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  1. Hello! We are a feral wolf pack that lives in a Wild West roleplay area. Our pack has been around since 2013- (with some breaks in between). We do realistic RP besides the fact that as wolves, we do "talk" to each other using RP tools. (Ex. Rex barks "How are you") (But we do not talk to humans) Our cave is located in a well hidden spot on top of a mountain. We have hunting grounds near our cave so access to food is relatively easy. We also have a separate OOC area for training in fighting, hunting and RP in general if someone happens to need it. We also have pack meetings and sometimes just hang out there. We are generally a very laidback pack, with just some basic rules. We do training for new and old players who need/want it. Training is done in hunting and fighting (even though we avoid fights, they do happen). Also if you're new to wolf roleplay, you can ask one of us to help you get started and if you have any questions about anything, feel free to ask. All new members will go to the position of Omega until we have seen how they do in the pack. They will also have a few days of a trial membership at first. We had many who joined and disappeared two days later without a word, so the trial is to make sure that you can test the pack life and see if it works for you, before joining officially. We welcome all new members who wish to experience the pack life. We are open to members all the time. We have a set member limit of 36 but are open to let more join. We accept wolf/dogs as well. More info about the pack and our rank systems you can ask from one of us. We are open to members all the time. If you are interested in joining the pack you can IM one of our Alpha's (IM works better since we dont come to forums often): Jıиxx Nαяɔну (mich22242) Jαє (saara.christenson) NOTICE! We accept all kinds of avatars except for magical ones, non-realistic colors or giant/dire avatars. We also prefer small, normal or big sizes, no Dire. PS! If you have seen our old posts, have messaged us and have gotten no response, we would like to apologize. This time we are more actively checking for messages both here and inworld. Thank you for reading and hope to see you soon ^, ...,^
  2. (Im part of the pack in the original post) We rp at the Amiville/WW sims, best way to find them is to search Colorado or Wyoming on world map. We actually used to have enemy-then friend pack around chihuahua
  3. I actually did end up building it on my own land ^^
  4. After constantly building my stable in a private parcel and waiting for people to find it, I have been wondering if it would be possible to open one in a community. Ofcourse I know that such a thing would take up a big plot and prims, but im good at fitting things into smaller spaces, so I know I could maybe work with the size of a mansion plot in most communities. Ofcourse I would live on the plot myself so I would also Rezz a house either on the stable plot or maybe a plot next to it. Oh right, I would want to rezz my own stable and house, since I like the styles to match and I have many variations and low prim buildings. The stables would be open to the town residents at a certain time. (obviously when its "night" the stable wouldnt be open) also there would be riding lessons and events, for people all ages. From my experience, especially child avatars really seemed to enjoy lessons and spending time at the stables. Ofcourse teens and adults have also been among the riders. Again, this was just an idea that came to me and so far I havent found any communities that seem like they would work with this idea. But I just wanted to post this on here to see what others think. RIght now my stable is still in my private land, where im trying out different ways to fit it into a smaller space without it looking crowded. If somehow someone from a community is interested in this idea, please IM me inworld @Saara Christenson or comment here and I'll respond as soon as I can. ^w^ Thank you for reading if you did! PS. Heres some pics of my WIP project stable in my skybox.
  5. We have added 2 more stalls! So now we have a total of 6 available stalls. Please drop by anytime ^^
  6. We are a small riding school that opened up a short while ago. We offer rental stalls and riding lessons. We also have spots for pasture horses, if you dont want to rent a stall. You can also bring your horse to stay here if you need a place to keep them. We will take care of them, feed them and exercise them if you want to. We are also currently looking for new riders and possible stable hands. Our Vet and Farrier spots are also open. RENTALS & SPACES: We currently have 4 empty stalls still available for rent. The stalls come pre-furnished with a tack, halter, nameplate, clipboard with horses info, tack box, bedding, feed buckets, hay bag and a toy. There is also small shelves on each stall for ribbons/trophies/frames that we add with time. We have 2 pastures, one for Stallions & Geldings and one for Mares. There is also a separate pasture for the Vet's office/Farriers space, incase some horses need to be separated from the others for one reason or another. Our riding field is quite large and can be used for basic lessons, jumping and dressage. We also have lights at our riding pasture, so it can be used in night time too. You can also rent our riding field for your personal use if you want. Our Vet's and Farrier's space is in a newly build building and we are currently looking to hire people for these 2 spots. Feel free to drop by and look around! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Montano Island/155/185/22 We hope to see you soon!! ~ SC-RS&S Crew
  7. Update!! 5 Stalls left! First Lessons starting soon ^w^ http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Montano Island/155/185/22
  8. Hey! We are a newly opened riding school/stable and are looking for roleplayers! We do lessons for all rider levels from beginners to pros. We find the perfect horse for every riders skill level and make sure the chemistry is right. We currently also have 8 stalls available for rent. You can rent a stall as a horse or as an owner, for your horse. If you come to live here as a horse without an owner, you can choose wether you want to be a private horse (only ridden by specific people) or a lesson horse. If you bring your own horse and rent a stall for them, you can choose if they can be used for lessons. Our stall spots are full service spots, meaning horses get fed, exercised (if you want) and otherwise taken care of by our staff. Our stalls also come fully equipped, but have room to add a few personal touches. Find out more information By IM'ing me inworld or commenting on this post! Hope to see you soon! ^w^
  9. Bedroom available in a family community. Includes the use of common spaces like kitchen, livingroom, bathroom etc. Room is already decorated, but if you wish to decorate it yourself, you can but the prims will be added to the rent. Room can also be rented for 2 people and the rent be split between them. Furnished room: 2500L$/month - Your own furniture: 3000L$/month 2 people: 1250L$/month/person - 1500L$/month/person More information, IM me or reply here and I will IM you. (Rent is negotiable, but due to the house being in an expensvie area, can't be lowered too much.)
  10. Im looking for someone who could make a custom texture for my TWI wolf. I have the design ready, but dont know how to make it myself.
  11. Hello, I am a long time player with a lovely skybox, who would like to have some people to share it with. The skybox is 128x64 and also has a spot on the official ground too. The rooms and stuff are not there yet since I figured it would be best to listen to what kind of living situation the possible roommates like, you know mansions or single cabins for each one or whatever. As for myself I am a ... weird person. I am a furry, but rarely use my furry avatar these days. Im mostly human or wolf. I rp in a wolf pack, which keeps me busy at times. I would like to think im an open person, since i have a very rainbow colored friend circle. I myself am some kind of a rainbow too. Im not really good at this posting stuff, so I would much rather explain the details and stuff to those who are interested ^,...,^. Feel free to mesasge me inworld or comment below here. Im usually online from 11AM to 4PM SL time, and then im off for like 1-1,5 hours, sometimes less, then I return and im online till I fall asleep irl so like 5 more hours. I basically live in sl. Thats all I can think of... soo, look forward to hearing from you all ^,...,^ (Oh and I dont have a decided number of how many roommates im taking so im going to just see how many are interested first) ~ Jazz
  12. I was wondering if anyone knew any RP/Family communities, like cities etc that are active? um looking to rent a house or a plot but all the places ive been to have been empty. I like the idea of having neighbors and stuff.
  13. Im actually a furry myself sometimes when im not in feral form :DD So I dont mind ^,...,^
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