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  1. And thanks to being set on fire, I currently have no chill. As a result of that (and some more terse back-and-forth), I'm going to go ahead and lock this thread.
  2. Here's a reminder, especially in such a sensitive topic, to keep posts respectful. Personal attacks are never permitted. Remember: "Only you can prevent forum fires." -Smokey the Jagix
  3. Jagix Linden

    Inworld Store Closure - Similar to RL Blue Laws

    Gentle reminder to keep this thread respectful and on-topic. This thread isn't beyond saving, but it starts with you!
  4. Jagix Linden

    To much Hatred! Something wrong!

    IATL I probably don't need to explain why this thread is locked, but I do want to point out that there was a moment there where there was agreement that this was not a productive discussion across all sides. So hooray for unity, however brief. Let's keep discussions productive in the future, y'all. Thanks in advance for your cooperation going forward.
  5. Like a bad Thanksgiving dinner, this has devolved into a bitter dispute. But unlike that, I'm locking the thread. Wouldn't it be nice to have me around for those family squabbles?
  6. Jagix Linden

    Mods Please

    It's that time again. No, not for the Wheel of Morality, but for this thread to be locked. Reasons this thread is being locked: Discussion of moderation Thread derailment (scones are great and all, but they don't have anything to do with this topic) Topic is vaguely abusive (creating a thread to discuss another thread isn't necessary) Misrepresentation of policy (which causes confusion) Now that last one requires a little clarification, because it seems some only saw this post: which was interpreted as a blanket ban on all political discussions. Kristin Linden later clarified with the following post: I want to reiterate the final portion of her clarifying statement on the matter: And her final word on the matter: Be excellent to each other and Party on dudes (in gif form). So, there you go. If you think there are posts or treads that violate the directive, shoot us a report, and we'll look into it. Points to some of you that already noted this clarification, and one of you who emphasized that actions are being taken, but that, as a policy, we do not discuss what those actions are and against whom they have been taken as a matter of privacy. You go, Glenn Coco.
  7. It looks like the discussion here has gotten too personal and too stagnant. To give everyone a chance to strategically retreat to post another day, I've locked the thread.
  8. Remember when Corky Linden asked everyone to keep conversations both civil and on-topic? Or remember when this thread was about employment? Good times. #FlashbackFriday In all seriousness, folks, civil posts do not include abusive posts. Attack premises, not people. This has been a gentle reminder.
  9. Jagix Linden

    Forum Self-Censorship from Criticism

    I felt a great disturbance in the Forums, as if a thread was suddenly derailed within two pages, and then suddenly silenced. I fear that a thread lock has happened.
  10. Jagix Linden


    Start spreadin the news, But not in this thread You want to be part of it Locked Thread, Locked Thread These posts give the blues They won't make your day Now we're stepping into the heart of it Locked Thread, Locked Thread
  11. Jagix Linden

    Second Life personality traits

    Watch the language, everyone. Thanks!
  12. Jagix Linden

    SLUniverse is Closing

    Nope! But that means it's, unfortunately, lockin' time. Thanks for playin', everyone.
  13. Jagix Linden

    Forum becoming more negative?

    I read through three pages that didn't really have anything to do with the topic, and while I could nuke the thread from orbit (it's the only way to be sure), I decided to keep us all safe from radiation and just lock it. Obligatory reminder to be excellent to each other, even, and especially, in discussions on the forums.
  14. Jagix Linden

    SLUniverse is Closing

    Here's a gentle reminder to keep this discussion on topic
  15. Jagix Linden

    Which Do You Prefer COPY or TRANSFER?