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  1. Hiya Alisson, pls search google for "excel legacy text import" once activated you will be able to import csv as usual with the legacy import wizzard
  2. That is indeed an option, if you do not mind to wait a few days on your lindens..:)
  3. You start by making your own group, (go to groups and click create group) make sure you have a minimum of 2 members in that group at all times, or the group will be deleted (you can create an alt for the occasion|), after that you deed the land to your group, (go about land, and choose deed) you will automatically make a contribution for the square meters to that group at the same time. the group is now the land owner. You create a role for your designer in the group options, (members and roles > new role) and check the appropriate allowed ability's You can then invite the designer to the group and that role. All of this will not effect your tier, if any you can enjoy the 10% extra square meters you get when you donate land to a group..:) When you want to sell your land, and don't want the lindens go through the group, you set the land for sale to yourself, you buy the land and then remove the donated square meters to the group, now you are the owner again and can sell the land to anyone. if you have any questions you can IM me in-world. Have fun..
  4. You are right, you're missing something, as the "old" mesh body's do not have BOM they have a body layer for every layer, the skin, underwear, tattoo's. up to 5 layers, that means you are wearing 5 mesh body's on top of each other. With BOM the SL server will bake the different textures together to a single layer and that texture will be applied to the mesh body. that means you can get rid of 4 layers of mesh body, cutting the overall complexity to 1/4, this will reduce the overall lag in places where there are a lot of avatars considerably. i hope this will explain the underlying reasoning for BOM. Regards and have fun
  5. Sunday, October 13 2019 MINISTRY of TRance Proudly presents "The Sunday Service" Episode 55 Every Sunday at 2 AM DJ Dargo presents you the best out of the Trance scene at this moment. Uplifting combination of vocal and instrumental Trance music to start or end your Sunday. Don't miss it and grab your taxi here: https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/TRance%20Island/226/103/38 If you can not make it, you can tune in live here: https://ministryoftrance.com You can find the show recordings here: https://djdargo.nl/mixcloud Enjoy your stay at the MINISTRY of TRance. iN TRance We uNiTe
  6. this could happen on a severely lagged region, you could ask friends if they experience similar issues to check if this problem is server side or viewer side. this issue could happen too on homestead regions where scripts are limited. Oh and of course this could be due to a badly scripted object, you can try another similar object to check if you have the same issue and make sure its not the object in question. good luck.
  7. omg i won?? what i win?? However, to the point, i thought i gave a reasonable serious answer to the question... i hope you wont consider that trolling.. Stay tranced
  8. hiya Kirey, you can file an appeal with the creator of the product at http://appeals.gemini-cybernetics.net/ if you let them know the blocked viewer was used years ago, they will probably get you off the list... good luck \0/
  9. just go to c:/windows/system32/drivers/etc open the hosts file with notepad, add secondlife.com save it, and you're all set... good luck \0/
  10. Hiya Lucky, please try settings > privacy > General > then disable " Automatically show newly accepted items in inventory" that should fix it. enjoy
  11. 1) the transfer fee is always paid by the seller. the $600 fee only applies to grandfathered sims, for a grandfathered sim you pay $195 monthly maintenance fee. Link If the sim is not grandfathered (monthly maintenance fee $229) the transfer fee is $100. Full island (maintain grandfathered pricing - no) link The seller sets the price for a sim, there is no minimal price, I sold island for $100, covering only the Linden Labs transfer fee. the purchase price for an island is $349, only if you buy it directly from Linden Labs, in this case you buy the island from your friend so the $349 does not apply 2 ) You will pay the same monthly fee as the current owner does. $229, the old 299 price does not exist anymore. Of course monthly maintenance fee increase with $30 if the land impact was upgraded from 20.000 to 30.000 prims making it $279 a month (that's to keep it simple ) The total cost of the transfer would be $100 (transfer fee)+ the price your friend asks for the island. For more info how to initiate the transfer see: Link
  12. Something like this? // Movement vector OFFSET = <-2.0, 0.5, 0.0>; float OPENTIME = 0.5; float CLOSETIME = 0.5; // Variables vector vPosition; rotation rRot; float omega=0.0; vector vTargetPos; integer bOpen = FALSE; integer bMoving = FALSE; // access list list accesslist = ["Kardargo Adamczyk","dummy2","dummy3"]; // Script MoveDoor() { if(!bOpen) { bOpen = TRUE; rRot = llGetRot(); vPosition = llGetPos(); omega=OPENTIME/llVecDist(<0,0,0>,OFFSET); vTargetPos = vPosition+OFFSET*rRot; llSetTimerEvent(OPENTIME); }else { bOpen = FALSE; omega=CLOSETIME/llVecDist(<0,0,0>,OFFSET); vTargetPos = vPosition; llSetTimerEvent(CLOSETIME); } bMoving = TRUE; llSetStatus(STATUS_PHANTOM, TRUE); llSetStatus(STATUS_PHYSICS, TRUE); llMoveToTarget(vTargetPos,omega); } default { state_entry() { rRot = llGetRot(); vPosition = llGetPos(); } touch_start(integer num_detected) { string name = llKey2Name(llDetectedKey(0)); if (~llListFindList(accesslist,[name])) { MoveDoor(); } } timer() { bMoving = FALSE; llSetTimerEvent(0.0); llSetStatus(STATUS_PHYSICS, FALSE); llSetStatus(STATUS_PHANTOM, FALSE); llSetPrimitiveParams([ PRIM_POSITION, vTargetPos, PRIM_ROTATION, rRot ]); } }
  13. Simplest way is to split up the button list and add a button page-2 to list 1 and page-1 to list 2, then when the page-2 is called you run the dialog with list 2 and vice versa
  14. Recordbox does not have its own broadcast implementation, mixxx, vdj has, Traktor can only use Icecast. But as you mentioned, you want to use Record box, you can set up Butt, no... thats no joke, it stands for Broadcast using this tool, its free and can broadcast to icecast and shoutcast, you do lose track information along the way, but i think recordbox does not send any anyways so no issue there... If you have more questions you can reach me inworld. have fun
  15. Assuming you use Firestorm, the setting is found at Preferences > Sound & Media > Enable media filter (increased security) uncheck... all done... have fun
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