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  1. Jagix Linden

    If you are a Daddy or a little :)

    This seems to have gotten off topic in a hurry. Let's lock this and not do that again.
  2. It appears this thread has also been thoroughly derailed. It's now locked, too
  3. Jagix Linden

    I've been duped

    This has moved pretty far away from the topic, so it's being locked.
  4. Jagix Linden

    Am I reading this right?

    Looks like this topic got off track faster than usual. I'm going to go ahead and lock this now before it goes off even further
  5. Looks like this thread ran its course, since we're getting out of discussion and debate and into personal insults and undiscussed links. I'm going to go ahead and lock this.
  6. This thread has devolved from its original topic, which was clearly not intended to generate a serious discussion to begin with, so we're going to lock it. Let's be certain, going forward, that we're all being respectfully on-topic and be less inclined to take the bait. Points to those who didn't and simply reported the thread.
  7. Jagix Linden

    Encroachment on Robin Loop ?

    The Governance Team was dispatched earlier to fix the patch, smooth out some of the cracks, flatten out some of the terraforming, and remove some encroaching objects. Because the issue is resolved, and this thread has gotten very heated, I'm going to lock it. In the future, please report this type of issue using our in-world Abuse Reporting system. That is the best way to get eyes on it.
  8. Jagix Linden

    Wow A Terrible Search/Places Bug LL Should Fix ASAP

    Looks to be all clear. Thanks for reporting!
  9. Jagix Linden

    Wow A Terrible Search/Places Bug LL Should Fix ASAP

    The fix has been deployed, but reindexing everything is going to take a while. You should see some of the missing items already reappearing in search, but it might take some time. Specifically, I'm not yet seeing Wetwang, Ravenglass, OPQ Estates, or TFF Main Store in the index yet, though I had Governance8 Linden go check to confirm that all four places had the box checked. FYI, a statement that I can't reproduce it doesn't necessarily mean there is no problem. It may mean we need more information to replicate the issue. This is the reason I requested some specific SLURLs, which enabled us to locate some of the affected parcels.
  10. Jagix Linden

    Wow A Terrible Search/Places Bug LL Should Fix ASAP

    It looks like we're waiting for everyone to get in to see the fix pushed, but it should be deployed here soon. FYI, God mode allows us to see the check box. It's possible that I wasn't in a parcel that was checked, which is why I asked for a specific SLURL. Thanks to those that provided them.
  11. Jagix Linden

    Wow A Terrible Search/Places Bug LL Should Fix ASAP

    Please make sure to update this JIRA ticket with some SLURL examples of places that aren't showing up in Search that have the box checked. In a quick test, I wasn't able to reproduce this—all of the places I investigated with the box checked appeared in search. Ravenglass, specifically, did not appear to have the box checked on any of the land I investigated, which would make sense if you were under the impression that it was nonfunctional at the moment, but it does make it difficult to confirm the bug.
  12. Jagix Linden

    Post moderating/editing/moving

    That would not, no, but you would need to be explicitly clear that you are seeking unpaid, volunteer roleplayers, not paid employees.
  13. Jagix Linden

    Post moderating/editing/moving

    That would belong in Inworld Employment. Probably not, but it depends on the post. A friendly recommendation is generally very clearly differentiated from an overt advertisement.
  14. Jagix Linden

    Hacked account

    This is all correct, though I should clarify that only the owner can be communicated with regarding an account. You will need to pass that information on to your friend, so she can contact us herself directly, rather than having you be an intermediary.