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  1. What numbers? Thank you for telling me how old the post is, necroposting is not against the rules so I can only assume you thought I cannot read (irony???) the date? Yet you are talking of some nonexisting numbers being confusing? I was saying they do not understand how IPs work, nor do they understand how fraud works. Then again, reading is hard for some... Isn't it?
  2. Fraud... IP theft... Jfc you have no idea how anything works.
  3. Is it possible you simply ran into someone with some amount of ownership of the land?
  4. My personal shield/pnpv does not have these limitations. Only what I described.
  5. Some pnvps can be rezzed outside the no-rez, then worn tp back in the no-rez and will still mostly work. Anything that rezzes something else in response to being bumped won't however, for example if your pnvp rezzes objects in response to bumps and THOSE objects would push, it would not work if rez and push were off. That being said, if you have rez rights but push is off, you can circumvent that and it is to my knowledge not agaisnt the TOS as it is a feature of the land that the sim owner dictates and not a LL RULE.
  6. Mob mentality, lack of intellect and narcissistic immaturity.
  7. Thank you for the explanation and sane response, good to see a few people here with RL sorted out enough to reply like a mentally healthy adult.
  8. The pills you are seeking are blue and yellow. Probably a good idea to take them as directed and not whenever YOU feel like you're having a hard day.
  9. Wrong. It is not against TOS to utilize orbits. Only if they are used FOR GRIEFING. Know the difference.
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