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  1. I'm super happy to try and answer your questions. For question 1, I do use a child avatar all the time, unless I'm going shopping in an Adult rated sim (think hair shopping or something, where I just don't want to deal with being hassled) or have a reason to be an adult. I'm a roleplayer, and the reason I play a child avatar is because I like the immersion of it. When I started SL, I didn't know how to do anything. It made sense to be a kid because kids learn new things. Now that I'm not new, being a kid gives me an excuse to go to amusement parks and otherwise just have fun. Whenever I've trying playing an adult, everyone just talks about RL and sex, and that just doesn't do anything for me. As for things I dislike, there are a few. It can be really, really hard to buy things as a kid. I went to a store that was having a sale the other day and immediately went to the shoes section because I knew nothing else would fit. Even among the shoes, only 3 pairs fit since everything else was rigged for adult shapes. The same is true for furniture and buildings. Things can be so big that it's comical (why can't a 5th grader reach the doorknob?), yet sometimes they cannot be scaled down. As a kid, another thing that annoys me about shopping is how little there is older boy or teen fashion. A huge number of avatars in SL seem to be women, so most things are geared towards women. The same is true for kids, only with the added challenge of so many things being targeted towards babies and toddlers. It can actually be outright difficult to shop for clothes because avatar sizes among kids clothes aren't always clearly marked, or because it's just really hard to find boy clothes among all the girl and baby stuff. There's also the issue of kids being barred from so many roleplay sims, even when kids being there would make sense. We end up getting largely forced into family roleplay only, and that drives a lot of kids nuts for varying reasons. Question 2... I'm kind of always in character. I should note though that this doesn't mean baby talk or trolling. With regards to roleplaying, I make a third distinction about being in character. When I am in SL, I'm "in character" in that I don't go around talking about sex or drugs, because that creates a cognitive dissonance. But I'm not roleplaying in part of a story at all time. This means that a lot of the time, I'm just me, except shorter and with more tailored speech (again, no sex talk). I met some people early on that played kids to avoid people hitting on them, but they still talked like adults. That weirded me out. I'm not an emulationist (where everything needs to be 100% realistic), but I do think you should play to your avatar to a certain extent. For question 3, it's about roleplay. I go to school, attend and help run a scout troop, do family stuff, hang out with friends, play card games, and that sort of thing. I don't like clubbing, even though that's a big thing in the kid community, and I'd love to do more genre roleplay (like playing a fantasy character, or playing on a historic sim). This is ultimately what I like about playing a kid; I can enjoy myself. I just never really enjoyed myself when playing an adult. I don't have to play an adult and do adult things (whether than means talking about investing or sex content). Being a kid makes it that much easier to find things to do and have fun with. Question 4 is an interesting one. A lot of kids have this problem (myself included). I tend to play a little mentally older than my age, and I know people who play younger. I know babies who act like noisy adults, but I know adults who act like kids too. On the roleplay side of things, it seems to be more about intention than accuracy. As long as your playing "a kid," no one seems to really get hung up on ages. However, I do want to bring up dissociative identity disorder. I've met a lot of DID kids and this is where things can get muddy. For a lot of them, logging into SL as a kid allows them to have a body that matches their identity. So while I'm roleplaying being a kid, they actually are one (even though their body is an adult and are legally adults). Interestingly though, I sometimes see this same age sliding even with DID kids, where someone might act older or younger than their identified age. But I've never seen any friction because of it. For question 5, that's why I picked my age. At around 5th grade, kids start getting more freedom, so it made sense that I can run around and do my own thing when not at home. It makes sense for me to go skateboarding or whatever on my own, more so than if I was 8 or 5. But most kids don't really care about this. Babies run feral in the streets, kids are always home alone, and a lot of kids don't have or even want a family. I've seen this come up in roleplay sim rules, where they ask kids of a certain age to roleplay with an adult for the purposes of immersion, but in normal practice, everyone seems to recognize that we're all IRL adults and don't need adult supervision. Does that answer those questions?
  2. I'm getting annoyed that every time I seem to be in a public place, like the Blake Sea, some troll starts harrassing people about being pedophiles and about grooming people, simply because we use child avatars. Twice in the last few months, I've teleported to a public place, fully clothed and doing nothing, only to immediately be called an ap'er and a pedophile. Please stop doing this. Seriously. Just stop. The Terms of Service for SL bar adult content executed by or towards child avatar. It DOES NOT bar the use of child avatars. There is a lot of content and certain groups in SL that I don't like or approve of. I simply avoid them. I don't go crusading or attacking others for how the play this game. If you don't like child avatars, then go on not liking them. All I ask is that you keep your mouth shut and not openly harass and falsely AR people because of something you don't like. Why is this a problem? Besides the fact that this is harassment and can get people banned, an accusation that someone is a pedophile, regardless of any proof to that claim, can cause someone to lose their job and destroy their entire life. In the Western world, you are innocent until proven guilty, but someone even saying that word can end your life forever. It is the absolute worst form of slander/libel that you can commit, and it comes purely from hate. If you see someone playing a furry but you don't like furries, don't say anything to them. If you see someone doing Gor but don't like Gor, don't say anything to them. If you see someone playing a child avatar but you don't like child avatars, don't say anything to them. It's as simple as that. You not liking something doesn't make you the moral authority, and you trying to destroy someone's life just because you don't like something is utterly deplorable. Any questions? I'm happy to have a civil discussion and answer any legitimate questions people have about child avatars, because I recognize that some people genuinely don't know. That's fine. What I'm talking about are the trolls and bigots who won't listen, regardless of the presence of any facts. So if you have questions, please ask them. If you're a troll though, just don't say anything.
  3. I really wish people would take the blinders off and recognize that their country is just one of over 190. Lootboxes have been under scrutiny in Europe and many other countries for years. That SL can operate in almost any country means that LL has to abide by their laws. That lootboxes aren't illegal in the US is irrelevant when they are illegal in countries where SL operates.
  4. An interesting idea. I'm concerned though that it will just be abused. The problem isn't the rando item persay; it's the fabricated rarity. If all items were equally rare, then this idea could work well. But it creators are still fabricating rarity of items, you're still going to have people compulsively feeding money into the vendor to try and get the item they want, much like how slot machines work (they're going to pay out eventually, but you can never know when).
  5. I believe I already explained why in the post you quoted. I tire so much of people online choosing not to read. Then maybe you should have appeared before the regulatory bodies who ruled on this when they were ruling on it years ago, and not after the fact. Also, the sky prim is not falling. Tell that to the regulatory bodies that deemed them to be gambling. This has been going on for years, and LL making this announcement comes as exactly no surprise. Maybe you should read. It's a regulatory decision, because loot boxes are being banned around the world for being predatory gambling schemes.
  6. Question: If someone sold items as gachas with equal probability (no "rares"), but then clearly offered a free exchange option for anyone who bought one but didn't get the one they wanted, would that be permissible? This would allow that randomness factor for those who don't care which colour or specific item they get, while still allowing those who are after a specific one to get is at no additional cost and without gambling for it. I doubt many would do this, but I'm curious if this would be a solution.
  7. Maybe it's time for you to stop getting offended and pick up a newspaper. This is gambling, and many, many countries are cracking down on online gambling. And this isn't LL's decision: it's a court decision. This kind of action is increasingly illegal, and LL can't find a way to justify breaking the law because you think you're above it.
  8. Well, you already need beyou water and power. Maybe beyou air is coming soon.
  9. My L$2. If you're interested in roleplay and are concerned with cost, stick with Xeolife. It's pretty simple and straightforward, and the creator is testing farming. It's also a blast to use the creator scripts to see what things you can come up with. BeYou is... interesting. It's mechanically very fun. You have to go through the process of each action. So if you're showering, you have to use soap, shampoo, and conditioner (if you want). You also have to clean the shower form time to time. If you have a wood burning stove, you have to collect wood and chop it. But it's very grindy and doesn't leave much to actually roleplay doing. It's also expensive, very confusing (the meters don't really correspond to anything, so it's not intuitive), poorly documented, and an entirely closed system (you have to by BeYou beds, couches, and everything else). I wouldn't even mind the grind and mechanical procedures, since that's kind of interesting, but to pain a pictures, you need to buy a whole bunch of stuff and buy each picture you paint while not being able to use anything you already own. I'd like to work on one similar to Xeolife, but I would be doing it for OpenSim rather than SL, and just for fun. I'm quite happy with Xeolife, and don't think there's a point in doing the exact same thing.
  10. I like Navigators, That sounds like a cool name. I don't have any suggestions, but any name should be really empowering. There's an abuse survival group where I live called Little Warriors, and I think that's a great name to showcase what I mean. You're not victims. You're not broken. You're not even survivors, since that still implies that you were the victim of something. With a name like Little Warriors, no, you're a fighter, and that's just the attitude that people affected by abuse probably need.
  11. That's really funny, but very true. I met a guy playing an older teen last the other day. He looked a bit old, and I didn't see it... until I saw that he had braces on. Immediately took 10 years off and made him seem more immature for some reason. Granted, adults can have braces too (I had a professor who had them), but combined with an already young looking face, braces really drive that home.
  12. Speaking as a kid avatar, you really have to do things as a family. I've found that you don't want to treat it as some friends you hang out with, as that won't feel the same. You really want to do things like family dinners, holiday photos, vacations/day trips, and that sort of thing. Now, you don't need kids to do this, but I think it helps drive home the idea that it's a family. I'd love to do stuff like cooking together, making presents for mothers and fathers day, having birthday parties, family movie nights, and that sort of thing. My character is too old for it, but tuck ins seem to be big, and that can be a great way to spend time together as a family. Without kids (ie young), what the roleplay looks like will depend a lot on the ages of everyone. Maybe a university aged child comes home on the weekends for dinner and family time. Maybe the family is traveling to look after a grandparent. Maybe you're all meeting a sibling's new wife or husband. These are ideas you can use to frame that family time. Hope that helps.
  13. Not at all. My avatar, as well as the ones I use on OpenSIm, are all quite different from me, both in appearance and character. For me, SL is a game, and I use it to play other characters.
  14. I'm not sure where teens specifically hang out, but I know of a bunch of kid oriented clubs that have some teens there. I imagine there are teen clubs and hangouts though. Beyond that, it's all about what you're doing. I'd like to get a swim team roleplay going and hang out with people at the pool. If you're in a good high school, maybe you hang out in the hallways or cafeteria there. And if you live in a community sim (or even if you don't), maybe your teen gang roams the streets trying to stay out of (or in) trouble. Nothing specific, but maybe that gives you some ideas.
  15. Here's an example for why you might want a mesh avatar. I play a child. Due to system limitations, it is actually impossible to scale an avatar shape down to child size and still maintain human proportions. Now, if you're full clothed head to foot with good mesh clothing, this isn't really a big deal because your avatar shape is hidden. What if you want to go swimming though? Or be barefoot? Scaled down to child size, the avatar looks like a bag of potatoes with door stoppers at the ends of their feet. It's rough. Something to consider is what exactly a mesh avatar is. The thing we talk about refers to a base model to wear, but in reality, a mesh avatar is functionally no different than a pair of pants. So if you're wearing mesh clothing, you're actually already wearing a mesh avatar.
  16. Except that franchising as a concept doesn't work in SL because you don't have factors like scarcity, location dependence, or branding. People franchise because the brand they are franchising comes with free advertising. That's why I mentioned full perm sellers; that's the closest you're going to get to franchising im SL because you are licensing someone else's product for you profits. Outside of the mesh you have access to, branding means nothing in SL.
  17. For me it's quite simple. I play a child avatar. I'm not a child in real life. I don't like using voice because it breaks the immersion when I'm roleplaying, because I'm not actually a child. But playing a child avatar also paints a target on my back, because we know there are toxic elements in the community. Keeping my private life private keeps people from doxing me and calling me a pedophile and ruining my life and career because they get off on bullying people. Lastly, there's the facts that I just don't want to share personal info online. If I wanted to, I would. If you're cool with your Second Life being your First life, that's cool. I know people like that. But there's always a reason why people do the things they do. Maybe they are "hiding behind their avatar" because they want to be someone they can't. Maybe they play SL for escape and thus don't want to bring real life into it. Maybe they want privacy (like me). Maybe it's all about expression. It's the same reason why we few people use their full names and list of fears as their usernames on any other website or online forum.
  18. Here's the question I have. What do you franchise? Restaurants franchises work in First Life because we need to eat real food in First Life, and branding helps us make those choices. That wouldn't work in Second Life because we don't need food. Proximity, choice, and supply aren't concerns. So what else is there to sell? Clothes, furniture, and gachas. But here's the thing. If a creator is selling something, it's because they want to make money. Having some one else sell something doesn't really benefit you if you aren't making that money. But then we already have something like franchising. It's called full perm. A creator is buying the mesh from another creator (or other assets) and repacking it as a unique creation. The original creator gets paid for the license rights, and the new creator gets paid because they are selling their thing.
  19. I'd just tell them to stop being 10 feet tall super models, since human beings don't look like that. This is the thing with being a teen and even a preteen. For some reason, everyone forgets what it was like and how much they wanted to shed being a child and look/act grown up. Teens wear adult-esque fashion. They look older (closer to a very young adult) while still young, rather than looking babyish. That people say you should look like a little kid just means they don't know what people actually look like. As long as you're not rocking a full beard and look like you're 18 feet wide, have enormous breasts and look like your 40, or wear diapers and use a pacifier, you're probably fine.
  20. You'll also want to visit some inworld adoption places. You'll have a lot more traffic there.
  21. As far as I am aware, anything like this has to be inventory based. I use Xeolife, and have not seen anything that doesn't require you to attach or click it. As for scripting an item to be a delivery object, Help Wanted is the beat place for this, as it has nothing to do with Xeolife itself. Hope that helps.
  22. I'm looking to learn scripting, but I have no idea where to even start. I'm familiar with the basics of programming, but I don't know how to move past that. I know about the wiki already, but that doesn't really help as it is a reference document rather than being instructional. What I'm hoping for is project-based instruction, where I go through specific projects in order to learn LSL. There was some game or something someone made last year, but it looks like it's been taken down. Anything at all? Books written in the last 15 years? YouTube videos? Inworld instruction? Thanks.
  23. I really want to complain about all the stupid people who are traveling and complaining about things like flight cancelations and mandated testing and quarantines, as well as all the stupid businesses who are opening during lockdowns and then complain when they are fined, charged, or served. It's just tiring at this point. It's not May or June anymore. Locally, we've been in lockdown for 3 months now, so it's not like this is a surprise to anyone. It's just people being lazy divas.
  24. Whatever helps you sleep at night. You know exactly what I'm talking about, but I'm done with you. You clearly haven't listen to a thing I've said and show absolutely no interest in learning or growing. It's really hard to have a constructive conversation when one party completely ignores the other, keeps moving the goal post, and keeps fabricating what is being said. Bye. Don't let my store's door hit you on the way out.
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