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  1. File a support ticket on the support page, LL will copy your account to the beta grid and access will be restored. Good luck
  2. you are still thinking of banning accounts... that's the wrong way around, they should close the backdoor that makes it possible to crash a region in the first place, i have no access to the logs, i can not see what is used and how they are able to crash a region, i do know that this has been going on for years and Linden Labs seems to be unable to fix it, that shows sheer lack of competence.
  3. well clearly it does not work, here is the result of the past 2 hours... think that's funny? i think its a blatant shame that Linden Labs seems to be unable to get their act together and fix it, clearly there's some scripting that accounts for this, or some object being attached that crashes a sim, perhaps even a ddos from outside towards the server, none of which are hard to prevent. don't forget we pay for this service, and its not to much to ask for some decent support and security. [2020/07/18 10:07:44] Advanced SIM-Watcher 1.2a: (2020-07-18) 10:07 AM: 'WIKKED COVE' entered
  4. I don't get paid by Linden Labs to create solutions, all i know that this stuff is going on for years, and somehow Linden Labs will not prevent giving every account the ability to crash a region.
  5. <rant> Why is it still possible for an individual to crash a sim, groups of avatars go around sims and crash them, again and again.. sometimes every ten minutes, if you ban them they pop onto another parcel and happily keep doing their thing, if you region ban them, they create another avatar. if you abuse report them, it takes a week or more until something is done. This problem has been going on for years! How is this still a problem? its time for Linden Labs to get their act together and fix this! </rant>
  6. T-Nation proudly presents: "The Sunday Service" The newest tracks out of the Beatport Trance Top 100, Hosted by Dulcix and mixed together by DJ Dargo. 2-4 AM PDT http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/WIKKED COVE/213/236/22 Be welcome @ T-Nation
  7. The Best & New Tracks out of the Beatport Trance Top 100. This Sunday 2-4 AM PDT Episode 83 of the Sunday Service. https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Beloved/34/32/0
  8. The Best & New Tracks out of the Beatport Trance Top 100. This Sunday Episode 82 of the Sunday Service. https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Beloved/34/32/0
  9. I was about to say, its been done before, I remember an article in "New Worlds Notes", after a bit of searching i found the clock, and its.... yours..
  10. Yup.. rezz the old AO inworld, edit it and go to the contents tab, identify the run animation, then you drag that animation from the object contents into your inventory, Next you rezz the new AO inworld (not as a HUD!), go to the contents tab again, identify the run animation, drag it into your inventory (making a backup copy), then right-click the animation in the contents tab and choose delete, After that drag the new animation (from the old AO) from your inventory to the contents tab of the new AO... Next open the notecard in the AO inventory, (its a BENTO AO so definitely not an AKEYO
  11. Hi, On your example case 1 is faster.. if someone touches an object, the detected function is triggered anyways, so better use it, if there is no event that triggers the detected function you can only use the llSamegroup, i.e. you can run the return of an llGetAgentList request through llSameGroup one by one to determine if the avatars in a region or parcel are in the same group as the object holding the script. on your second question, the simple answer is no, the more elaborate one is that there is no return key from the detected group function (to protect the account's privacy) ju
  12. First rule of DJing is to have fun, if you have fun the people have fun... Secondly, always remember that it is impossible to please everyone, especially playing in clubs with different music styles, you take over from another DJ, people will leave, other people will come, that's how it goes.... Interact with your audience, be an entertainer, a DJ is more then playing tunes... Then, playing for a crowded club is easy, they give you energy, you perform. It is way harder to achieve the same performance for 2 people, so have fun, enjoy yourself, make people smile.. even if there ar
  13. We are great.. hows you??
  14. hiya, That could be an active gesture using the e as trigger... you can try to find it, deactivate it and try again...:) good luck
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