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  1. I only close threads when I have a joke to post. And I don't have a joke for this one. Unless... What if THIS is the joke? Whaaaaa-
  2. Reminder (since it's been a while!):
  3. This thread has been quarantined. I wash my hands of distributing warnings to anyone, since I understand this topic can get people all fired up, but I did go ahead and sanitize the thread anyway. Fortunately, the thread never truly went viral, so there were only 8 pages. For real, though, stay safe everyone, wash your hands, and be cool to each other. This may be a non-issue for some, but it's going to be a huge deal for others. Please make sure everyone's respecting that.
  4. We got reports of a dihydrogen monoxide leak, so we're locking the thread. A new-ish hazmat team has gone through and cleaned it up, and, though they're a bit wet behind the ears, it should be safe to go about your normal forum activity. If additional leaks or violations are discovered, please make sure to summon our crack team of dihydrogen monoxide specialists using the appropriate abuse reporting tool (Report Abuse in-world, Report Post in the community, Flag on the Marketplace). We're ready to help you!
  5. I can't speak to the rest of this forum topic, but "Information-only" listings are not permitted. Selling something for 0L$ that essentially gives you an advertisement for the real item would result in the item being delisted. That, and a bunch of angry buyers. Buyers do not like it when they have to read into the item description to understand what they're getting as-is. Imagine how much worse it will be if they're not even getting the item.
  6. Remember when this thread was about land? Good times. Thread's locked, y'all. Let's try to stay on topic next time!
  7. Gentle reminder that discussion of actual moderation action—e.g this thread was removed, I was banned, etc.—is not permitted. If, at any time, you believe you've been unfairly or inappropriately actioned, you're invited to create a support ticket at https://support.secondlife.com/create-case/ to submit an Abuse Appeal. Side note: the Abuse Appeal category is not for reporting abuse. There's an in-world tool, mysteriously named Report Abuse, just for such a purpose. It's the best and only way to get the attention of the Governance Team to review in-world abuse claims. For those premium mem
  8. I can, but in the interest of communicating the spirit of the law and not the letter, I'm not going to. The reason for this is that the more specific I get in an example, the more it encourages someone to get closer to the line, e.g. "Jagix said that Monday is a bad day for racist profanity, but he never said anything about regular profanity on a Wednesday, so I'm in the clear! What do you mean I got actioned!? That's not what Jagix said!" Also, fun fact: actioned is the blanket term for warnings, suspensions, and terminations, etc, as opposed to sanctioned. I suppose I could use sanctioned
  9. It depends on the offense. Someone who willfully, blatantly, and repeatedly violates the Community Standards, particularly in an egregious way, is likely to be actioned both on the Forums and in-world. You're not likely to get an in-world suspension, however, for a minor offense. There's no joke in this post, and, for that, I am ashamed. Oh, wait, is this the joke part? Whaaaaaa-
  10. For those playing the home game, Pussycat Catnap has some good advice:
  11. Everyone is obligated to follow the Terms & Conditions (which includes the Community Standards, among other policies). You're not, per se, obligated to report people who aren't, but it'd be sort of like going, "Man, there's a lot of crime here! Someone should call the police, but not me, because I'm not a snitch!" We're here to help and make those determinations. Follow the rules, report people who you think aren't doing that, and we'll make that determination. There's no penalty for being wrong on either end; mass reporting to get someone suspended isn't a thing, and you're not
  12. Hey, remember that time that we all read the Community Participation Guidelines, especially the part below, and then we continued posting pictures of our avatars? Good times.
  13. I see this has gone back down into the weeds of interpersonal disputes, so it's musical thread lock time. Fortunately, the thesis of this thread has given me inspiration. Time to lock this thread now The discussion's done Don't be sad it's ending There will be more fun I know at times the topic's tense And you don't know just what to do Fellas, I have some locking to do Tranquil in the forums That's the goal, the end Following the Standards Keeps your comments in Sometimes unkind words have made us fought And a thread is just kinda doomed That's why I have som
  14. Here is clarification on Linden Lab's Policy Regarding Age-Play as linked in the Terms and Conditions. But not everyone speaks legalese or wants to think too hard about what the wiki states, so I also memified it for you Hey hey hey, where did Geordi make his ban hammer? In La Forge!
  15. While Thanksgiving may not be celebrated yesterday by countries other than the US, it appears that the time honored tradition of gathering with your family and going off on a long, uncomfortable tangent that makes everyone angry and leaves important people feeling dehumanized holds strong, even if it's just another Thursday. At a normal Thanksgiving, there's not much you can do to erase all the terrible fights. But here? There's me! Like a good set of tupperware, I've scooped up the leftovers, and now we're all on topic again. Let's keep it that way.
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