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  1. I'd like to know as well. I'm going to follow this topic for a while. So far it doesn't look -too- complicated, but I can't judge as I can't see the current complexity and the topology.
  2. Please, don't. Furries want to be included, but don't want to be included that would make sense within the lore. If they'd this this they would have to deal with the entire storm of the salvery debate. So, a lot of sims choose the safe route; No furries allowed! As someone who ran an Anime RP sim allowing Neko/Foxgirl/Whatchamacallit characters (which are humans with animal ears), and even adjusting the set parameters on how this 'race' would look like to give those wanting to be a furry more lenience only resulted in more flame that full on furries aren't allowed and that i'm racist and worst than some dictator from the 30's and 40's and I should attempt to kill myself. I really don't mind furries to chill with, but as RP folk they can really be a nasty bunch that're impossible to please.
  3. @BloodSparda & @Sabrina Tamerlane What would you know! I actually ran an RWBY RP sim about 2 years ago. Since we ran on a Homestead we actually were at max capacity most of the time. Reason it went through the toilet is mainly due to IRL & monetary constraints. It was there, thought! So I guess the need wasn't as strong back then
  4. My Hero Academia. But you know.. That's Niche as it is.
  5. Howdy! Seeing how the attached picture is pretty much the main issue regarding SL shopping for guys.. I'm requesting the aid of the community! I'm looking for hair that's in the style of Dura.. Its for a anime looking avatar but I am unable to find something that I can work with to add a blue highlight in the front. So I'm looking for a bit of teen boy/emo hair similar to this. Unfortunately, a lot is either no-mod, or just doesn't have the texture option I need (Blue highlights at the front, just blond for the rest) Any pointers where to look? I refuse to use Ayashi as their hairs are overused within the anime community and they haven't released any worthwhile male hair in a while.
  6. The issue mainly stems for the fact its very anonymous being on SL. I’m not above admitting I ran around with a female avatar and got boatloads of attention from guys who basically wanted pixelbumping. Essentially, they want reassurance, as them trying to flirt with you, while there’s a guy behind the keyboard often hurts their fragile masculinity. On the other end of the spectrum, an old friend has a very ‘private, reserved and shy’ female partner on SL for a while. Turned out; They’re a dude and he indeed got catfished with fake photos ect. It’s the Internet, Shenanigans like this will always be present. Best to just ignore it.
  7. Lately, I've been observing attachments just vanishing from my avatar when I teleport to a different sim. I know that sometimes it takes a bit to load, but the last few days they just disappear and when I look at my saved outfit they actually appear to be detached. Is this a issue known, or is there something wrong on my end? I tested it with several avatars to be sure, and regardless of the amount of attachments, it still happens from time to time.
  8. Knew it. Thanks for the correction. English is not my native language. Thankfully its not nearly as bad as what was mentioned above.
  9. Imagine having the grammar competence of 12 year old Runescape players...
  10. Because Pek or Peke were taken names, and when I first joined, I was clueless about it. It doesn't matter in the long rung as you said, but it does help people realize I'm not in the SL timezone.
  11. Pixels. Nothing more but pixels. I guess I just relativize enough to not get too attached. After all its a game and if LL pulls the plug.. its all gone, so I don't get attached.
  12. Into Anime, Mhm? Just going to plop this in here then! https://community.secondlife.com/t5/Role-Play/Beacon-Academy-RP/td-p/3088906 Just search for Beacon Academy
  13. Beacon Academy RP is a RP sim set in the universe of RWBY, created by Rooster Teeth. Students take the role of a student or teacher that are attending Beacon Academy, the school for Hunters and Huntresses in the kingdom of Vale. They attend every day life in Beacon; Going to classes, train and hone their skills, they make friends and adversaries. Players are able to create a team after gathering three other students to join them. Once the have a team, they get a Dorm room assigned, which, if they desire, can be rented to allow them to customize it. Basically.. I don't know the rules about advertisement here.. But.. I'm going to give it a shot. If you're a fan of anime and RWBY. You might want to check this out! I orginally started the sim in september, but due to RL i had to close it down for a while. We're back open now and welcome everyone! We have weekly events and aim to re-create a slice-of-life school experience with an intriguing plot-line to follow it up with and interesting classes and activities. Combat is currently done with a D20 with stat modifiers. More information can be found on our website: Beacon Academy RP Some impression pictures!
  14. Right! I've recently opened my own store, and thus have several items up for sale. As I keep continueing my work on it, I feel the need for in-world selling locations is growing although I am unable to find myself some good spots to set these in-world selling locations up. My store is military themed, so anything military would be preffered. Anyone got some good locations?
  15. Hello! I rarely use the SL forums, but I believe this is the best way to go. I am in search of a scripter who is capable of making a combative system similar to the SLFFVII Combat Script or something with a HUD. It will be used in a fantasy styled setting surrounding an Anime and would like to get in contact with someone who is capable of delivering. Of course, I am not a scrooge so payment can be discussed as well. Please, if you think you want to take it up, contact me inworld via my account [Peĸ Izagaмι (PekeNL)] or send me an email on swordartonlinerpsl@gmail.com Thanks in advance!
  16. PekeNL


    If you mean an alt account, the process is simply. Just sign out of your currently acount and create a new one. Don't bother using a different e-mail adress, since it doesn't matter. I got an alt on the same e-mail. Its basicly registering a new account. Downside is naturally you won't share the inventory.
  17. Adults club don't differ from any M rated clubs I go to. That said, I mainly go to A clubs to play a set. I think what drives me to go back again are the people. If its just a bunch of people dancing with no substance to it (talking) I rather stay away from that place. As mentioned above, it comes to fitting in. Is it a pleasant place to be? Are the people friendly? Do I like any acts that are going on there? All kinds of factors to take into account. I'm not a big fan of sexual advertisements and won't go into 'lets **bleep**' request, since some Adult clubs are filled with poseball sex people. Its something that drives me off! Short 'n sweet: I'll return if its a nice, friendly enviroment with people who are actually open for new people.
  18. It appears to me where is a communication issue between SL and your own PC. Information of your appearence has to be downloaded from the server, applied on you, then the info gets send bacl to the SL server. (Its referred to as 'baking' or 'baked') This might be due to a poor connection quality, or any other issue that may hinder the Transaction between the machines. Try amping up the connection speed available in the Preferences > Network area. Refrain from using Wifi settings, those are poor as can be. If you have or use firestorm, you can use this link to troubleshoot some more: http://wiki.phoenixviewer.com/doku.php?id=fs_bake_fail
  19. Oh.. Hello, Mae! I guess its a multiple of factors that could either turn off or bring in people for it. First one is the network. If you have a lot of friends and they know a lot of people you could potentially reach a bigger crowd when you ask them to introduce people to the club. However, personally I discourage that because its not really advertisement, and in hindsight its just a group of friends (Like those sweet 18 birthday parties) instead of the actual crowd you want to focus on.. The clubbers. A club is interesting when there are people involved and offer constant entertainment (During normal hours, not going force people to turn tables 24/7!) such as live music/DJ’s.. Raffles, contests, maybe something for a charity, who knows! Second of all, maybe you want to throw some advertisement out there. I could go on and on, but since you know me in-game, we might as well discuss that at a later time.
  20. For myself, I got Maitreya Lara. It might not have the smallest of breast, but the entire body works with the shape sliders so you can costumize it. Maybe this is what you are looking for? It's a bit expensive, but worth it since most clothing that are made for the Lara body are top quality and not that expensive. You do need an additional head though.
  21. Alright! First of all let me state that I started working with blender a few days back. I have no experience with 3D modeling what so ever, but with the proper use off tutorials I seem to make it happen. However, I have encountered a slight issue with faces. Whenever I make a model in Blender with multiple faces, and assign materials (Diffuse mapping) to the different faces in blender (Someone told me to do this in order for SL to see and find the difference faces.) SL won't see any faces, it will only see one big face. Is someone willing and patient enough to assist me in how to do this properly so I can continue and stop being stuck? Kinds regards!
  22. LlazarusLlong wrote: PekeNL wrote: Go easy on my english. It ain't that great. :matte-motes-delicious: This is an English language forum. We don't do sympathy This is the internet, requested sympathy will never be aquired. Its one of the unwritten rules.
  23. Alright. This is my first post on the forum, so it might as well be one full of education and opinion for others to considder. I've roleplayed for over a year now. I started out somewhere else and after a tow-and-drag competition I made the transition into SL. I haven't regret it ever since and I'm glad I got thrown into this vast community and world. I came for the RP and currently just do everything on SL. Meeting new people, Roleplaying or just general fun and chitchat (Hurrah for introverted shyness behind a PC screen.) Joining a group in order to roleplay. First off. I call utter bull**bleep** on the rule. It is your profile and you can indeed do what you want. Nobody can force you to join a certain group in order to play or RP somewhere. However! Here comes the catch: Some RP communities require it for reasons! For example, the community where I RP Attack on Titan requires you to be in the Military group if you want to be part of said military. The reason behind this is the Combat HUD. Certain elements will only work if you are in that group, and if its active as your main one. Now, we don't require you to wear it at all times, because that is just utter bull**bleep**. But if you want to use the HUD, you got to be part of it. The choice is then up to you, do you want to be part of that? But in general, there might be reasons behind getting forced to join a group. Stuff like rezrights on the sim ect and to send out notices about events or other information regarding your group of choice. You also have to take In Character (IC) Stuff into account. If you for example are part of a guild group inside a sim, and you're in both, but its against the IC rules, then you're just in violation of the rules the sim/RP requires you to abide to, making it non other but your own fault. To conclude: No, Nobody has the right to force anything upon you. Both OOC and IC. However, if you wish to play somewhere and they have rules regarding groups, then its up to your own discretion if you would want to mingle yourself in it. Go easy on my english. It ain't that great. :matte-motes-delicious:
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