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  1. An IP address is an address for a computer, like a house has an address, so does your computer, these addresses are not private, as any computer your computer communicates with knows that address, or it would have no clue where to send the requested data back to. Change your password, and move on..:) Happy sling
  2. You are looking for the changed event, default { changed(integer change) { if (change & CHANGED_TELEPORT) { llOwnerSay("The object has been teleported while attached."); } } } as far as i know sim region crossing does not trigger this event.
  3. Please check who the owner of the land is.. (in that same about land menu) if your name is in there you should be able to abandon the land is it a group? are you owner/officer of that group? with rights to abandon land?
  4. open the SL viewer and log in, go to the parcel you want to abandon. in the top menu you find the world menu and the about land option. enjoy, Dargo
  5. please check with https://time.is/ what the offset is on your computer clock.
  6. you can use llListFindList to find the string you need to exclude and then llDeleteSublist to delete that item, run it in a for loop for every item you need to exclude.
  7. Hiya HappyCat, I'm really not sure this is some fault of the viewers, it would be raining complaints if it was, i can only assume that this is an issue with your setup, and by the looks of it, it kinda feels like a rights issue, the viewer is not able to write its files on log off, unable to write to the registry or something in that direction, next time you have that pesky white screen you can try to right click on the shortcut and run as administrator, see if that will make the viewer start, if it does, it is definitely a rights issue.
  8. What i did, and more vehicles that are used i.c.w timing gates do is rename the vehicle to ##+avatar name when seated upon. that used to work with most timing gates. And for vehicles that do not start with ## one could assume the owner of the object is driving it and you can use llKey2Name(llGetOwnerKey(llDetectedKey(0)))
  9. Perhaps Linden Labs assumes that by lowering the tier prices they will add more concurrent users, more people owning/renting land, more people staying inworld longer because they own some land, a house and so on, in that case the pie only gets bigger as all those people need more furniture, clothing, hair and everything else... perhaps they assume that by lowering the tier prices people spend the money anyways, and the saved tier money flows into marketplace and inworld stores. So yeah, you might get a thinner slice but of a bigger pie... and isn't that good for everyone?
  10. Hi hi, I have the same result, only 2 things i can think of is that you do not wear textures or the textures are not full mod and therefor you have no rights to those textures and can not request the UUID for them
  11. I do not think LL is working to a multi-threaded sim solution at all, and i don't see anything like that happening in the near future, lets say they have 20.000 full regions running, not counting homesteads and other regions as they seem to be sharing cores. right now they use 20.000 cores for those 20.000 regions, lets say for the sake of argument the sims can start using 2 cores, meaning they have to add 20.000 cores to the whole simulator, my best guess is that with AWS they looking to reduce the amount of used cores rather then increasing them. It's not like they run a single sim on a 16 core server, they run 16 sims on a 16 core box, 1 core for each region. I do see your point though, it would be an increase in computational power for each region, but the costs would not outweigh the benefits.
  12. The bridge is probably a sculpted prim and therefor set as a phantom object, just rezz and shape some prims to walk on and turn then 100% transparent after you are done... you can contact me inworld if you need some help with that..:)
  13. They do not know you bought them from eBay, they however do know what account send you the lindens, those accounts are flagged due to suspicious activity's, most likely you bought lindens stolen from hacked accounts through phishing websites.
  14. llSetClickAction(CLICK_ACTION_NONE); This function should do the trick.
  15. What you can do is set the object to pay, if the script has a money() event the payment dialog will pop up after a click event, that way you do not use right click, but a left click
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