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  1. Got it! now it's clear! I have 2gb of vram on the video card! Unfortunately I have to conform! I thought there was something wrong with me having 2gb. But now I understood perfectly!
  2. Got it! Now it was very clear! I have 2gb of vram! I have to conform! Thank you!
  3. I have a 2gb video card, more in the second life in my viewer is only available at most up to 1048 of memory to allocate ... I don't know what to do! I wanted to use all my video memory.
  4. Hello! Managed to solve? I have the same problem here. My video card has 2gb of memory but only allowed to define memory allocation up to 1024 MB
  5. They always do it! returns us an empty box ... that's when they return it. just think should ban the buyer and leave me with the lindens since they do not have the products ...
  6. I've already left that aside, they have not resolved I was without the products that I bought to resell ... I think that's unfair. remove the lindens that was paid by the buyer with fake account this is cool, leave me without the product and give me back in a few times an empty box is unfair.
  7. Sorry, the problem is back! I was made a bug report now and we are waiting for the problem to be resolved. detailed information https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-100564
  8. Sorted out Coming back here to conclude and finalize the question! Everything returned to normal now after 7 days, no report was made, we just waited and came to get information about what happened. Thanks all. Whirly Fizzle was very important to have shown me that there were other people with problem, and to leave me more calm. Thank you!
  9. Obrigado, vou tentar isso para ver se resolve o problema. Vou denunciar este bug. Apenas para complementar o problema é apenas com itens sem cópia (gacha). E já tem 2 relatórios de bugs de pessoas com os mesmos problemas e não finalizados. Is it my bride that is having these problems Myself I can report this bug or just her?
  10. Thanks I'll try this to see if solves the problem.
  11. Thanks I opened the link and saw that there were more people with problems, but it was not fixed. I do not know what else to do. More than 1500 items I had in store ... I active all and when relogo all appear unlisted
  12. Yes! I have 1500 items no copy on and when I relog I get millions of messages saying that the folder is empty. Saying, Please add items back to her to re-enable the listing. All the products in my store are no copy (Gacha items).
  13. I have many items in stock, the problem is not lacking of item, they were all active and selling normally when the second life in the second life disappear from the store. They are more than 1500 items all add up. My stocks are full ... Summarizing: if I list all and relogar of the second life when I soon the listed items leave the store.
  14. The items were listed and being sold for a long time without any problems and today all items are gone and are giving error saying the following message We have removed your listing because the versions folder is. You need to add items to the verse folder so that the listing appears again. I tried to reactivate the items and the same thing happens. Can someone help me?
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