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  1. Hello out there! I have been in and out of SL around 6 yrs, at times with partners, other times as I am now alone. I am seeking men and women for friendships, to discuss many topics am open to hearing your thoughts and interest. Myself what do I enjoy in SL? Being with like minded people, just chatting about many topics, love to explore and dance. I enjoy fine music from classical to jazz. When I mentioned mature that does not always mean age , but a mental state of mind So, if you would enjoy a rather shy lady , and I am a lady, one that has a deep love and respect for those I call my "friends", please get in touch. May you have a wonderful SL with a smile ,,,,,,,,,,,,, say hello ok 😊
  2. hello, yes I am a premium member, sadly I signed up for a year , and even bought land ( which after my ex and I broke up I abandoned the land) I wonder if its worth the cost myself.
  3. If I could find a Marilyn Monroe look for my bento heads and Maitreya body, not giving up my mesh , I have seen pictures of her ( Monroe) but have not found any clothes and skin for my Lelutka bento head , or to fit my Maitreya body. Other than her character I can't imagine going back to the 50s. Good luck
  4. hi there , I am a mature lady, all mesh , bento head, and vista bento ao, what one looks like is not as important to me as what is in their heart, how they treat me, being respectful and caring. I love to converse am considered intelligent. If you wish to contact me I go by Chloe ( desireu2) RL age 42. look up my profile and see if you like my profile picture that is if you are still looking. Chloe ?
  5. Oh this topic ,,,,,,, I feel the same way, so many men approach me and ask for sex ,, in the most crude words, I try to dress nicely , have my avatar all mesh with bento head and vista AO, as I love to look nice. I never wear *****ty things, some are sexy but never *****ty. I have also left SL for years to come back and start all over. Right now I just try to go to lovely sims, nature types, however that is lonely. Clubs I avoid, I have a zooby baby I had in inventory for too long and have brought her back, ( btw I didn't use that mama alpha thing, just bought her no sex) She gives me things to do, but I want nice friends to hang out with, converse, listen to soft music, and I love to dress up and find places not clubs but lovely areas with dance poses to dance in my formals. Alas, too many men are in SL for sex, I wonder is their RL is void of such? I don't stay in long now too boring, and I have paid real money into SL . Have had land, homes, and this baby I have never built anything, not sure that would be of any interest to me. Meeting people from all over the world and finding out what they think on many levels does interest me. From religion to politics I am one to dig deep. Not to argue but to learn what others think. And, I would not share a RL picture with this world full of creeps, I mean RL world. Good luck ,,,, and I hope we both find things in SL to keep us from giving up. to all a wonderful day .
  6. hello to all that replied to this updated post , just found the replies, and I thank each one of you. Am not giving up SL , going on a RL vacation then when back will bring my SL baby back out , buy land, new house, and look for some nice friends , have met one from these forums and he is so nice to chat with. one mentioned watching movies , that sounds like fun, I too want to do things that are just fun, no drama , no RL ,,,, just keep SL my fantasy , and enjoy!! anyone that wants a friend hit me up ,will be gone till Monday late. I am on Eastern time. Sl plus 3 . have a wonderful SL and say hi , warm smile
  7. very good idea , actually am thinking of buying new land, and a new house, and putting back my baby I have had in inventory. She also will give me happiness you are right most places I get ims not so nice and I don't need or want those Thank you , my notifications have been off not sure why so is why I am so long getting back. Thank you
  8. Hi everyone, have done some changes in both my profile words, my looks , and what i am seeking in SL, not sure how to delete my original post, on how to move on after being hurt by a partner well time heals all ,,,,,,,, i am all new ,,,,,,, meaning my inner self, seeks just to be with nice friends, explore, dance , just chat. some changes in my shape, skin, bento head, AO and am ready to meet those caring types in SL, that i can share my time with. nothing serious, but a few close friends , to laugh with , and converse with, not wanting any RL relationship please have a great SL ,,,, Chloe
  9. Thanks, really just letting myself enjoy SL ,,,, and not wanting any drama , good friends can last , lovers seem to cause drama and pain, Am into no pain ever again. Smiles
  10. Thank you, am just going slow now only seeking nice friends , nothing more
  11. That now is no longer a problem I am still single as I wish to be for now , perhaps one day ,, but am back in SL again , just wanting nice friends, changed my name and look somewhat, I would never try to see what he is doing now. That is over and I am free of any pain.
  12. Thank you, i will check when on my pc, some may understand. Hope so anyway.
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