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  1. It was not an angry answer. Please stop interpreting emotions you seem fit into written text. I don't know anymore if you people simply don't read what was written. It's in my opening post that I'm not looking for poses vista and co and why I'm not looking for them. I already had to repeat myself and explain why those are not an option and yet you keep on recomending this stuff. Of course I know the difference between the SL standard AO and the ones that come with the newer newbie avatars. The newer ones are close the ones from Body Language and as far as I can remember there are only two different AOs a male and a female one with only one standing animation. I wouldn't ask in the forums if I havent tried everything available in the inventory library, visited every store that I could find on marketplace or was recomended in older threads, bought every free or cheap AO from marketplace that had no inworld store. I was simply hoping that anyone knew of a store that was either new, not on marketplace or very unknown inworld. If you take it personally that I'm being direct and state what in opinion is wrong with the unrealistic ones mentioned it's not my fault. What a hilarious attempt at being humorous How about an overrider that prevents one from making unnecessary answers simply to attack someone on a personal level?
  2. I don't want a non stop moving "oh I'm so overconfident and won't face you when talking to you even tough i really have a stupid stance and gulp for air like a stranded carp" animation and I don't want the hands in a position that look as if you can't hold your pee any longer. That's what VALARAST04 looks like, it's one of the worst in that horrible set. All you would need to complete the stupid Vista look is a Carpwa head, set a fitting gulping for air mouth animation and make your legs thrice as long as your upper body while setting arms to 0. No more Vista please that chapter is closed.
  3. I know about the Firestrom AO and that you can buy animations as individuals. I even said in my opening post that I put together animations from different AOs, should I have added that I bought them as individuals and put them in the Firestorm AO? It's also too late to edit that post and exchange AO with Animations for better understanding. I thought what I meant to say was clear but english is not my native language, sorry. Vista and Akeyo are among the examples of what I'm not looking for in my opening entry. I've tried them all after all and there was not a single animation I'm okay with. What might be the names of the other 5 stores that weren't mentioned in this and similar threads?
  4. I think you misunderstood about everything I wrote. Unfortunately the wrong people seem to have the skills and know-how. Why don't they just go outside and observe how people move. I wonder if the people that do mocaps even feel silly and unnatural when they record that stuff. Perhaps they actually are the only people on this planet that move like this... It would be funny if it wasn't so sad and frustrating what people think is realistic movement. Everything from hyperactive over seizure to heavy breathing or stiff poses and old robotic nooby stuff.
  5. I don't know what you mean by something between an AO and Pose. As I said I'm also not looking for breathing poses, that's too stiff and the transition between those poses is horrible. It's an actual AO I'm looking for or at least animations that are meant to be used in an AO. Just look at the SL standard when you turn off your AO. That's the closest to what I'm looking for, only with more time between pose change, with a better posture and less heavy breathing. Some at Body Language have a good posture, but they just don't stop to wiggle around in an endless loop and/or shake thier head. They seem like a brain damaged person there's not one second of standing still.
  6. Yeah... I think I should give up for now. Something so basic and boring seems to be too weird for SL and the people who would actually spent money on this might be too few or else this would already be available. ^^ So far I've only seen one avatar with a nice AO, she made everything herself but didn't want to sell me a copy no matter how much I offered. ;( Maybe one day I'll succeed with creating animations of a good enough quality and I promise I'll share that stuff for free if that ever happens. But right now I'm too frustrated to give it another try after 4 months of making no real improvement with free software at all. I hate not being talented with computer stuff. I'll definitely share here if I ever come across a store that sells something I'm satisfied with.
  7. The AO that I've been trying to make was one pose with slight breathing and little movement of either the head, arms/leg upper body every now and then, I tried to bring in variety with only changing the slight movements in following animation but the pose being still the same for about 3 animations and then shifting weight on one leg or crossing arms for another 2 animations. But my lack of skill made that whole project fail, I don't know if that would have turned out the way I wanted in the first place.
  8. As I said Vista is not my cup of tea, I've tried them all and I tink I know the one that was sold at freebie places... The creator of (not only) Vista doesn't seem to go outside and watch how people actually move. There are very few stand animations from Vista that are calmer but they still look strange or fit other discriptions of what I'm not looking for. I've also tried the new Bento AOs and nothing has really changed. "You could always take out the animations you don’t like. For some reason most AO makers have at least one animation that looks silly in there." That's what I've already been doing. But the problem is that I think it's the opposite that most animations look silly and it's hard to find at least one that doesn't. I don't see what is calm about Body Language animations. They're non stop moving, only slightly slower and with less variety in one animation than others. The Voir "Almost Still" is even worse. Looking at them for more than a minute is hard and it feels like something is broken, the Oracul ones I have are not as hard to look at even though they drive me crazy. At least there are some at Body Language that come close to how a normal human being stands, if they just weren't constantly moving they would have been perfect. I'll get some of thier sitting animations though. I guess I'll be stuck with the robotic Linden Lab stands and the standard potatoe sack animations, at least I didn't have to pay for this mess. Thank you for the answers.
  9. Hello! I know this has been asked before but the answers weren't helpful and there might be new stores that I don't know off. I've been looking for months now for a female AO that is calm, realistic, smooth and does not look arrogant, weight shifts all the time, moves it's head like crazy, walks around and looks like a whore(sticking out breasts, hips and ass, bending over). Some male AO come close to what I'm looking for but they're still too fidgety, arrogant und hold thier arms as if there are razorblades stuck under their armpits(should at least be a little ladylike). Examples for what I'm NOT looking for: Vista, Akeyo, Tuty's, Oracul and Poses(no movement at all also looks unrealistic ) Right now I use Oracul stands from different AOs but they're driving me so crazy that I often go with the ugly SL standard animations. I gave up on creating my own can't make them move smoothly. I hope someone can help me.
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