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  1. It looks like the discussion here has gotten too personal and too stagnant. To give everyone a chance to strategically retreat to post another day, I've locked the thread.
  2. Remember when Corky Linden asked everyone to keep conversations both civil and on-topic? Or remember when this thread was about employment? Good times. #FlashbackFriday In all seriousness, folks, civil posts do not include abusive posts. Attack premises, not people. This has been a gentle reminder.
  3. Jagix Linden

    Forum Self-Censorship from Criticism

    I felt a great disturbance in the Forums, as if a thread was suddenly derailed within two pages, and then suddenly silenced. I fear that a thread lock has happened.
  4. Jagix Linden


    Start spreadin the news, But not in this thread You want to be part of it Locked Thread, Locked Thread These posts give the blues They won't make your day Now we're stepping into the heart of it Locked Thread, Locked Thread
  5. Jagix Linden

    Second Life personality traits

    Watch the language, everyone. Thanks!
  6. Jagix Linden

    SLUniverse is Closing

    Nope! But that means it's, unfortunately, lockin' time. Thanks for playin', everyone.
  7. Jagix Linden

    Forum becoming more negative?

    I read through three pages that didn't really have anything to do with the topic, and while I could nuke the thread from orbit (it's the only way to be sure), I decided to keep us all safe from radiation and just lock it. Obligatory reminder to be excellent to each other, even, and especially, in discussions on the forums.
  8. Jagix Linden

    SLUniverse is Closing

    Here's a gentle reminder to keep this discussion on topic
  9. Jagix Linden

    Which Do You Prefer COPY or TRANSFER?

  10. Jagix Linden

    Sex Offenders on SL

    It looks like this thread has run its course here. End of the line, folks! Gentle reminder here that violations of the Terms & Conditions and/or Terms of Service should be reported using the in-world Report Abuse system and illegal activity affecting your First Life should be reported to the appropriate authorities. Points to those who have already pointed this out in the thread (go you!).
  11. From a Linden Home violation to a discussion of cannibalism and the humanity of people... I think this thread has run its course. Collect your finisher's medal, thread, for you have run quite the marathon! And, in the meantime, we'll go ahead and lock this.
  12. Jagix Linden

    If you are a Daddy or a little :)

    This seems to have gotten off topic in a hurry. Let's lock this and not do that again.
  13. It appears this thread has also been thoroughly derailed. It's now locked, too
  14. Jagix Linden

    I've been duped

    This has moved pretty far away from the topic, so it's being locked.
  15. Jagix Linden

    Am I reading this right?

    Looks like this topic got off track faster than usual. I'm going to go ahead and lock this now before it goes off even further