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  1. Hmm hmm, that doesn't look TOO bad. Thanks for showing me.
  2. Hello everyone. I dunno if this is the right place so the mods can move it if it's not but, does anyone know if there's anywhere I can get free child skins, clothes, and maybe a body shape from? I COULD try to make the body but, just in case, ya know? And maaaybe somewhere I can get an anthro skin, body, thingie?
  3. Okay so, I've been thinking about getting a child body. I was gonna try to make one with blender and I still might but that's eventually. So I'm here to ask you guys, what's a good child avi body that I can get? I've been thinking about toddledoo child body but, I unno. I saw the chonk body too and i've also KIND of been thinking about that as well but like, I'm not sure how much clothes it has yet. So, all suggestions are good.
  4. OOoh I saw Xeolife and it was pretty interesting. I thought about gettin it. It's free to get too. Thanks for the info. Xeolife would be interesting. Yis. Cause I'm not suuree if I wanna do long term family rp or not. It's a maybe tho.
  5. Geezuusss christ! That's just unfair. I unno about any other ones. Hmm.
  6. Huhs, I think I saw BeYou mentioned too. Wasn't sure where to get it either. I'll look into it though, thanks guys
  7. I don't know if this is the right place so if this moveable, please move it mods So okay, I've been looking at maybe making a child avi and trying out having a rp family, whenever I get a propet laptop and junk and remembered that some rp families use huds to help their immersion. I know about the yuu/nuu one but I was wondering, are there other huds some families use? I heard of one called Xeolife and people said Life2 is a money grab so yeah, I'm curious. I don't even see the life2 hud anymore but there are still items being sold for it? Anywho, what do you guys use? Child avi rpers are absolutely welcome to reply too cause apparently, you guys know more about rp huds than me when it comes to child avi immersion. XS
  8. So, I've been interested in dollification for a bit and I was wondering if anyone knew about any good doll skins for avatars.
  9. Ahh okay, Thanks for the information. I've been looking at Bebe Youth too. I've found a lot of clothes for them and Tweenster is also really cool. I've seen clothes for them as well. I'll look them over and try the demos before I buy them to be sure though. Thanks again. ^^
  10. Hi everyone. I was browsing the marketplace for Kid avis and I've seen a few already, which are mainly TD Baby and Kid, as well as an Avi called Bebe. So, I was wondering if anybody kniew if Bebe was better than TD or about the same because, I saw that Bebe has a 5-10 body while TD had a 3-6 body with the normal baby one. I also noticed that Bebe was more expensive than TD I think and was wondering if it was worth buying or if I should just buy the TD Kid body and try to make it taller-ish or stay the same height. I've also noticed that TD has more clothes of course and I'm curious about if Bebe has a wide variety of clothing as well.
  11. Hello, I'm looking for a modeling job. I can work every day from 11 AM SLT to 5PM SLT everyday. I'm a beginner but I learn pretty fast. Contact me here or in world if there are any open positions. My username on SL is Desphiria Edenflower and my Display name is Tsukiko.
  12. Hello. I'm interested in trying dollification for a bit and I already found one place where I signed up for that. I was wondering if anybody knew any other places that had dollification available too. I wanna ty short term first to see if I like it or not.
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