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  1. Well, I'ma call this thread Sherman, 'cause it went South in a hurry. Locked after scorching the Earth on interpersonal disputes. Yeeeeeeaaaaaah! American history jokes! Super fresh humor right here!
  2. There are quite a few pages of interpersonal disputes here, and that's no fun. Here's a reminder that any personal problems you may wish to discuss with one another should be kept to private messages, and the thread should stay on topic. That way, we're all having a good time discussing art and whatnot. There is some interesting discussion regarding what qualifies as art, and I wouldn't want to end the discussion because we can't keep the fights down. Thanks in advance!
  3. We had an outage earlier today, but it should be resolved now. If you have any further issues, please file a support ticket at https://support.secondlife.com/create-case
  4. Three things: The fact that anyone is lamenting about not having one of these new homes is evidence that the efforts are appreciated. Granted, I have literally nothing to do with this effort, but that's how I see it. The airflow in the new Linden Homes is pretty decent, which probably means that the venting was successful. Speaking of air, maybe keep the hot air of interpersonal disputes out of this thread. Or all threads, really. It's summer. It's hot enough. Now's not the time to get heated. It's the time to chill. Or, the short version: Respect. Pun. Chill.
  5. You win the No-Prize Prize and may quote this in your signature if so desired.
  6. I know everyone's excited to get one of my famous creative thread locks, but, if we can't keep the personal insults out, avoid Adult tangents, and steer the discussion on-topic, I'm going to have to lock the thread with something so uncharacteristically boring, everyone will be sad. Don't make everyone sad, y'all.
  7. Good news! The Governance Team never discloses the results of a report to either the reporter or the reported person. This keeps both parties' privacy in tact and protects you from reprisals when reporting abuse. Governance can't review the matter until and unless you have filed a report, however, so it's important to do so right away! If you've already done it, you're a friend to both humans and animals, because it allows the team to investigate the issue. Please remember that a report does not automatically result in action, but Governance will be sure to give it a thorough review!
  8. As always, please report any in-world harassment issues to the Governance Team using the Report Abuse function in your viewer. If you've already done it, you're a cool person who people like, because it allows the Governance Team to investigate the issue. Please remember that a report does not automatically result in action, and we respect both you and their privacy, so we can't let you know what, specifically, the result of a report is, but Governance will be sure to give it a thorough review!
  9. SPOILER WARNING FOR THE SEASON FINALE OF THIS THREAD . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . OK, so, at first, I was really into the thread, but then it was, like, the writers were just like, "I don't even want to stay on topic!" And then a Linden came into the thread out of nowhere and said what the audience was all thinking, and I was like, "On the nose much?" But then, like, it never really got back to what the thread was supposed to be about, and the finale was just a total disaster. Like, they never really explained the smoke monster, and it didn't make any sense for the Linden to light everything on fire and then sail into a hurricane before Dumbledore was killed by Thanos, and then it just all cut to black. Ugh. I mean, maybe I'll hate watch it again online, but for now, I'm just glad it's locked. I give it 3 stars.
  10. I hear all the cool kids these days are doing things like staying on topic and not having interpersonal disputes that derail threads with pejorative pet names. It's #TRENDING Keep this thread open by being a cool kid and #EmbraceTheTrend! #LindenHomes #ItsLindenLabNotLindenLabs #ItComesUpALot #TheresJustTheOneLabActually #HashtagsDontWorkOnForums #UnlessTheyDo #AllTheseHashtagsComeOffMoreLikeTumblrThanTwitter #IHopeThisMessageIsntGettingLostInTheMetaphor #ItsNotReallyAMetaphorSoMuchAsAFramingDevice #ButSeriouslyImGoingToLockThisIfWeCantStayOnTopic #Kthxbye
  11. Let's keep it civil here, folks. Thanks in advance!
  12. This thread is so old, people in here reference the "Priceless" MasterCard commercials. For its own sake, I'm going to go ahead and lock it.
  13. Now that you've watched it, you'll be able to get into arguments about how West Side Story is the tragic caught-between-two-worlds love story that most people think Romeo and Juliet is (R&J is a cautionary tale about impulsiveness). You'll be on the side of R&J not being a love story, and it'll be hard being right all the time. And, with that, we're back on topic. For more interesting facts about West Side Story to make you even more right, see Sideways and Every Frame a Painting
  14. ♫ When code scripts, in a simple object From your first if, then statement to calls http, When you code scripts, with permissions on land That will run passively or trigger with your hands In your Linden Home, no errors are expected The script is your own, no edits are permitted Copy protected Then you are set in your LSL way If you forget it all, you can read the wiki When you can script, you'll code a script! ♫
  15. It was so nice of this thread to run the LA Marathon today. At least, I assume that's what happened, because it's really run its course and now it's locked. See you at the next marathon!
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