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  1. Commenting so more people see this because we're still trying to find new friends!
  2. 。✴☆☽ HAI!! ☾☆✴。 If you’re looking to join the pack or just have questions please feel free to IM me in SL and Ill help with getting you information or answering anything I can! :3 ☽ Jıиxx Nαяɔну (mich22242)
  3. Commenting so this moves up the pages to be relevant again. XD
  4. Hello! We are a group of 4 feral wolf packs that live in a Wild West roleplay area. Our packs have been around since 2013- (with some breaks in between). Our packs work together but are officially 4 different packs with each having their own Alpha's. We do realistic RP besides the fact that as wolves, we do "talk" to each other using RP tools. (But we do not talk to humans) We live in the same territory with assigned areas. We have hunting grounds near our cave so access to food is relatively easy. We also have a separate OOC area for training in fighting, hunting
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