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  1. Forget it, I tried it with normal home that where complete not logic and useful placed. With result that the bug garden where placed at the ugly side. While the water view side do have the mailbox. At the end I dropped the house. And think this last year premium for me. It does not add anything useful.
  2. As far I know what a sim can drag down is wring or abusive use of llSleep() Especially if programmers use long delayed ones the script get halted for a while. Instead it's better to use timerevent where possible and avoid llSleep(15) as example. Maybe someone can do test with this info.
  3. "Your invisible'' "Where's your hair" "I cannot see <object>
  4. Well, that's last year premium for me, $99 is way to high, and i tell ebbe 🙂 And the make basic worse ?! Are the try to save secondlife or push it on the highway and wait for it's dead ?
  5. If you have premium for 10 years you mabye have a grandfathered stipend of 500L$ Then jt's better to keep it.
  6. The biggest frustrating comes from the point that people not did have a change to grab or try to grab a home. If you release all homes at the same time it's chaos. And lot's of people cannot be online at that time too. Also the time where unknown so people could not make time for it, or say to bad not going to get one this time. Linden lab could know better after the first release of the homes. And deploy this batch different.The biggest benefit with premium are the new linden homes, only reason why i did cancel the cancel of premium. So not a surprise if people get frustrated. You pay for something you mabye get when winter is coming. Normal mainland parcels are not so good as the new linden homes. unless linden lab is going to double prim count on mainland. Enough reason to get a new linden home and enough reasons to get frustrated if you not get one.
  7. Waited for weeks to get a houseboat. And the are already gone before you blink. I checked a few times, but no nothing. 709 boars gone in blink ! 😠 The biggest mistake linden lab made is to release all the homes at once. And nit spread in batches over the day so nit US people get a change to. You really think why premium if you need to wait months for linden 2019 home. The old ones are rubbish and bad designed also. The are yuck. not cry if the shutdown that party.
  8. You not need a VR set for sansar. You possible tried a VR set from the 90's if it weight 5kg 😏 You can write hify if, sansar is doing good.
  9. Scan your id card, send it to linden lab attached to the support ticket on the website. It's normal the ask users with cashout a proof of identity. It feels like you confuse secondlife names with rl names. unless somewhere in the dashboard you used a fake name where the ask for reallife name.
  10. This move makes me want to find a ruinway and step i a plane or helicopter after years. Only simborders are still killers. The no banline rule need to be on whole mainland.
  11. Before the buy new servers. let them first finished the sims on this ones and add more homes.
  12. Linden lab must have placed a few homes wrong. Including mine. The mailbox and frontdoor are pointing to the sea. While i expect at the other side that's unfinished the add the sidewalk. 😮 It still looks so much better in total.
  13. Someone made a jira feature request for lsl command. http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/LlSit but so far nothing is done with it by LL
  14. I did do 3 rounds after i did hear the where open. I have a very nice beach plot now with view to open water. And a part that's not finished 😀 Think not get a better one. It where to late to look deeper into it. This home looks like a keeper.
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