeps a big stopper.
  3. If the would spend more time in fixung and implementing the missing functionality in the build tools and also add customizable keybinding it can only grow more. But no, so far the ignore that and makes the platform still useless. And the avatars need to get more customizable to. While i see so much changes with sansar.
  4. Still waiting for a few important things. One of them really would not take more then 30min to code i think. So, sansar is getting a bit better but still not good.
  5. I have second life not available now. But 10k script tital sounds very low if you know that one script can already use 64k memory. I think 10k is different one then the 10kbyte I know. A parcel can easy use a few 100kbyte if memory.
  6. Does not work. Because to not see your wall from the outside you need to make it invisible from all sides. If you look true the invisible wall to other side you will see a wall if not invisible at the inside.
  7. I predict user count drop after summer vacation.
  8. Don't use TGA it's a terrible format and way to big. Also png works fine. Not at desktop. But in the texture settings of the object you need to change the alpha channel to none.
  9. More pressure dies not work if the perks are bad and the price goes up. For me, if linden lab not gives a good perk like a homedteadh sum in your 99$ premium. It's bye bye premium. Premium just add nothing useful.
  10. There's one problem with having a penny left. It's stuck, you cannot cash it out and you cannot buy L$ the amount is to low.
  11. Tillie is not having a big impact. Most people not cash out. And people that cash out earn already so much in second life that the have already extra paperwork. Als id verification exists for years with cashout and is nothing new. So.... ? Where is the fire ? I would say, just don't cash out, problem solved.
  12. Forget it, I tried it with normal home that where complete not logic and useful placed. With result that the bug garden where placed at the ugly side. While the water view side do have the mailbox. At the end I dropped the house. And think this last year premium for me. It does not add anything useful.
  13. As far I know what a sim can drag down is wring or abusive use of llSleep() Especially if programmers use long delayed ones the script get halted for a while. Instead it's better to use timerevent where possible and avoid llSleep(15) as example. Maybe someone can do test with this info.
  14. "Your invisible'' "Where's your hair" "I cannot see <object>
  15. Well, that's last year premium for me, $99 is way to high, and i tell ebbe 🙂 And the make basic worse ?! Are the try to save secondlife or push it on the highway and wait for it's dead ?
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